Acer Iconia W4 Small-Screen Windows Tablet in Video

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At IDF we heard about three Baytrail-T devices. The ASUS T100 was launched, the Dell Encore was shown but the Acer Iconia was only mentioned in a press event. Finally we get confirmation that it exists along with a first-look by Tomas Hochstenbach of

Acer Iconia W4

The Acer Iconia W4 is clearly going to replace the rather poor W3, a small-screen tablet on Clovertrail that didn’t really have the best specifications. With the W4 we have the Intel Atom Z3740 (Baytrail, 1.3Ghz quad-core) and 2GB of RAM.

  • Screen: 1280×800, wide viewing angle
  • 5MP Rear Cam
  • 2MP front cam
  • Micro-USB, MicroSD card reader, a Micro-HDMI, Headset port.
  • 5-point Multitouch
  • GPS
  • BT4, Wifi b/g/n
  • Windows 8.1 (Office included)

The price is said to be €330 euros for a 32GB version which, considering the Toshiba Encore is €299 and has the same specs, could be too much. Acer often plays at the lower-end of the pricing ranges so perhaps we’ll see immediate discount to €299. Expect a US equivalent (pre-tax) price of around $300.

In the video below you’ll see a surprisingly thick tablet. Did Acer simply upgrade the Iconia W3 internals?

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. bressly says:

    I can hardly wait for people to start complaining about price & then wonder why these devices are always junk.

  2. evozero says:

    Needs an active digitizer stylus for pinpoint accuracy.

    The person in the video tried to close the window several times, without success.

  3. Mors says:

    Needs an optical mouse for pinpoint accuracy.

  4. ArchiMark says:

    Sounds better than the current model….

    So, you need an adapter if you want to plug in a USB flash drive?

    Can you boot from a flash drive?


  5. Asdf says:

    It probably will require a micro usb to usb b adapter. The current model (w4) does and so do nearly all the current generation tablets especially the sub 10 inch models.

  6. Asdf says:

    I should,have written the current model W3. It can boot from a flash drive at least for a recovery drive, so the answer is probably yes.

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