ASUS Transformer Book T200TA Shows at Computex–Video

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I was a little surprised that ASUS didn’t mention the Transformer Book T200TA in the press event at Computex yesterday but at least it showed-up on the Asus booth today. This 399 Euro 2-in-1 should raise some eyebrows.

Mobilegeeks got hands-on and here’s a round-up of the specifications for you. Video below.

Transformer Book T200TA specifications.

  • Atom Z3775 CPU
  • 32 or 64GB SSD storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Ports: MicroSD, microUSB. microHDMI, separate charging port, headset port
  • 1366×768 11.6-inch touchscreen
  • 5MP camera
  • 38Wh battery
  • Weight: 750 grams

Image courtesy Mobile Geeks. More images in their article.

Keyboard dock:

    • Large trackpad
    • USB3.0, USB2.0, Ethernet port.
    • Hard drive access port.
    • 500GB optional hard drive in keyboard
    • No battery in dock
    • 750 grams keyboard (Inc.500GB drive)

Prices start at 399 Euro.

      Previous article o the T200TA




Source: Mobile Geeks. (German)

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  1. Dr. Azrael Tod says:

    “our last product sold well… lets sell it again!”
    “shouldn’t we change a bit?”
    “ok, make it a bit bigger, but don’t increase resolution!”

    really? well… ok, they have a new 5Mpx Camera, it’s a bit heavier and the CPU is a newer version. Ethernet would be the only part i’d really like to have.

    But all the points that matter haven’t changed a bit. They should have included >=4GB RAM, they should sell a 128GB-Version, they should’ve used 1080p for a 12″-Device. They should have included more than 1 USB-Port.

    They didn’t even increase the usable width of the keyboard! WHAT THE FUCK?

  2. thehuser says:

    I completely agree! It’s a shame how uninspired this product is. It should be way thinner an lighter! Its has just an atom inside!
    I also would love to see a aluminium finish. At least its not glossy anymore.

    Generally I’m a big fan of the idea of an ‘ultranetbook’. They should create an Asus Transformer Book T100 chi oder zenbook: Ultrathin, complete aluminium body, fullhd display, fanless, thin bezel and with SSD. For me an Intel Atom would be sufficent. With just an Atom inside tehy ouldn’t charge more than 400 oder 500 bucks. And whether it’s a 10.1″ oder a 11.x” Display it doesn’t matter to me. (I work for 5 years on a 10.1″ and I had never any need for a bigger display oder a bigger keyboard.) Ideal would be a 10.6″ or 10.8″ Display in a 10.1″ chassis. The firm who built such a device I will praise fpr eternity ;-) I’m completely disappointed that no OEM dares to create such a device because they are afraid it cuts in theyre higher priced and therefore higher margin segments.

  3. James says:

    First, tablets are naturally limited to one of each port type! And this product is still using a Tablet range SoC!

    Second, this is still only a budget range product… You can’t expect a lot from a budget range and 4GB of RAM is very premium for mobile RAM… It’s not like the regular PC market, as 4GB RAM is still a rare option in the mobile market that has to use LP-DDR RAM optimized for mobile usage… Even premium products like the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 are only slowly starting to offer 4GB options but they sell for a lot more than this product does!

    The cost of the SoC is actually one of the smallest factors in pricing, as the cost of the rest of the product add up to the majority of the BOM and unlike Android devices system makers still have to also deal with the added cost of Windows…

    The discounted Bing version of Windows wasn’t available yet for this model and the free version is only for 9″ and smaller devices!

    While the keyboard generally stay the same size as long as it’s full size keys, and doesn’t change except for layout as you go to the larger laptop sizes that start adding the num pad once you start hitting around 15″-17″ sizes…

    They usually, instead, tweak the size and functionality of the touch pad…

    Anyway, they’re also updating the original T100… White, Blue, and Red color versions are coming out that also update the SoC to the Z3775 as well…

  4. thehuser says:

    Then they should develop a product superior both in design and in specs for 100 bucks more. Maybe I’m alone with this opinion, but for a low cost model is 400€ still a lot of doe especially if you compare it to the falling prices of pure tablets. Futhermore I think Asus got for his T100 very sweet deals from Intel and Microsoft, so that they could offer it even cheaper and I’m glad that Acer brought the Switch 10 on the market because the competition will bring the prices down eventually.
    You have to excuse me that the “update” of the T100 won’t fill my eyes with tears of joy. I doubt that you will feel the performance win of the new processor in real life use at all and some new colors for the same clunky plasticky netbook is nothing I’m exactly excited about.
    At least I would like to see low end specs in a high end body. I think that would’t make the device much more expensive and for many users that device would be powerful enough. Unfortunatelly a lot of people buy ultrabooks just because of the design (e.g. a lot of girls I know). I think manufacturer know that and don’t offer such a product because they want to sell ultrabooks.

  5. DavidC1 says:

    400€ becomes $400 in US, so that’s still pretty good pricing.

  6. mark says:

    This was my first thought, though I suppose when you scale up from 10.1″ to 11.6″, that is 32% increase in area – so although the 36% increase in weight is still a bit disproportionate (especially since things like CPU, SSD, RAM aren’t any heavier), it’s perhaps not that unreasonable (it also has a bigger battery, presumably needed for the larger display).

    I can see it being useful for people wanting a cheap device that’s got a bigger screen but still reasonably portable. Although personally I’d rather stick with my smaller and lighter T100.

    Another possible downside – does this come with Office? I thought this was being given away free by MS but only on 10.1″ devices or less.

    For people wanting more powerful options with larger screens, there are lots of better alternatives (including Asus’s very own 13.3″ T300).

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