Lenovo S21e – YALCNB to compete with the HP Stream 11

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The Lenovo S21e 11.6-inch Windows laptop has popped up in locations across the globe and it’s yet another low-cost notebook. It’s almost the Flex 3 11 without the flex!

Lenovo S21e

Lenovo S21e

The design is similar to the Lenovo N20 Chromebook and it has very similar specifications, presumably to keep the price as near as possible to Chromebooks. A 32GB eMMC isn’t the best starting point for a Windows laptop and a micro-HDMI and micro-SD won’t help either but there’s a USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port and a 2-core N2840 inside. There’s a very small 23 Wh battery inside but at least it keeps the weight down. 1.15 KG is 2.53 pounds. The screen is, you guessed it, 1366 x 768.

64-bit Windows means there’s a 64-bit bootloader so you’ll have better Linux compatibility than the ASUS X205 which focuses on long battery life by using a Baytrail-T processor instead of the Baytrail-M inside the Lenovo S21e.

lenovo_s21e_20_1000_03 lenovo_s21e_20_1000_01

The Lenovo S21e will go up against the HP Stream 11 and Acer E11 but there’s nothing in the specifications that sets the Lenovo apart. The keyboard could be good and there could be a SATA header and RAM module inside but I haven’t been able to find that information out yet. It doesn’t look like there’s any Office service included but some retailers are indicating 100 GB of free One Drive storage. Again, unconfirmed.

One retailer has a 64 GB version of the Lenovo S21e available for $219 so if other retailers drop the 32GB model below $200 and put the 64GB model in at this price then that’s going to be the selling point. Lenovo USA has that model listed for $399 which is completely over-priced and, in my opinion, highly likely to become a ‘50% off’ offer soon, especially if manufacturers launch Braswell-based laptops at Computex.

Hat tip: Evozero

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  1. evozero says:

    another new one spotted is the Yoga 300, seems to be a low-end version of the Yoga series, and close in specs to the HP Stream X360

    personally, find the lack of UMPC form factors depressing; most models are using the same laptop/convertible formats

    where are the VAIO-P or Viliv N5 type devices with current specs?

  2. Chippy says:

    Thanks for your research evozero. Keep it coming!
    I think this is the Flex 11, renamed. It’s 1.4 KG though so….not for UMPCPortal.
    I’m keeping it strictly at 1.3 KG or less.

  3. Chippy says:

    More info on the Yoga 300.

    Celeron N2840 and 1.4KG!

  4. Brad Linder says:

    It looks like the Yoga 300 is just another name for the Lenovo Flex 3 11.

    Flex 11 (US page):


    Yoga 300 11 (UK page… note that the URL says Flex 3 11, but hte page says Yoga 300-11)


    And Yoga 300 11 (Hong Kong page, which gets the URL right):


  5. Harry Bronson says:

    The HP Stream 11 seems to have all features same as Lenovo except few including hard drive storage, battery consumption and HDMI features. But there is huge difference between the prices of the two.

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