Intel NUC mini PCs. Latest information.

The Intel NUC, the “Next Unit of Computing” range of small form factor PCs (also known as mini PCs) is well-established, well-respected and covers low-end to high-end (video editing and gaming.) Intel NUCs are sold without operating system, disk and memory (barebones) but you often find them being sold by resellers that have already added the required components to make a full, usable PC.

In the list below you’ll find the latest Intel NUCs. Click through for detailed information, links to reviews and news and comments from readers.

Intel NUC 2018 models are based on the Gemini Lake plaform and Kaby Lake which includes the new embedded AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH in the Hades Canyon NUC which brings gaming capability and 4K video editing to the Intel NUC series.

Are Intel NUCs fanless?

In general, no. The NUCs sold by Intel include fans. They’re usually quiet and there are ways to make the PCs fanless, if you’re looking for a silent home theatre PC for example, but as it stands in 2019, NUCs include fans.

Do NUCs include a WiFi module?

Yes. NUCs include a WiFi module, removable, and tuned antennae. In some cases you can remove the WiFi module to add an SSD.

How to Install a Free Operating System on a NUC.

We’ve installed Openelec and XBMCbuntu on a NUC, without using an SSD or hard drive. There are USB options! How-to install Openelec on a NUC.

Windows install is also very easy, with a licence, via a USB install. Intel NUC with Celeron Windows performance review. 

Android on a NUC.

Yes, Android is possible on a NUC. Full information in our article covering an Android 4.4 install on a DN2820FYKH, Celeron N2820.

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