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If only this had been a 4.8" device with 3G! The design and specifications look great. Build quality (we tested it at CES) is great and Inbrics are aiming for a low-$200's price range. 3MP cam could be useful. Will this find too much competition in the smartphone market or will it be a successful standalone product. We'll have to wait for a full test to find out.

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Inbrics M1 Specifications

Manufacturer Inbrics
Model name M1
CPU ARM Cortex A8
CPU speed 1000 Mhz
OS Android
Display Size
3.7" 800 X 480
Display Type
Soft (Finger) Touch
RAM 512 MB
SSD 16.1 GB
Battery capacity 5.5 Wh
Size 137/61/13.0 mm
Size 5.4/2.4/0.5 inches
Physical Interfaces Docking connector
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
USB 2.0 (Mini)
Wireless Interfaces802.11b/g
BT (type unknown)
No Wireless WAN (e.g. 4G)
AdditionalA-GPS (Internet Assisted)
WebCam 3.0Mp
*Specifications can vary

Inbrics M1 information

This is an OED model likely to come to market under a different brand. No 3G in this although WiMax seems to be an option so there's a chance that 3G is an option too.
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Inbrics M1 alternatives

Viliv U5, 4.8 inch
Digifriends MID, 4.8 inch
Lenovo Ideapad U8 (U8), 4.8 inch
Stylish. Targeted at the Asian market hence the numeric pad for T9 input perhaps. Hands-on at IDF with a demo device indicated a fast system with a nice UI. Numeric keypad appears to take up a lot of space.
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