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EviGroup Wallet now available.

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As the ZenPad and EviGroup Wallet are both coming from the same OED (SMiTs) it’s no surprise to hear that both the ZenPad and EviGroup Wallet are available at the same time.


Apparently in-stock now, the 199 Euro (215 Euro for the chrome edged version as seen above) mini-tablet doesn’t come with 3G but does include a good set of accessories.

Charger. Cable USB (+ PC connection charge), Suction mount (car and office), Pair of audio headphones, Car charger.

We’re not expecting this to blow away the competition (Archos 5) but it could make a nice small alternative to the Archos 7.  A brief demo video on the specification page (French) shows some of the features but it’s not clear whether it’s coming with Google applications or any navigation software. Previous demo videos clearly showed Gmail and Google Maps.

Our specification page is here (English) and we’re trying to get some of the questions answered along with a review sample.

ZenPad (aka SMiTS, Evigroup Wallet) gets Video Preview.

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We highlighted last week that the EviGroup Wallet [specifications] would be going into production very soon. It seems that SMiTs is also getting ready to put their design through production for Enso as the ZenPad.


In a post at Chinable, they offer up a preview video (note the Google Maps, Google marketplace, Gtalk apps) and some notes that indicate this is an Android 1.5 build. A non-3G version is to be launched first. The price of the ZenPad is $155 (120 Euro) so perhaps, just perhaps, the 199 Euro EviGroup Wallet really does include 3G although it’s more likely that taxes and GPS make up the difference. The comments on the post indicate that the ZenPad is heading to production.

So many questions remain open about this device that it’s hard to even try to place it. IF it gets the Android market and runs well in 256MB RAM, it could make an interesting alternative to the Archos 5 which doesn’t have the physical buttons (it uses screen space for virtual buttons) and doesn’t run the Google apps well due to limited memory after hacking. Without a capacitive screen or a high-end CPU, this will never be in the same league as something like the Dell Mini 5 but if if does appear, either in ZenPad or Wallet branding with 3G for 199-Euro, it becomes an interesting low-cost mobility option.

Thanks Mike Cane

Enso website.

eviGroup Wallet MID Enters Production. Availability in May. Interview.

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wallet The eviGroup Wallet is a 5 inch resistive touchscreen MID running Android in much the same way as the Archos 5. Based on what is likely to be a Samsung ARM11 CPU though (probably the S3C6410 as we suspect the device is from SMiT) it’s not going to beat the Archos 5 on processing power. What it does bring is a low price, a camera and a semi-rugged design. We’re not 100% sure yet but it might even have a 3G module in it. It was certainly announced as having it.

eviGroup Wallet full specifications and links.

If so, you’ve effectively got a ‘Nokia N800 3G’ running Android on a slightly faster processor. Where the Archos is focused on video, the Wallet is focused on mobile comms.

eviGroup have kindly sent us an email today to let us know that the Wallet is going into production and will be available in May. The price? 199 Euros. And that includes ‘a lot of accessories (like a car stand).’ Somehow I doubt that 3G is included for 199 Euro but I could be (and hope I’m) wrong.

We contacted Nicolas Ruiz, Director of eviGroup to ask him a few questions about the wallet.

Carrypad:  How long has it taken you to get the Wallet from concept to production status?
Nicolas: Wallet was started in 2007 with some XScale Prototypes. We made some functionnal
prototypes on May 2009, but we restarted the project because the unit worked only with a stylus and Ubuntu Linux. So 90s when the iPhone made a revolution of Internet navigation.

Carrypad:  Have the tablets shown at CES, MWC and CeBIT affected your design choices?
Nicolas: No. We want to make a semi rugged MID and we want to make a "simple" design

Carrypad: Android Marketplace. Did you get approval? How was your experience with Google?
Nicolas: No contact at all with Google. We tried, but nothing :(

Carrypad: How much software development work did you do yourselves?
Nicolas: We will communicate very soon about this point.

Carrypad: What are the key features of the Wallet over, say, the Archos 5
Nicolas: Really good price but not cheap. We want to have the same build quality that Archos 5 but we don’t want to be a challenger. Archos 5 has a lot of memory and is designed to watch movies, we want to make a "professional" MID.
Also, we will deliver Wallet with a lot of accessories directly in the package.

Carrypad: The Wallet has now gone into production. Where and when will customers be able to buy it?
Nicolas: Soon on a dedicated website.

So, once again it looks like Google aren’t making it easy for OEMs to make a full Android experience tablet. How long will this go on?

We look forward to testing the Wallet and keep our fingers crossed for 3G.

When we get the official specifications, we’ll update our eviGroup Wallet full specifications and links page.

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