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9 Minute Video Demo of Samsung Galaxy Tab Makes Me Sad

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galaxy tab demo Samsung has posted a demonstration of it’s upcoming Galaxy Tab device to it’s official YouTube channel. It’s great to be able to see what sort of performance people can expect out of the Galaxy Tab, rather than hiding behind pre-rendered videos of the software in action (more than we can say about the Blackberry Playbook at this point).

I’m pretty impressed with what is shown in the video, as long as shipping devices retain this level of smooth performance.

What makes me sad is how blatantly Samsung has ripped ideas from Apple. Honestly, I understand that some companies think that if they copy Apple they will be successful too, but how on earth can Samsung possibly be proud of shipping a product that has many parts of it’s interface copied right from the iPad? Apple isn’t the only company in the world that can design creative, usable, and intuitive interfaces, but if big players like Samsung are going to give up and just start copying, then maybe they will be.

I guess Samsung just wants to take advantage of the less informed as we near the height of tablet-mania. Perhaps they feel that if they can say “Look! Our book reader flips pages too! inch then maybe they’ll rope a would-be iPadder into buying their product instead.

Google Reader Play on the iPad [video]

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photo.jpg Google somewhat quietly released Google Reader Play early last month. Reader Play is essentially an alternate way to view Google Reader and is designed to present interesting and relevant items in a simple and pleasing way — it seems particularly suited to large screened devices. While several people, upon release, noted that Reader Play would probably work great on large TVs, the first thing that came to my mind was how well it could work with the iPad. Of course, that was only a theory because we didn’t have an iPad at the time for testing. Now that the iPad has been released, we can give it a try.

To my delight, Reader Play works pretty darn well on the iPad. Part of this is because YouTube videos can be played directly inside Reader Play, without having to launch out to the external viewer. Note that this isn’t Flash, it’s simply the iPad recognizing the video as a YouTube video and playing it with it’s own special YouTube player right inside the frame. Have a look at Google Reader Play in action on the iPad in the video below:

Live session tonight. Aigo focus.

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As always, late notice but the spontaneous sessions are always the best. JKK will be online with the Aigo MID, Everun Note and other devices from from about 2130 CEST (after the Apple event I believe) and I’ll be joining soon after that with the Gigabyte M912M. See you later on the live page


Live session: 2130 CEST (Berlin, GMT+2)

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