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Everything We Know About the Notion Ink Adam

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NI adam 2 There has been lots of talk about Notion Ink’s upcoming Adam slate device which will be running Android. One of the reasons why this 10 inch slate has interests piqued – it is one of the first devices that we’ve seen using the oft-mentioned, but never quite implemented, Pixel Qi screen, that might be coming to market. The screen has the ability to display full color and motion just like a standard LCD screen, but it can be switched to a transreflective mode which makes it highly readable in direct sunlight, and allows the backlight to be turned off to save power.

We’ve been keeping our eye on this device as the company has been showing various prototypes over the last month or so. This post is here to lay out what we know about the device so far.

Let’s start with the specs. From Notion Ink’s official website:

  • Dual Core Cortex A-9 “MPCORE inch CPU
  • 16/32GB eMMC/SD memory
  • WiFi b/g
  • 3G HSDPA
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 10.1 inch Pixel Qi display, 1024×600 (transmissive, transflective, and reflective display mode
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Fingerprint resistant (possibly an oleophobic coating)
  • 3.2MP swiveling camera for front-facing or rear-facing photos/video
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • microphone and two speakers
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • HDMI output
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • ambient light sensor
  • A-GPS
  • “Back side trackpad inch

Notion Ink Tegra Android Smartpad.

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Looking quite sexy and with a brain to match, this is one pad we’ll be keeping a close eye on when we go to CES in Jan.


It’s a large, 10.1-inch 1024×600 device running Android on a Nvidia Tegra T20 platform and has some really noteworthy features.

  • Pixel QI screen – Lower power. Better outdoor readability.
  • 3G
  • A-GPS, Compass, ambient light and water sensor.
  • HDMI out
  • 3MP AF camera.

You won’t see that lot appear for under $500 but even if it’s $600, it would make a very interesting home-to-office device. 10.1-inches is a little too large for our liking and the 1.7lb weight means it’s a two-handed device but this is definitely an interesting product.  It reminds us of  the ‘Haiku’ Microsoft ‘Origami’ concept of 2006.

The Tegra T20 is unknown to us at the moment so this could also be something that will be announced at CES. Information available at the moment leads us to believe this could be the next-generation Tegra platform. We’re wondering whether this could be a multi-core Cortex A5 implementation; a natural progression path from the multi-core ARM11 that Tegra currently uses.

Notion Ink Tegra Android smartpad uses Pixel Qi display – SlashGear.

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