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Intel Launches Digital Ultrabook Ad Campaign, David Blaine, Angry Birds, and Pandora on Board

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david blaine electrified

David Blaine’s Intel-sponsored ‘Electrified’ event.

If anyone has ever tried to tell you that advertising doesn’t work, here’s some evidence that they’re wrong: Intel has launched a huge new digital campaign with the launch of Windows 8 and the results are plain to see. In the last few weeks, Google search trends for ‘Ultrabook’ have surpassed searches for ‘netbooks’ for the first time. The launch of Windows 8, Ultrabook ads from Intel hardware partners, and a new digital campaign from Intel are all involved in the activity spike. Intel’s latest efforts involve Angry Birds, Pandora, and David Blaine.

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Intel Revamps Ultrabook Site, Highlights Hybrid and Convertible Windows 8 Ultrabooks

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Intel has made live a significant refresh of the Ultrabook section of their website. If it wasn’t already clear from their $300 million Ultrabook fund, Intel is serious about Ultrabooks; the redesign of their site’s Ultrabook section is quite significant next to the old version and reinforces their commitment to the segment. The launch of Windows 8 and a wave of new devices provides an great opportunity that Intel is using highlight some of the most interesting new devices to hit the PC market in several years, most of which are Ultrabooks.

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Ultrabook–Suddenly Everything Else Seems Old Fashioned (Ad. Video)

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The big Intel Ultrabook campaign is about to start. Check out a preview of one of the first advertisements below.

Intel ultrabook video

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