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Viewpad 7x in Hands-On Video, Target Price: $449

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A tablet that has been getting a good proportion of the 7 inch Honeycomb news recently is the Viewpad 7x. It’s in the database here but our good friend Sascha of Netbooknews has just pinged us about a hands-on video he’s posted. He’s excited too!


Image via @ARMCommunity

Micro USB, Mini HDMI, Micro SD, Headphone ports are included with the 1024×600 display. Interestingly there’s a SPB Shell overlay. I wonder why? Is the demo actually running 2.3 instead of Honeycomb?

Pricing is looking ok with a target of $449-499 for a Wi-Fi version that should be available in early Q3 Sascha tells us.

The netbooknews article on the Viewpad 7x is here.

Unknown Viewsonic 7″ Tablet Spotted

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I was just having a little chat with Zinio yesterday. They’re the people that put magazines online (and are part of the Galaxy Tab ‘Readers Hub application) bit as I tested the latest update on Android, I spotted something. I didn’t know this 7″ tablet that seemed to be performing quite well. A look at the back surprised me somewhat as I’d just come from the Viewsonic stand. I have no real info as there was a reluctance to let me mess around with the device. . . which tells me something, right? Keep an eye out for a new Viewsonic 7″ tablet soon. Anyone spot any similarities with other branded devices?

Oh. BTW, Zinio now re-flows text on the Tab making it much easier to use. Thanks for everything Zinio.

Viewsonic Viewpad G10S Destined For Europe

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Viewsonic seem fairly clear about the G10S products final specs and seeing as their are some very similar / branded variants on the market already, it is likely that this will be available very shortly.

We’re talking about an Android Open Source 2.2 (no Market, Gmail, Navigation etc.) buid on a  Tegra2 platform with some talk (!) of Honeycomb. Certainly the specs seem ok, the build quality is acceptable and, to me, it appeared fairly light for 10 inch device. 3G was mentioned too so this might be the main difference over the Advent Vega version that already sells in the UK. Once again, pricing is going to be the key differentiator in this busy 10″ Android Tablet space. We should get that in just a few weeks. We’ll also be keeping an eye on Honeycomb ports over Q2 because with the docking station and potential USB host capability this could turn into something completely different over time.

Viewsonic Viewpad 10 – Video Overview

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Update: Viewsonic Viewpad 100 is now in the database

Update (It’s called the Viewpad 10 now)

Following up from my post on the Viewpad 100 the other day, here’s a hands-on video. You’ll see Android is fast alright but again, without the always-on hardware platform and no way to switch quickly between the two operating systems, you’ll probably find your self sticking to Windows 7. As a Win 7 TabletPC this is worth considering. 4.5hrs and good performance for 549 Euros isn’t bad.

Viewsonic Viewpad 100 gallery also available.

ViewSonic Viewpad 7 – Grade A Android Tablet? (Video, Specs)

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Viewsonic announced their 7 inch Viewpad 7 Android tablet yesterday [Full Details now in the database] and we’re keen to get hands on with this one over the next few days while we visit IFA. It’s ticking nearly all the boxes so far with Google applications and Market, A-GPS, 3G, capacitive multitouch (beats the Huawei S7 that was in the running until now) and Android 2.2. The processor is a 600Mhz Snapdragon which shouldn’t be too bad at all with the latest Android version. The rear, 3MP camera is also interesting. We wonder if it’s an HQ job or just something to satisfy Google’s requirements. This thing can even make voice calls! There are question marks over the RAM and built-in flash. The price, 350 UK Pounds (which includes taxes.) That’s not super-cheap but with those specs, it’s right on the mark.

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Android Tablet

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