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Vizio’s Ultrabook Stumbles out of the Gate According to All Things D Hands-on

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Bonnie Cha from All Things D spent some time with Vizio’s “Thin+Light” Ultrabook CT15-A1, the 15.6″ variant of the company’s first entry into the Ultrabook space. According to Cha, the Thin+Light Ultrabook’s svelte styling is unfortunately coupled with a number of design issues. The CT15 might sport a sharp 1080p display, but it looks like Vizio might need a little more computer manufacturing experience before it can make a dent in the profits of more established companies like HP, Asus, Samsung, and others.

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Vizio’s Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Features Up to 1080p Display, Pre-order Available Today

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Today Vizio is making their two new Ultrabooks available for pre-order, this move marks Vizio’s first jump into the PC space. Vizio is a maker of HDTVs first and foremost, but they’ve recently taken a shot at the tablet market and now they’re trying their hand in the PC world. The company is offering an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook which comes in 14″ or 15.6″ variant as well as a full-sized laptop and an all-in-one desktop. We’re of course most interested in the Ultrabooks, step inside for a rundown.

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