Archos 9 and UMID M2 picture sets

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Chippy’s spent a lot of time bringing us some quality IDF 2009 coverage. In addition to a video-overview of each of these devices, he’s been able to sneak away and snap some nice pictures of each.archos 9 flat on table Full Archos 9 set on MIDMoves

umid m2 picture set Full UMID M2 set on MIDMoves

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  • Robert

    Hello Steve:

    This is Robert from Montreal Canada.

    Thanks for showing us the new Umid M2.

    I’m very impressed with the price at $499.00
    I hope that is in US dollars not in Euros.

    Looks like the Mid Manufactures are beginning to understand that
    Mids can’t sell at high prices like $799.

    This new price for the M2 should make other Mid manufactures lower
    their prices too.

    Great coverage from IDF Steve.


    • drebin

      i wouldnt expect that price to hold, even for the base model.

  • Kam

    I like this. 1gb ram, optical mouse, proper ports, Win 7, a compromised but still very usable keyboard, 3g all in a pocketable form factor. Only reservation I have is the mouse & click buttons on the either side of the screen might need to get use to that.

    I read some complaints about the device being thicker than before but it’s likely thicker due to necessity for the proper sized usb port & headphone input. I know which I’d prefer.

    $499 if true is an excellent price. Only trouble is I won’t be able to get it for that price here in UK if at all.

    • anon

      The mouse and the position of its buttons is great, exactly like they should be. There is no alternative. One thumb can only accomplish so much!

      I’m prepared to get a nasty surprise with the actual retail price though (due to taxes, shipping and currency “conversion”) but I’m also prepared to wait some more. :P

  • Velik

    1.6ghz is a major plus. I like the keyboard, but where is right shift…

    • teh.sean

      Use a keytweak program. It’s there, you just gotta make it there. : )

  • Vakeros

    Dynamism UK should be selling it when launched.

  • oh gadget

    The m2 is a better piece of kit but it has lost it’s sexy form and now looks boring. Where are the cleaver silver details.

    • anon

      If that demo device was a prototype, the final product will look quite different. The release is supposedly near (Q4), but I suppose it’s entirely possible they didn’t have “final” hardware to show off yet. As far as I understood, that proto didn’t even have its optical mouse yet.

      I’m confident it’ll look good when it’s ready. Also, I wouldn’t be one to complain even if did look like that, as long as the hardware was solid and functional!

  • Orlando

    For the final product for m2…
    -I wish the mouse is like the Blackberry trackball mouse(the positions are interesting)
    -m2 should have stereo speakers(will it have?)
    -hopefully the thickness is not like the thickness of the original Nintendo DS. I want it thinner…

    The design to me looks like a miniturized ASUS Eee 700x/1000x series(look-alike) but I really like it. In the future, this would may be my new cell phone. I can’t wait since it would have the option of Atom N270(1.6GHz).

  • hyd

    Not N270 but a Z530 cpu.

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