OCS1 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target

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Thanks to nick95 in our forums we now have an official spec sheet on the Ocosmos OCS1 that we covered at IDF in September. The OCS1 was one of the first Oaktrail products we’d seen and definitely, a UMPC! [Tracking page includes links and videos]

5” Slider screen at 1024×768 looks useful but those controllers don’t include a mouse pointer which, especially on a Win 7 device with capacitive screen, is not going to help. Interestingly, Ocosmos are pitching this at carriers although to be honest, every UMPCs manufacturer’s secret aim was always to get a carrier as a channel.

If I remember my Oaktrail specs correctly, we’re looking at a 1.5Ghz or 1.9Ghz single-core CPU (I suspect the former) here and some interesting improvements over the older (no, let’s just call it ‘old’ now!) Menlow platform. 400Mhz GPU with HD decoding, 720p encoding, MP3 decoding hardware, improvements in memory speed and a more compact silicon layout. Overall battery life improvements are expected to be in the 20% range (that info comes to me from an ODM contact using the platform) with idle (screen-off, Wi-Fi connected) potentially even better.


The OCS1 is being pitched as a gaming device but I have a few problems with that. 1) Windows games often required the CDROM to be present. You’ll need ‘no-cd’ hacks. 2) The GPU is improved over Menlow but years behind the performance of a modern PC. You’ll need to choose games 3-5 years old although with AppUp starting to deliver some interesting games and game developer partnerships, it’s one to watch for games that will definitely fit the screen and processing capabilities.

When we spoke to Ocosmos at IDF they were talking about 10 hours battery life but let me tell you that even if they slap a 24wh battery pack on the back, 10hrs is still only going to be the idle, screen-off figure. I’m expecting a 10-15wh battery and an average in-use drain of about 5W giving about 3hrs of working, screen-on life over about 5hrs of ‘on’ time. If they manage to squeeze in a 24wh battery it will raise the price and weight somewhat but return an interesting 5-7hrs.

‘Target Launch’ is Q1 2011 which sounds interesting enough for a CES showing. We suspect that if they’ve got something working well by CES, it will be on the Intel booth. Between now and then we’ll try and get an direct update from Ocosmos.

Ocosmos website.

Ocosmos OC1 thread in the forums.

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    RT @umpcportal: OCS7 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target http://bit.ly/gPPjCH < Bet we see this at CES

  • http://twitter.com/advancingwomen/status/8607316299489280 Gretchen Glasscock

    OCS7 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target: Thanks to nick95 in our forums we now have an offici… http://bit.ly/g65J2V

  • http://twitter.com/beboxos/status/8608490977234944 BeBoX

    RT @chippy: RT @umpcportal: OCS7 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target http://bit.ly/gPPjCH < Bet we see this at CES

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  • http://twitter.com/alltop_mobile/status/8610961233543168 Alltop Mobile

    OCS1 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target http://bit.ly/gSn1G9

  • http://twitter.com/gyakumanji/status/8619575159558145 gyakumanji

    Oaktrailは始まる前からオワコン http://www.umpcportal.com/2010/11/ocs7-oaktrail-umpc-official-specs-posted-q1-att-target/

  • http://twitter.com/mobileer/status/8625093739544576 Mobileer

    RT @chippy: RT @umpcportal: OCS7 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target http://bit.ly/gPPjCH < Bet we see this at CES

  • http://twitter.com/guyontech/status/8685912871407616 Guy Adams

    RT @umpcportal OCS7 Oaktrail UMPC. Official Specs Posted. Q1, AT&T Target http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=22842

  • Net Tablet

    Official specs – Ososmos OCS1 Oaktrail UMPC: Official specs – Ososmos OCS1 Oaktrail UMPC http://bit.ly/hhVwS8

  • http://twitter.com/ndeviltv/status/9180318837776384 Balazs Gal

    MIDs sind noch nicht tot: http://ht.ly/3gGo3 Nice catch @chippy

  • http://twitter.com/mobileer/status/9318144229244928 Mobileer
  • http://tinta-e.blogspot.com Juan Chulilla

    What can we say besides “too late” and “no credible target”?

  • nick95

    thanks again mate(btw you should see the next generation of the ocs7 phone It is going to have,win7, 2,0ghz moorestown,gma 600 gpu )and as far as the cd-rom hacking issue is concerned the guys at ocosmos managed to put starcraft(in the ocs7) in it. so i think the ocs1 will use the same program-system http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE0o87CYVpw

  • post

    I agree, with that form factor, the battery life is going to be pretty crappy (that 20% battery improvement isn’t going to help much). Without some sort of mouse, this thing isn’t going to be very useful for non-gamers. Touchscreens just don’t cut it on Windows 7.

    The no-cd cracks for games require you to install the entire game onto the computer so that 32 GB SSD will probably only let you play 1-2 games at a time or maybe no game at all if you installed other programs. By pitching this thing as a gaming device, Ocosmos is probably thinking more of emulators for old gaming systems or maybe those small not so fun PC/online games.

  • ssagg

    Are you sure that none of the controlls act as a mouse pointer?

  • comscier

    I don’t get it…
    Display 5″ TFT 1024 x 768
    but the picture is showing the product with wide-screen…

  • biggs

    Doesn’t really mean the analog sticks can be used as a mouse. It’s just Windows 7 showing the mouse pointer. I know Windows lets you use the keyboard to move the mouse but it’s a pretty crappy alternative to real mouse controls.

  • nick95

    we are doing speculations. there has been no official announcement that it will not have a mouse pointer.

  • legos

    If it had support for T-Mobile USA’s AWS band (HSPA+ would be preferable) then I’d buy it. It’s the sole reason I didn’t buy a Viliv N5.

  • ssagg

    Ok, Thanks
    I´m checking it now

  • blah
  • icurafu

    If they are going for a gaming UMPC, they should probably have gone with the AMD alternative brazos. Mostly only good for gaming and multimedia. That way they could have used real SC2, plus they would have hardware to play with now for an early 2011 release.

  • Saber Mode

    There’s no reason for the OMOS keys to not support mouse control. As far as I can tell, both can be used for it. Even if it isn’t supported, there’s software workarounds (JoyToKey).

    My first fear is the price. My second fear is mandatory 3G from a provider.

  • alkarl

    a gaming pltaform always meant a superior platform performance wise;
    (this could mean some major hardware tweaks)
    ocosmos have the obar pads technology this would bring the nicest Dpads ever on a umpc,
    2D games will work (think fallout2), emulators up to ps1 and dreamcast will work (think shenmu, final fantasy), with this resolution the majority of 3d games up to 2005 will be playable(think starcraft, worl of warcraft),

    never in the history of portable gaming have a system been this capable,
    an x86 gaming library is HUGE, checkout “mobygames com”, you can filter all you want there would be at least thousands possibilities,
    this will outmatch a psp for sure.

    hope that the dpads have the obar thechnology though,
    it’s sad that mister chippy is no gaming guru :)

  • jay

    I’d buy it jus to do some gta san andreas modding on the go. Maybe some of the sims 3 then top it off with scott pilgrim vs. the world the movie on the schoolbus. There’s almost endless thing I can do with this. Maybe even pla counter strike. :)

  • melopea

    I will buy this first day, have been waiting for this kind of umpc for ages and almost thought I would never happen at all, oaktrail could bring good times for umpcs

  • pete

    I have a Viliv N5 and the optical mouse is absolutely essential. If Viliv sold a non-touchscreen version, I would have bought it instead. I never use the touchscreen. Touchscreens are just gimmicks when it comes to non-smartphone devices.

  • jay

    Ok 1. We’re not playing gta iv on this. Reely the only game that would take up space like that is WoW. 2. Game that are suited for this is San Andreas or NFS underground 2. Maybe even Deus Ex invisible war. Those only take up to 2-5gb tops.
    3. Games that take up that much space it can’t even run on there anyways. Its not like your playing Crisis. Even the sims 3 could run on there. Now if anyone on here is looking to play gta iv or crisis ,They are wasting their time getting on here talking it down like its trash. There are also a lot of online fps’s and racers and even rpgs that can be played on this. This has a lot of potential, but they can’t make it better if people are putting it down before it even hits the market. This is why the asians get all the good umpcs, we don’t appreciate anything. Try it out, don’t waste your time making comments that don’t make sense for something this small. The microSD card expamsion could be used for music and such and and the SSD used for games. It has a lot of potential compared to the OQO model 2+ and the Sony UX.

  • DavidC1

    Uhh, there’s no such hardware coming in the future. Ocosmos is hyping it. It’s funny, they use Starcraft II cinematic, but use original Starcraft for the actual gameplay.

    I read that the original product by them based on Menlow cost $1000 so I’d expect the new one based on Oak Trail to cost the same.

  • nick95

    there is no previous version of the ocs1.if you are talking about the ocs7 the first gen with 1.5ghz and winXP was sold in only a few pieces only to see the publics reaction.the second generation according to the korean company is going to reach mass production in Q2 about the same as the tablet ocs9 http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/17/ocosmos-unveils-crazy-ocs-9-tablet-with-oak-trail-cpu-stylus-st/

  • rabs

    Could be, even if it’s not available out of the box.
    There are drivers for using a pad to play games that don’t support it. It maps d-pad to mouse movements and buttons to keyboard keys. But the d-pad better be analog (anyway, to play Halo of Starcraft, as shown on the screenshots…)
    Never tried that on win7, though.

  • rabs

    I guess it’s a perspective problem, it looks more 4/3 on the photo with Halo.
    Maybe it’s a bit deformed, as well…

  • nick95

    ssagg check the forum i have uploaded a photo with a picture of it having a mouse pointer under the windows logo

  • das

    Ya, I’ve been hoping for a UMPC manufacturer to support the AWS band so I can finally buy one. I have a USB stick for my laptop but all these UMPCs I’ve seen have the USB port placed right in the middle of where my hand would be. Kind of makes them hard to use while mobile and carrying extra stuff in my pocket is always a pain.

  • slimjim

    +1 for T-Mobile. +1 for making those joysticks into mouse pointers.

    BTW, the image is from http://www.ocosmos.co.kr/kboard/bodo/board_list.php?code=bodo_01 in the 2010-11-15 post.

  • DavidC1

    Yea I know. But just sayin’ I don’t expect this to be cheap, and the hardware spec they claim don’t exist either.

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