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Intel Reveals Clover Trail CPU Details, Highlights Seven Upcoming Windows 8 Tablets

Posted on 30 September 2012

Intel is ready to take the lid off of Clover Trail, the newest member of the company’s Atom low-power processors. Along with Clover Trail info comes official announcements from seven Intel partners showing off hybrid Windows 8 devices that will soon be available. Intel is promising three weeks of ‘connected standby’ and up to 10 hours of HD video playback possible from Clover Trail devices.

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PC Advisor Asks “What is an Ultrabook anyway?” Because They Apparently Aren’t Sure

Posted on 27 September 2012

With talk about the potential dilution of the Ultrabook brand one would almost think that Intel hasn’t set clear guidelines about what defines an Ultrabook. On the contrary, whether or not a laptop manufacturer calls a new product an Ultrabook tells me a whole lot about the product right away. PC Advisor has run a story claiming that “The truth is that there are few definitive specifications for an Ultrabook,” apparently not […]

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 6 – Last Chance for Changes

Posted on 27 September 2012

The six teams competing in the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge have one more day to go. On the 28th September they must submit their final code to Intel. In the following week I will be testing and scoring with the other judges and on October 8th we’re going to see who’s won $10K. Yes this is a promotional activity by Intel, but it’s one of the most interesting and educational […]

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HCL Ultrasmart ME Ultrabook Launches in India

Posted on 25 September 2012

HCL Infosystems have just launched the HCL ME Series 3074  in India. It’s another 2nd tier Ultrabook and one of the first we’ve seen running Ivy Bridge in India.   Running the 1.8Ghz Core i3 it comes with similarly entry-level specifications on the RAM, HDD< Screen and weight. You can probably guess those by now. (HCL store with full specs here.)

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Win an Ultrabook – 6 Chances

Posted on 25 September 2012

It seems there are a lot of Ultrabook giveaways going on at the moment. Three passed my twitter timeline a few minutes ago so I thought I’d search for some more and link them up for you. Most of these will be US-only offers. If you’ve spotted anything in your country, or are running a promotion, drop the information in the comments. All the current competitions we know about are […]

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Electrified – With David Blaine and an Ultrabook?

Posted on 25 September 2012

I’m disappointed. Intel teases an Ultrabook experience called ‘always on’ and I’m getting excited that it’s a challenge to see how much battery life one can get out of an Ultrabook. It turns out it’s a stunt by David Blaine. Worse still, it’s in New York so I can’t even go and see it. I suspect the ‘3 Days, 3 Nights’  and ‘One Million Volts’ theme means he’ll be inside […]

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Black Mesa is a Free Remake of Half-Life, Here’s How to Optimize It for Your Ultrabook [video]

Posted on 25 September 2012

If you know about Black Mesa, congratulations — you’re a gamer. This obscure fan-lead remake of Valve’s famous 1998 title Half-Life has long been shrouded in mystery. Going on 8 years of development, with the only mention of a release date being “when it’s done”, most thought Black Mesa would never see the light of day. However, earlier this month the official website for the remake began buzzing with hints […]

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Make Your Own Modular Docking Station

Posted on 24 September 2012

Thunderbolt docks: expensive. WiGig docks: Not until 2013. Proprietary docks: Seldom seen on consumer laptops. USB3.0 solutions – cheap and available. If you want to use your Ultrabook, or any recent laptop on the desk, there’s a lot of options talked about, but not much available. You’re left with plugging in that HDMI, the keyboard and mouse, DVD drive, network cable and speakers every morning. Every time you want to […]

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Intel and Sharp could bring IGZO Screens to Ultrabooks

Posted on 24 September 2012

The power used by a screen in a laptop is becoming a major issue. As other components in laptops reduce their power, the percentage of total system power used by the screen and backlight is growing. 20-30% average is common but if you’re just reading a static page, the backlight could account for up to 50%. Come Haswell, that could jump to 70% or more in quiet-state operations.  Advances in […]

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2012 Ultrabooks Reach $599 and €599. Vizio Leads.

Posted on 24 September 2012

Forget Intel’s prediction of $699 Ultrabooks. Forget our own prediction of $599 by the end of the year! The $599 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook is here already with the a great offer on the Vizio CT14.  In Europe, prices have dipped to below €599.   It’s Vizio that have come through with the most impressive offer. The Vizio CT14-A0 1.8Ghz Ivy Bridge (Core i3) with a 128GB SSD and 1600×900 IPS […]

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Why an Efficient Ultrabook is Better Than a Big Battery

Posted on 24 September 2012

Thanks to the exploding world of mobile, the computer industry has seen a refreshed interest in high efficiency components. Though Intel has always made a wide range of processors, until lately the company’s low-power products were sometimes seen as second-class citizens of the CPU world. Sure, they used less power, but this was often achieve this with lower clock speeds, fewer features, and sometimes the disabling of cores in the case […]

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Acer M3 Touch Ultrabook Coming with Windows 8

Posted on 21 September 2012

Acer is preparing to launch the Aspite M3 Touch with Windows 8. the design is based on a previous iteration of an Acer Ultrabook — the Acer M3. The M3 Touch is a 15.6″ touchscreen Ultrabook which competes with other big Ultrabooks like the Asus S56 and Vizio Thin and Light CT15 (indirectly however, as the latter two lack a touchscreen). Notebook Italia tracked down the M3 Touch for a brief hands-on and also […]

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