Is this the Acer Aspire One MiniNote?

Posted on 29 May 2008, Last updated on 11 March 2010 by

Latest information and new links are being added to the Aspire ONE product page.

Hot on the heals of the Dell Mininote leak are these images which just dropped into our forum. This posts are titled ‘Aspire One.’

acer1 acer2

It’s got the same touchpad as seen on the HP 2133 and what appears to be an 8.9″ screen. Images show a, probably linux-based, user interface. Anyone recognize that UI?

Thanks ‘Liza’ whoever you are. We’ll be looking out for this at Computex and as soon as we have enough info, we’ll add it to the database.

Update#1: From 3Fire. (Source Mobile 01)

According to his information in that pag, Acer’s Mini-Note is called “Aspire One”, running Windows XP SP3 on the 8.9 screen with resolution of 1024 X 768. The ODM partner is Quanta, the main notebook ODM partner of HP, DELL and Apple. The source thinks “Aspire One” is better looking than Asus’ EEE PC, however, no photo release yet.

Looks like it’s an Atom/Diamondville-based device. Digitimes mentions a 299 Euro price which is 100 Euro cheaper than the Eee PC 900!

Update#2: Now tracking the details in the database.

Update. Launch details, official specs and images here now.

Update2. Hands-on video.

49 Comments For This Post

  1. zak says:

    great price.

  2. says:

    if i should hazard a guess its kde with a customized launcher.

    but what specific distro it is, i cant tell, as i cant recall seeing a launcher like that before…

  3. Futurize Korea says:

    It’s not that hard to be better looking than the EeePC.. :)

  4. Tired of waiting says:

    That looks like widescreen to me.

    So isn’t it much more likely to be 1024×600 or is it 1280 (or 1152) x 768?

  5. Insider says:

    A supplier i deal with has given me a heads up on this one. It will be available with 8gb ssd or 20-40gb HD. Linux or Win xp all with 8.9″ lcd.

    Prices starting from $400.

    It will be released in Mid june.

  6. tunjung says:

    Well it looked like customized Gnome interface to me…

  7. DTEG says:

    Yuk. Looks like it’s taken the worst of all its forerunners. Ugly oversize bezel for the screen size, near-Cloudbook style yawning gap, bizarre touchpad.

  8. MCG says:

    Meh. The pre-release prices of these UMPCs always end up rising when the machines are released.

  9. Nils says:

    Why would they use the same effed-up touchpad as the HP mini?

  10. retrow says:

    If its pre-loaded with Linux, why does it have the Windows key? They would earn some brownie points from Linux aficionados if they replaced the Windows sign with a penguin.

  11. johnson yeh says:

    I am Acer Aspire one.
    one is a lowercase letter.
    Please help modify that.

  12. mbzrklmrm says:



  13. joseph says:

    beatiful, just beautiful

  14. Icy Miller says:

    I just bought my acer aspire one and it works really great! very fast connection, reliable battery, good memory for just a non hardcore user like mine, very lightweight, sleek and also it can detect wifi signals as far as 500meters i dont know why! i live on the 29th floor of my building and it can scan up to 500meters wifi signal. i know this for a fact because the building name is on the wifi name and im using the connection whenever im near that place too! cool huh?

  15. frankee says:

    why after 15 min to 20min will auto shut off for the screen.and on and off button still lightning.also the colum for the wireless disappear .network can not use.

  16. jack nomad says:

    1-resolution video a little low.

    2-volume need more amplification.

    3-web cam & wifi good.

    4-if possible soon will try win xp pro and 2 GB of ram.

    5- no comment on the battery yet.

    7- instead of card reader will prefer a PCMCIA port for fire wire plug.

  17. Nigel says:

    this is by far the best netbook out there! until lenovo s10 come out at least.

  18. A.A.KHAN says:

    In light weight Laptop Category segment., Acer Aspire is the best model i have seen, cute model and affordable price.

  19. AmrwalKies al Droubi says:

    I Serch arabic langoueg ples help me

  20. meeeeeeee says:

    how do u get windos xp

  21. james says:

    there’s a review of it over here:

  22. mcevoyi says:

    hi all got mine today . already have a problem . i gave a vodafone 3g usb port connectin device .. i pluged it in ..and .. nothing .. i tryed evey form for useing the aspires connection but nothing.. i think the vodafone device has a few bits of info it loads to run the device and there is a page to accept their term for use .. but it looks like the aspire is blocking that .. can any one help ??? PLEASE iain from england

  23. michael kelly says:

    Novice, sorry, just got an aspire one and cannot get @ up on the screen for e mail addresses….sure its a simple one…any help please.
    thanks mk

  24. Beth (again) says:

    Hi – didn’t realise replies were threaded so just in case…

    here’s how you do it on the linux version:

    go to settings > Live Update > install all the updates you find.

    magically, in the settings menu there’s now a “keyboard layout” option and you can change your layout to en_GB which should do it the trick :]

    this had me chewing my fingernails on friday until i ran across a similar post! :D

    – beth

  25. Beth says:

    Did michael kelly manage to fix his @ problem?

    here’s how you do it on the linux version:

    go to settings > Live Update > install all the updates you find.

    magically, in the settings menu there’s now a “keyboard layout” option and you can change your layout to en_GB which should do it the trick :]

    this had me chewing my fingernails on friday until i ran across a similar post! :D

    — beth

  26. leeann chalmers says:

    can’t get sound on webcam! have mike and headphones. nada.

  27. Sarah says:

    Please can someone help!!
    I would like to print to my network printer. However I don’t know if that’s possible with the acer aspire one zg5

  28. nita says:

    anyone having trouble signing into messenger? please help

  29. harry rush says:

    To question. HOw do you print to your network with acer-one? Go to internet and Download your printer drivers from the internet.Go to control panel then printers and faxes then add printers Then set your printer as default. This is the only way I could get it to print on my network

  30. KIKI says:


  31. MCG says:


    You’ll have to download the printer’s software from HP’s website directly on to your Aspire One instead of using the CD.

  32. cash191 says:

    Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini Laptop (1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home, 6 Cell Battery) Sapphire Blue

  33. Andrew says:

    Acer Aspire is a joke. Do not buy it.

  34. jerryjj says:

    Got new Acer Aspire one today. Where can I find an operating manual? I am a newbie using computers.

  35. Andrew says:

    Aspire One shows Windows XP for OS. It is VISTA Home. I bought this Trojan, and I am sorry I did. It sits idle on the table, while I keep pounding my other two machines with windows XP. The poor dolts at Acer do not even know the difference between the two OS.
    I will never buy anything with ACER name on it.

  36. anon says:

    The Aspire One has not, and never will come with Vista. If your Aspire One came with vista on it, whoever you purchased it from did it, not Acer. It only comes with either Windows XP Home SP3, or Linux from the factory.

  37. Roberto says:

    I have installed Vista on my Aspire one, but the webcam Icon in My computer doenot appear any more is there a solution for this?

  38. dawn says:

    i bought my acer aspire one at walmart and it is windows vista so i dont know why you say it dont come with vista

  39. Tolis Mas says:

    Halloo Andrew. I am from Greece and I got the same ACER with you. Unfortunately the machine became veeeery slow and looks like not moving at all. Some friends told me that ACER uses SSD without reliability but Media Markt service guys informed me that it is the overall structure in Acer Aspire A110L so bad. Only ASUS have very good structure and therefore better performance. I don’t know how you solve the problem. Your advice-experience (if any) is highly appreciated. I am using 1,5 GB memory. My mail is

  40. MARYKAY says:


  41. Becki says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Its convenient and hve had no problems with it so far! I got iy in February for my Valentines day present!!

  42. Louis says:

    Don’t you think it’s childish of you not to exchange links with me? PM me, I got PR 5 blog waiting just for you, thanks!

  43. Rhonda says:

    wanted to purchase a printer compatably to the Acer. Does it need wireless? after purchase how to install since there is no way to use disk. thanks love mt acer

  44. Jeannette Biddix says:

    Laptops will change the world when they are accessible to everyone financially. Think of every man and women, having a personal laptop.

  45. mad says:

    Hello…i have a problem that my notebook aspire one cannot detect a signal even the full bar wireless or broadband…it mean the signal suddently shutdown…i ask how to fix this problem….
    2)When i connect the USB always happen ejeck problem and the note appear masagge is still have connect and the USB still use in connection…How to solve this problem….
    I very thankfull for helping me…Hope can make more publish…Thanks

  46. Siebenzahn says:

    Sorry, but my Acer netbook give up after i have sat me down on it, so, if i’ll buy my next netbook, i only prefer a ASUS one!

    Too bad experience with acer…


  47. umpc says:

    looks nice,thanks for sharing

  48. Billye Kelash says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We’re always looking for great resources to share with clients and my colleagues, and this post is definitely worth sharing!

  49. Graphics Card says:

    hey buddy… i just wanted to say that my browser is crashing when I click on the links… are you using some scripts or something?

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