AMD Turion goes Mobile with Raon Digital ‘Everun Note’

Posted on 12 August 2008, Last updated on 12 August 2008 by

So AMD aren’t getting into the mobile or netbook game?


Raon Digital have finally confirmed what we spotted months ago. They are building an AMD-based (AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core 1.2GHz, 1MB L2 Cache) ultra mobile PC running XP for Asian and North American markets. This is not a netbook as it’s tiny! Smaller than an SC3. The AVING news is from a launch event that I knew was happening today. We’re closely in touch with Raon Digital and have our fingers crossed for more details and an early preview of this little wonder.

Specs going into the database as you read this… Specifications now in the database.

Update: Note the SIM slot indicating a 3G option!

Source: Aving

Via Pockatables.

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  1. Richard says:

    So how much power does one of these Turions use?

  2. chippy says:

    i’m guessing they’ve put a full-back 30wh li-poly on there. Similar to Everun (hopefuly also the same so that the extended battery works) Average drain is going to be 10-12W in Wifi use. BUT….it will go right up to 20w in my estimate. Like netbooks, but more powerful.

    Raon Digital appear to have some close connection with AMD. This is the second time they’ve been first to use a new AMD product.


  3. kyuss says:

    yeah, seems so, chippy…

    i wonder if this could be a/the netbook for gaming…

    hmm…we’ll see…

  4. REMF says:

    Now this is an awesome machine!

    real power in a tiny format.

    what i really want is an underclocked PUMA platform in a 9″ chassis, anyone willing to give me that?

    DX10/OpenGL3.0 and dual-core that you can put in a pocket, that is the definition of awesome, but this raon runs a close second.

  5. focus says:

    This is an pocket notebook H=118 mm!!!WOW
    Raon make an good surprise again.
    The “premium” mention on the box it means premium price?
    And no touchscren?Is this an bigger flipstart?!Same faith?

  6. Marc says:

    After the original Everun I was hoping for something innovative from Raon, or at least a UMPC. No touch screen? No tablet mode? Just looks like something else to get lost in the fast growing pile of netbooks… :(

    Nice to see they kept the optical mouse, but all it is doing is saving space, where on the Everun it was something special as a thumb mouse.

  7. kyuss says:

    well…i understand you, but i think the machine is actually quite innovative in certain ways…

    somehow it’s the missing link between a netbook and a UMPC (SC3 almost)…furthermore new hardware etc.

    they definitely managed to separate themselves from other manufacturers in way…the device could be interesting for a lot of people, i think…

    btw.: touchscreen could be modded (or “JKKed” :-D)

  8. chippy says:

    Its touchscreen AFAIK

  9. scoobie says:

    Have you got the processor right? – I asked AMD (via Gottabemobile) and they said it was something called a GEODE which I’ve not heard of
    . See here:

  10. Erwos says:

    The pictures indicate that it’s a Turion 64 X2, at least from the banner thingie right beneath the UMPC. AVIng managed to cover it up a bit, but you can tell.

    This is definitely the most compelling UMPC I’ve seen in a while. Wish it had HDMI (it’s even using the right chipset for it!), but the dock and the other ports are definitely steps in the right direction.

  11. chippy says:

    Geode is a brand of low-powr processors that AMD have. Raon have used them in the past but this is definately a Turion. I have it confirmed.
    It ould be that come launch time, they brand it as Geode (as they did with some low-end Athlons) but it remains the same device.

  12. alese says:

    This will not replace my broken Everun, pity it’s small, but tick and without touch screen and tablet mode it’s more like flipstart, I’m guessing it won’t be priced in EEE range so it probably won’t sell much either.

    I guess for now I’ll stick with my HTC Advantage, it’s not a “true” UMPC but with 3G built, great size and Opera Mobile it’s (I guess) an excellent MID…

  13. Marc says:

    Got to agree with you on the HTC Advantage. It is an excellent MID when coupled with Opera (although I wish it could play inline flash video on sites like the BBC). Surprising how well a 5″ 640×480 4:3 screen feels, It feels like you can see more than the 5″ 800×480 Everun screen.

  14. Serjnyak says:

    As far as I remember, It HAS touchscreen.

  15. Serjnyak says: here’s some kind of proof that it does have a touchscreen

  16. Joe says:

    hi, UMPC portal..

    for the first I’m Korean.
    and just same as you we got this news today, and I’ve read some of news articles about this “Everun Note.”

    It has a touch-screen as well as its previous products. and the amazing thing is that this new machine is using only “1 cell” battery, and announced that it will run the machine for about 2.5 hours.
    and Raon digital said it’ll be available “3 cell battery” later on. (I and some are assuming that it’s going to be an external battery type, since the battery slot seems hard to fit with an extend battery.
    It’ll also have an external charger (with LAN port). the price will be around $30. (it’s not yet decided.)

    I remember only this. I love it. ^^

  17. chippy says:

    I hope it uses the same battery that they use on the Everun. 30wh. A triple capacity battery would be rather thick so it makes sense that it would be an external one.

  18. ChristophD says:

    I’m very sceptical about this device for two reasons:

    (a) battery life
    (b) price

    I think the form-factor is quite cool but my first thought is that something like a VIA Nano (ULV maybe?) would be a better choice in terms of hardware platform.

  19. chippy says:

    Remember the Turions can do a lot of power saving tricks. For example shutting down a core, underclocking a core, different voltages per core. I have a feeling that this CPU might have a very wide range of power profiles possible from low-power to something we havent seen in Netbooks yet. IT would be great to give the consumer real choice about how they dial in the CPU power.


  20. Charles says:

    Looks like a nice device. Rotative touch screen and I might get it (if performances are good…). Hope it gets a SSD. 4200RPM drives are simply too slow !

    Let’s wait for further informations ;)

  21. chippy says:

    SSD is an option but I suspect this will have a 1.8′ 4800 RPM drive. Yes, they are often too slow.

  22. Thorsten says:

    This will be a UMPC gaming machine with the RS690E in there. It will be able to handle real gaming without low FPS on even semi recent games. They have a monopoly on a niche market right there.

    Yes battery life is a concern but AMD has stated that it would run video for 2.5 hours. Rough estimate would give it no less than two hours and no more than three.

  23. focus says:

    Conicsnet it say`s has touchscreen:
    The shift was very good until was release ,not very good after :)

  24. chromedome says:

    Pardon my poor English.
    I read a Korean newspaper claimed that price is going to be around 839,000 won. That is roughly around 850$, but of course, you have to consider tax and everything. They also said it’s coming at early September.

  25. chippy says:

    It sounds about right. About 20% cheaper than the SC3.
    There are a lot of unknowns about the device so we can’t really make any decisions yet. I’m hopeful!

  26. chromedome says:

    I’m quite confident about that price.
    This blogger interviewed CEO of Raon digital and he said 830,000 won. Of course, we have to wait for the final price, but I’m hoping under 900$ so far.

  27. Marc says:

    I have to question the value of a touch screen on the clamshell format.

    A touch screen works best on a device with a slider or tablet format, which makes this a real shame it doesn’t convert like the SC3 does….

  28. chippy says:

    Better touch than no-touch in my opinion. The wonderful thing about 800gm netbooks is that you can hold them in one hand and use the touchscreen with the other. I do it all the time with the SC3.
    Rotating would be good though!

  29. Anonymouse Reader says:

    Battery and Battery and Battery (1 Cell battery)? Hmmm, 3 Cell as a future option as posted above in a comment, then does that mean 2.5 hrs X 3 = 7.5 Hours of use on internet?

    It has touch screen (what about Ubuntu LINUX or the Mobile Ubuntu stuff). Why just a XP option (is Microsoft paying someone off to not do a cheaper Linux version)?

    This would be really good with Pixel Qi screen tech (with direct sunlight mode). Note that I know no one at Pixel Qi just that the OLPC XO has great battery life with Generic $10 user replaceable battery… and has a a great screen for use outdoors. FYI – There is a new OLPC XO-2 design that is much smaller than the current XO. for a view of size see:

    However, I like the potential “pocketable” size of this AMD device with the features so far… with 7.5 hours of battery if that is ever possible then this could be the one (if no XP).

  30. toshiba user says:

    in this kind of concept ..there is already a mini notebook.

    It’s toshiba libretto u100

    more powerful lcd screen, more good resolution…it has a firewire port and it has a pcmcia card slot..
    6 cell battery using ..

  31. Will says:

    It does kinda remind me of a larger (and less ugly) Flipstart. It shares one rather annoying design flaw, the camera is below the screen!

    Not sure about the optical mouse as I’m not very fond of the one on my phone. IMO they should have used a trackpoint like most ThinkPads if they wanted to save space.

    I can’t wait to see how long the battery will last or if it’ll have heat issues. AMD CPUs are not known for their low power consumption.

  32. says:

    with those specs, its going to be expensive…

    hmm, the hinge looks like it could support that the screen is folded far enough back for thumb typing.

    im guessing its on your list of must-test/have’s, chippy ;)

    and one can really tell how small the original eeepc had been had they not gone for a 7″ screen in a 10″ housing…

    now to find something on the digifriends device…

  33. chippy says:

    I’m in touch with Raon and confident we’ll get this in for testing soon. They’ve always been very supportive of UMPCPOrtal. We also run the official forum so they ‘have’ to send one over so I can test for their customers! ;-)


  34. Will says:

    Ah yes… the keyboard.

    Looks too big to thumb type with.
    Looks too small to touch type with.

  35. chippy says:

    Touch type is a no-no on this but you’ll get a quasi touch type experience. I’m kind of developing this on the SC3. Ask Psion 5 owners. They’ll tell you about how they adapted to the keyboard and realised good speeds!

  36. 8bit says:

    Could be my secondary device beside the upcoming MSI Wind,if it has an RJ45 jack and enough performance/battery life.


  37. Dave says:

    1) I like how it has Turion 1.2 dual-core

    2) ATI IGP (possibly better for casual gaming)

    3) Where is the express card slot??? (its mentioned but not pointed out

    4) Its crazy light weight like a little over a pound

    5) Pray that the keyboard is at least easier to use compared to the 7 inch ASUS Eee PC

  38. TareX says:

    Between this, the new Dell E’s, and the SC3, only price will move me.

  39. chippy says:

    Why choose between a Dell E and SC3. Different classes of devices in my opinion. One is for using in different places, the other is for using while on the way to those different places!!

    I want to do a quick video showing the difference in size between SC3 and MSI Wind soon. Its amazing how much different the size and weight can make.

  40. Futurize Korea says:

    More photos here:

  41. says:

    they seem to be showing it with a external module with a ethernet port. is that a extra battery or some funky connector that use the same plug as a battery?

    weird, and no opening large enough to be a expresscard slot on either image, so is that to hidden in that external module?

    ugh, talk about confusion…

  42. Futurize Korea says:

    Better photo here:

    It has something to do with the battery. If someone wants to translate this:

    랜포트와 본체와 연결하는 미니 USB..배터리를 교체하지 않고 이 녀석을 AC 단자에 꼽아 배터리를 바꿀 수 있다. 즉 탄창 갈듯이 배터리를 바꿀 수 있고 사용자는 전원을 끄지 않고도 다른 배터리를 쓸 수 있다. 아이디어가 돋보인다. 배터리 팩 가격은 3~5만원 이내 예정

  43. chromedome says:

    “mini USB connecting LAN port and main body.. Battery can be replaced by connecting this to AC power without really taking battery out of main body. In other words, battery can be replaced like gun magazine, and user is able to use other battery without turning it off. Very good idea. Battery pack price will be 30~50$ at this point.”

    it’s the poor translation, I know.:)

  44. chromedome says:

    OK. I actually visited the blog this time.
    That thing is a power adapter which can recharge the extra battery if you have any. It has the LAN port which is missing on main body, probably because of size issue.

  45. ecsk2 says:

    Its almost like UMPCs and/or Netbooks have a certain VOLUME they have to be :) if they go flat (MB Air, yes no UMPC but…) they go big/wide, and if they go smaller they tend to be relatively thick like OQO not to mention Flipstart. Now I didn’t look at the figures on this one yet but looks a bit thick no?

  46. chippy says:

    A little bit chunky yes.
    For me weight and width are more important than thickness or depth. It means a better one-hand experience.

  47. ecsk2 says:

    True, I think I am slowly drifting away from being a pocketable UMPC fan to being a Netbook (lightweight / subnotebook) fan, as it just seems there won’t be a Pocketable UMPC in the performance/size and battery time I wish to see.

    BTW Chippy, did you get my info about the AT&T prepaid HSDPA service?
    (That same service has opened some new ideas for myself, a happy Tmo USA customer, but longing for 3G at times w/out really wanting to join AT&T)

  48. says:

    its quite understandable as they have a set number of chips and other components that they need to make room for.

    compare this to mobile phones and similar where you have System-on-Chip (SoC) solution where the cpu, chipset and maybe some other stuff is folded onto a single chip.

    iirc, the products that intel aims for use in MID’s are more like SoC then whats being used in the latest netbooks.

    this is also why something like the beagleboard can be so small. except for the connectors, the hardware is on the single OMAP3530 chip at the center of the board.

  49. 8bit says:

    Thanks Futurize Korea,I have spread the word :)

    @toshiba user – the toshiba libretto u100 was ONLY 2800 Euro and still is about 2000 Euro if you find one.

  50. focus says:

    I found one used but in very good condition at 250 euro!2000 euro is unreal!
    Anyway is junk on these day’s!

  51. Jerry says:

    Many flaws:
    1. No swivel screen for tablet mode
    2. Teeny, tiny battery
    3. Full keyboard in shrunken crippling size. Why bother?
    4. Likely will run toasty hot/loud fan because of size and CPU.
    5. Probably $1000+ through Dynamism’s import markup

    They should of used Atom or Via Nano, 16-32gb SSD, SDHC slot, tablet slider not netbook style, all in a 7″ x 3″ x 1″ dimension but that will never happen due to all the patent dodging. :(


  52. focus says:

    I agree with you,but,THE POWER,the power could be very
    tempting especial on those tiny devices.
    If it will work like an charm i see a lot of people jumping in the bandwagon just for the fun of it!
    On other part amd is not intel and as usual with amd are some problems that intel don’t have.

  53. Mike Cane says:

    I’ll be interested to read benchmarks and to see vids from users in weeks to come. This is out of my market, though. Just too small for typing. (Yeah, trying out the Asus 1000 keyboard size has just spoiled me!)

  54. Geoffrey says:

    One question still outstanding is whether the RAM is upgradeable. If so, I would think Vista might be good on this device.

  55. Charbax says:

    This is another proof AMD is better then Intel. You don’t see such form factor based on the Intel Atom.

    Problem is probably going to be price though. AMD doesn’t really push the low cost laptop idea as I think they should. AMD could have taken the Geode based OLPC and produced millions of commercial versions of it by now, but they don’t do it. AMD doesn’t like the idea of large quantities delivered at low if not non-existant profit margins to replace their own existing market share in much more expensive higher power processors.

    If you need this size, then you’ve found the small laptop that is for you. But I don’t like that small keyboard, and to me 7″ is just too big for the pocket, and it’s too small for being really productive. For watching videos it’s an ok size, but this laptop probably is much more expensive the similar size and weight 7″ Archos video playing devices which also have basic browser and WiFi for casual browsing.

    That is my basic complaint with the whole Microsoft and Intel name that is the UMPC, or the netbook. Too big for pocket, too small for productivity.

    What I want in a laptop, is at least 14″ and a full sized keyboard. Otherwise it’s just not going to be confortable to do stuff like posting this message to this blog post. Then I also want a pocket device that does everything while on the go in situations that I don’t want to use a laptop, such as in public transportation, while not going to/from work, while not going to/from study, while walking in the streets, while walking around in the city without having to carry a bag for the laptop.

    And if I want to be slightly more productive using a pocket device, I want to use a full sized foldable keyboard at least. These small keyboards are not for adults to be productive. For children to play games and explore the web, given their small fingers, and given that they probably will not type text very fast before being at least semi-teenager, then small keyboards are ok for young children. For those types of children that do not want to type this type of comment on this type of blog.

  56. enthusiast says:

    I like it, but I am waiting for Christmas to get one of these new small ones, when most all will be out and be really able to be compared.

  57. chippy says:

    First performance report is now in…


  58. says:

    hmm, looks like we may have a dual battery solution on our hands…

  59. ssagg says:

    Why to get so close to the ideal device and not geting there just not making it a swivelling one?. It makes me crazy.

  60. Umpc_Nut says:

    If you take a look at any umpc forum and youtube videos about umpcs, you will see many comments about gaming and in some cases, how well it ran various pc games were a reason for some to make a purchase. This new everun umpc will possibly fill a gap in this market. So many times I have seen people asking about gaming on umpcs, creating lists of games that run etc. I look forward to seeing lots of youtube videos of this running 3D games. I will buy one myself mostly for gaming.

  61. Савва says:

    Очень даже xорошо. Особенно третье.

  62. Валерий says:

    Вопрос к автору , а вот у вас время у каждой статьи и в комментах пишется… Это какое? Московское? Заранее благодарю за ответ.

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