Everun Note full review.

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With that obvious netbook price comparison out of the way then, lets focus on summarizing the Everun Note. Its a device that could span ultra mobile and desktop duties for sure. Unless you are pumping out renderings for Pixar, you’ll probably find that all your app’s work and you may not even notice that its a ultra mobile PC when you’re working with an external monitor and keyboard. In that respect its incredible value and for anyone wanting to be an eco-friendly cloud-working road warrior, this your baby. Waste no time in ordering it! That’s a rather niche target though so where else would it fit? Its not the most powerful handheld PC when on battery power alone but its not far off either. Hot-desking, coffee shop, car, hotel rooms, trains, planes and around the home are places where you can get the most out of the Everun Note and with a 3G upgrade and an external power pack, you’ll have enough processing power, a working keyboard and a good quality screen for almost any scenario in a device that’s half the volume and 70% of the weight of a netbook. I cant think of another ultra mobile PC that provides this much bang for the buck and the fact that its one of the smallest makes it even more compelling. For Ultra Mobile fans this one goes straight to the top of the list above the Samsung Q1, OQO 02 and Gigabyte M701.

The Raon Digital Everun Note is flexible and powerful but shouldn’t be mistaken for the ultimate all-in-one solution which, arguably, will never exist. Its not a netbook and not here to offer you a full-comfort touch-typing experience with 5 hour battery life for $500. No, its got a keyboard and battery life that you need to adapt to in order to get the best out of and its main advantage is that it offers a serious single-device alternative to a two-device mobile computing strategy of Netbook and MID that many will consider for full on-the go computing power. For some, this device could even span 4 devices from MID, through netbook, laptop and desktop and that’s something I really hope makes other independent computer manufacturers sit up and take note. It’s fun, it’s powerful, it’s cute, its flexible and it’s good value.

Review written, edited, post produced on the Everun Note in the car, bed, sofa and on the desktop.

Review device is a final production sample and provided direct by Raon Digital for a one month test.

More testing notes and details from benchmarking in this forum thread.

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The Everun Note reporting doesn’t stop here. I’ve got a few more weeks with the Note and in that time I’ll be looking at a Vista upgrade, an SSD upgrade and a 3G upgrade. I’ll try and do videos of the keyboard and touchscreen details and i’ll be giving it some rough, mobile times. My track record for killing UMPCs is second to none so it won’t be an easy ride for the Note! You can track news from UMPCPortal and from other sites by keeping an eye on the product page where you’ll find links, latest forum entries and updated specifications.

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