Update on UMID M2 pricing and availability.

Posted on 22 September 2009 by

IMG_0558In our haste to get news out about the UMID M2 yesterday, some details about pricing were missed. UMID contacted us to correct a few points.

Entry-level price for the UMID M2 will be $499 and will be with the 1.2Ghz CPU, 512MB, 8GB SSD, Win XP and no camera.

For the high spec version (1GB, Win7) of the M2 the  has not been decided yet.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Update on UMID M2 pricing and availability. http://cli.gs/zgU0e

  2. Mark Hirsch says:

    Update on UMID M2 pricing and availability. http://bit.ly/78GdX

  3. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Update on UMID M2 pricing and availability. http://cli.gs/zgU0e

  4. yamete888 says:

    So perhaps the model that we all want would be along the price of the current UMID M1 with 3G…or perhaps a bit more? boohoo!!!!! :-(

  5. BassoPT says:

    Yep, entry level doesn’t look that appealing. I would even say a bit crappy. 8gb ssd and 512mb (again) Maybe its ok for south korean market and asian markets, they take everything most of time, but for rest of the world is a no go.

    This is what I hate about these companies.. they do a good step forward but 2 seconds later they do 5 backwards. Its good that they fixed M1 problems, its a sign that they are listening. but its a bit stupid if you ask me to mess up with hardware specs. when they are good as they are. such a small ssd is just nonsense and 512mb of memory on x86 device coming out on the end of 2009? 512 could be ENOUGH for xp if one tries hard but when for exemple drivers are not even optimized for hardware and take 180mb of memory like the GMA500 ones take….. think twice UMID

    I really hope they reconsider the specs for entry level, at least on these 2 points ssd and memory.


  6. davie55 says:

    than you should be buy ram 1g and may be 32 ssd model.
    I think umid m2 is best mid at present in world
    and umid generation constantly

  7. Velik says:

    Yeah they coulda added all that, and then put the price out of range for their market. but i do aggree that it really shouldnt be less then 16gb ssd. 8gb may limit you to XP or a lite version of w7. I think they have a really nice product, i am almost swayed away from the x70 with the 1.6ghz processor, but that screen size is just too small for my taste i think ( though I have never seen or used a screen that small ).

  8. EC says:


    “Maybe its ok for south korean market and asian markets, they take everything most of time, but for rest of the world is a no go.”

    With all due repect, one cannot in any way (when it comes to technology especially) take the “asian markets” as one thing!? There is very little in common say between Japan and China when it comes to this. Also you might find this surprising but S. Korea (don’t think we even need to designate in this context that we are talking about South Korea! :)) has a wide variety of tech gadgets that most of us would love to have.

    In fact if one were to generalize, I’d dare to say it is the opposite, where the rest of the world more or less takes whatever Asia sends/sells them. For instance the Japanese market is far from that! They are in fact whining (big time) about a number of things missing on the (in?)famous iPhone, yes in the rest of the world you hear a blogger here or there (or what could be considered “haters”) expressing their dislike with the iPhone but the broad public is pretty content. Not so in Japan.

    Bottom line Asia is huge with a wide variety of gadgets and level of technology implemented.

    As for leaving out goodies, this is all about money and profit, you need to be competitive in the market today but at the same time there has to be some profit margins so you can continue on being in business!

  9. C says:

    This was pretty much exactly what I thought the $499 price was gonna get you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the high spec version reaches $1k. I’m still probably going to buy one.

  10. DrNick says:

    I’d like to check out the high spec version although I think the current UMID model is better looking. Any news from Viliv at IDF?

  11. Marc says:

    The M2 is looking very tempting to me.

    1.6GHz cpu, better screen angle, better build quality, a usb port and an optical mouse cover most things that bothered me with the M1.

    Does it have a 3.5mm socket for headphones now though?

  12. C says:

    Yea, you can see it in the pictures in the gallery. Specifically IMG_0561.

  13. Klutzo says:

    I wonder if the battery life is still 6ish hours?

  14. DavidC1 says:

    What? UMID M1 does ~4. 6 hours would be a miraculous achievement.

  15. KOKO says:

    that’s the official spec
    official spec of PM series is 7 hours you know(which is just another name for


  16. teh.sean says:

    Expect slightly lower battery life with the higher rated processor and optical mouse. Underclocking the processor will probably still be possible though for better battery life.

  17. abby says:

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  18. KOKO says:

    one thing I fear is battery …
    m1 had a smaller battery and a shorter battery time than that of s5 from
    the begining.
    Now they have upgraded many things but if the battery stays the same
    no more merit of long battery(maybe not that long but still longer than
    most traditional notebooks)
    if they upgrade the battery two, no more merit of light device;;

  19. kk says:

    말투가 한국사람이시네요.ㅋㅋ

  20. BOB says:

    Anything new on the this since September ?

  21. Mian arsh says:

    does m2 is not coming this year? Acoording to Dynamism, next shipment of M1 is coming 27th of November. This pretty much means that no chances of M2 this year. I would really have liked to buy one before this christmass :(

  22. Minions says:

    This is not exactly the case, the M1, and M2 will be selling side by side. They are not discontinuing the m1 model when the m2 comes out. I believe there will be a mild price drop in the m1, or they will continue to release m1’s with lesser specs, while releasing m2’s with higher end specs as time goes on. I’m really hoping to get some news about the m2 in the next week or two. From reports I’ve read they said end of November-December release date. Hopefully it will be the word wide release date, as importing will more than likely prevent the 3g from working.

  23. jeana says:

    Good news, the M2 seems to be available under a new reference from Onkyo : BX Series : http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=fr&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.jp.onkyo.com%2Fpc%2Fnotebook%2Fbx407%2Finterface.htm

    And at 600 Euros on http://www.geekstuff4u.com/onkyo-bx-series.html

  24. kenneth says:

    i wish to buy a umid m2 ,i live in india ,how is it possible

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