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2010-08-09_19-29-18_983 The iPhone 4’s rear camera uses a back-illumined sensor which is designed to increase light capture, thus augmenting low-light performance. The camera was upgrade from the iPhone 3GS’s 3.2 MP to a 5 MP camera, and the camera is very capable in well lit settings. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to capture HD video (720p) at up to 30 FPS, which it does quite well, turning the iPhone 4 into a great always-with-you camera and camcorder. The camera captures in HD by default (1280×720) with no settings allowing for a change in quality or aspect ratio.

The single white LED flash is decently bright and situated to the right of the rear camera. The flash uses a Fresnel style lens to focus the light of the flash. The flash can be toggled On/Off/Auto right inside the Camera app. The flash tends to be much more useful as a flashlight than a picture-taking tool, and I doubt I’ll ever actually want it to be turned on unless there is something that I desperately want to take a picture of, but it’s too dark to do so. In semi-low-light shots, I’d rather just capture the native shot and bump to brightness up later with post-processing.

Here are a few unmodified shots taken with the iPhone 4’s camera, be sure to click for full size (excuse the cat theme, I have six!): IMG_1989 IMG_1801 IMG_1973 IMG_1986 IMG_1966 IMG_2553 IMG_1953 And here are two HD videos taken with the iPhone 4 (make sure you are watching in 720p):

If you are still interested in the iPhone 4’s camera, have a look at some additional coverage below:

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. chippy says:

    That notifications system is indeed strange. Well-managed background polling and then a mad scramble to find out what caused the notification!

  2. Will says:

    The notification system does indeed baffle me, i don’t need to be interupted and told i have lost network connection, it’s so annoying.

  3. logan says:

    good review. i love my new 4. facebook is great. the wifi and gps are great for my business and keeping in touch with my clients. great unlocked mobile phones. the facebook and camera are great for my family and keeps my kids busy on the road and on slow days. the web browser is really fun for my fantasy football it’s easy to navigate around. much better than my old unlocked blackberry phones. the processor is faster and the phone feels great, texting and emailing isn’t too bad for being a touch screen. got my cell phone unlock codes and phone unlocking for free as well!! got my last couple 4’s at unlockthatphone.com very happy with em.

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