Samsung Series 7 Slate is now the Samsung XE700. Pricing Drops, Pre Order Available. (US, EU)

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I love the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC, or should I say the Samsung EX700. It’s a work of amazing engineering and combines power, features, style and weight to make the first tablet PC I’ve really thought about buying. Core i5 performance in 860gm is something that reminds me of the top quality engineering that went into the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium.

It’s a true hot-desking device with mobility at its heart and when Windows 8 comes along, it will shine even brighter….unless you want a keyboard attached of course.

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Samsung told me that the XE700 will be available at the end of October and I’ve have some feedback from a distributor that it’s coming in early November so I’ve been looking out for prices. The first prices came in earlier this month at $1349. Recent prices bring that down by $200. Shocking, still, for iPad owners perhaps, but right on the mark for such a powerful and flexible device. In the USA the XE700 is showing up with 128GB, HSDPA and Windows Pro for 1149 at

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A-A05US 11.6-Inch Slate (128 GB, Win 7 Pro)

Performance test – Samsung Series 7 Slate

Specifications – XE700

Full specifications are in the database but let me highlight a few ups and downs. You’ve got the capacitive and digitizer layer, an included keyboard and docking station, Wi-Di capability, Fast-start with the included SSD and the 1366×768 resolution required as entry-level into Windows 8 tablet features. On the other hand there’s no USB3.0 and only a Micro SD slot which really should have been a finger-friendly full SD card slot don’t you think?

European specs and pricing are slightly different. Austrian retailers are listing a 64GB version with UMTS and Windows 7 Home Premium for around €1260 [Live pricing]

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  1. Elmstrom says:

    I should be getting mine soon :) (bought in US and shipped back to EU).
    Are you going to do a live review and stuff, been awhile since i participated in one of them.

  2. Di says:

    did u get it from ebay?

  3. Elmstrom says:

    No, bought it from a guy on
    If all goes well i should have it sometime late next week.

  4. Di says:

    thanks, so i see it was just one guy with one samsung slate for sale…i desperately what one too! but amazon doesntt ship to russia, and ebay wants huge price..darn it…any ideas how a russian girl can get it now? ))

  5. leungknw says:

    Samsung Series 7 Slate PC (Samsung XE700T) this model come with 3G connection, is this for 3G data only or 3G Voice (Cellular) mobile telephony capabilities?.
    I am curious if this will call regular phones/cell phones, Did you need to use a special software application to Make Voice Phone Calls?, Some demonstration on 3G Voice (Cellular) mobile telephony capabilities could be nice.

  6. hlov says:

    Hi Chippy,
    How is the battery life, I just got 2 hours from my ep121?

  7. nick says:

    Too big for a slate unless you like having joint problems. At this size, an ultrabook will be more efficient.

  8. zeo says:

    Size isn’t really a problem for your joints as much as weight, which this product does address with a thinner and lighter design than many traditional PC Slates, but PC Slates have traditionally been 11 to 14 inches in size and for Windows it’s still preferable to be in that size range for ease of use. Since Windows doesn’t automatically scale well on its own yet and things like multi-tasking are usually preferable on larger screens, along with being easier on the eyes.

    Besides, portable devices are in general not that great for physical ergonomics. Thus why it’s still preferable to do long periods of work on a desktop setup. Since there are always compromises involved with portable devices!

    The technology also has yet to reach the point that they can squeeze the performance of this product into anything smaller without significantly raising the price and reducing the run time to the less usable range with smaller batteries.

    Along with the general higher costs of making such products more ideal for long term portable usage. Such as having the option for swappable batteries, more durable designs, etc.

    Thus why you usually only see low power and low performance solutions for the smaller devices. So don’t judge on just size…

  9. joe says:

    There’s the not very ergonomic use of the tablet itself which will cause joint pains in your wrist and fingers.

  10. zeo says:

    True but that also depends on how you use it, all portable devices have compromises like the lack of proper ergonomics, but simply using a tablet doesn’t mean you will automatically develop pain.

    There are ways to comfortably use a tablet for long periods of time at home for example. It’s mainly while using them on the go that forces strain.

    Otherwise people can just use a stand or dock to use their tablet in a more ergonomic manner.

  11. Elmstrom says:

    Users reports battery time as 4 hours wifi video streaming and 6 hours one note.

  12. Chippy says:

    I measured a bit less than that but the device was hot and configured with all sorts rubbish! I expect a clean device to idle at 5w, surf at an average 10w and if pushed, go all the way up to 25w drain. So, anything between 8 and 2 hrs!

  13. leungknw says:

    did Samsung XE700 have A-GPS functions?

  14. Chippy says:

    Not to my knowledge.

  15. reverendo says:

    please correct the link to the page. It refers to a 64GB model, not a 128GB. It’s still on pre-order, BTW
    Where did you get the info that this product is being shipped with the keyboard, etc.? I couldn’t find that info on amazon. I’m asking because I’m seriously considering buying this device if it’s available until next week.
    best regards

  16. Chippy says:

    Samsung were very specific about shipping the keyboard and dock with the device when i spoke to them at IFA in Germany. Its possible that the US models are different I suppose.

  17. JB says:

    I bought one at the Microsoft store in Los Angeles almost two weeks ago. It is a pretty impressive machine, but the battery life was too short for me. Running streaming video over wifi, it lasted just about 4 hours. I was really hoping for somewhere between 5 and 6. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be returning it due to the battery life.

  18. reverendo says:

    that doesn’t sound good

  19. JB says:

    I know. I definitely had high hopes. I need to use Excel and keep a wifi connection at the same time. I turned off bluetooth and dimmed the display, but just couldn’t get it to last long enough. The form factor is great, and so is the stylus/input for OneNote (similiar to my old hp touchsmart). I’m not the most sophisticated user, though, so maybe others can figure out how to extend the battery life.

  20. Damian says:

    Series 7 slate now released down here in Australia, on display in quite a few retailers but the bad news – $1500! I landed one from Tiger Direct for $1000 so shopping for one OS is the go for Aussie tablet fans.

  21. Elmstrom says:

    Got my SS7 Slate, and can confirm that it goes 2 to 8 hours :). With wifi on and surfing the web its 4.5 – 5 hours. Idle with screen at minimum and wifi turned off it says 7:50 left. And one should be able to get more by turning off Bluetooth and webcams.

    It is a very nice machine, only problem is the screen not being “glued” enough. But i think that will be fixed in the EU version (since its delayed).

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