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Intel Could Succeed in the Android Market with HDRC

Posted on 31 March 2012

Back at IDF September, Intel and Google finally announced that they’d be working together to get Android up and running on x86 devices. While there were a number of Android-running x86 tablets and a smartphone prototype or two floating around IDF, it wasn’t immediately apparent what the major advantage of Android 0n x86 devices would be for your everyday consumer. In fact, it wasn’t even apparent exactly why any of […]

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Novatech nFinity Ultrabook on Offer in UK for £358 (Specs, Video) [Updated]

Posted on 28 March 2012

Ultrabook prices are falling fast. The Novatech nFinity 2367 Ultrabook is on offer in the UK for £358 before tax, with SSD storage. 18mm thin with SSD – You’ve got two of the most important Ultrabook specifications covered. There’s a 14” screen  too. The price is a UK pre-tax offer equating to around £430 after sales tax which smacks of great mainstream value. Where’s the catch?

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Why Discreet Graphics for Ultrabooks could be Counter-Productive

Posted on 27 March 2012

Calling all Ultrabook designers, manufacturers, OEMs. Putting discreet graphics in Ultrabooks is not going to help the Ultrabook and it may come back to bite you. Mainstream buyers don’t understand what it means, gamers aren’t interested, video editors use Apple rigs and that just leaves the niche market of mobile geeks that do a bit of gaming on the side, a big bunch of impressionable bloggers and anyone you can […]

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Sound-Off about the Ultrabook with Your Comments

Posted on 27 March 2012

Over the last 6 years of blogging I’ve been fortunate enough to have a well-focused and knowledgeable community associated with my sites. The comments on UMPCPortal articles are priceless nuggets of information and insight, Ultrabooknews has been the same. I want to thank you all for reading and contributing. I also want to offer you an easy way to feed back to me, to Intel and to the manufacturers. This […]

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Mobile Computing and the Stylus in 2012 — A Survey of PCs and Software

Posted on 27 March 2012

Last spring, I launched into a rant on my personal blog (due to some minor profanity, the linked-to article is labeled as not safe for work) over the way the tech media was labeling a lot of the activity that was going on in the tablet market. You see, back then, circa May 2011, the pockets of resistance against the iPad were beginning to fade, and people were starting to get it that this tablet […]

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Teso K116 Convertible ‘Ultrabook’

Posted on 26 March 2012

Unlikely to be a true Ultrabook but definitely part of a developing trend towards the convertible Ultrabook design is this Teso K116 ‘ultrabook’ spotted on Alibaba, the global trade portal, today by Netbooknews. The detachable screen is designed in a similar way to the relatively successful Asus Transformer.

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Balboa Pier Could Be the Next ‘Entry’ PC Platform from Intel, with In-House Graphics.

Posted on 23 March 2012

As Intel continue to craft Atom into the phone and tablet market it makes sense that they explore all avenues for the core. The ‘netbook’ wave is over but that doesn’t mean there aren’t spaces for Atom to be fitting into. Low cost and low power computing is one of them. Open-source computing is another and it looks like Intel is heading in all of these directions with the Balboa […]

Lesance NB S3431 / L Ultrabook Available in Japan for $725

Posted on 23 March 2012

‘Shocking thinness and price” says the advertising for the new Lesance NB S3431 Ultrabook.  While 19mm might not be a shock to anyone that reads Ultrabooknews, the price of $725 (59980 Yen) is pretty impressive. Yes, this is a Japan-only model (although expect it to reach other countries under other brands – this looks like one of the first 2nd-tier OEM Ultrabooks to hit the market) and the specs are […]

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Getting Things Done on the Kupa X11 Tablet PC

Posted on 23 March 2012

I’ve done some tests on the Kupa X11 and  just like they say, it’s possible to use it for up to 10 hours on battery. It’s impressive but what about getting things done on the Kupa X11? You can have all the battery life in the world but if you can’t use the device, it’s worth nothing. To test the real-world value of the Kupa X11 in terms of ‘getting […]


Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook Review (13.3″ NP530)

Posted on 22 March 2012

When the Ultrabook launched in June 2011, Samsung were ahead of the curve because the Series 9 had already launched into the thin and light space. It was expensive  but brought the best of Samsung’s engineering to the table in exactly the way the Ultrabook was to do just months later. Over time the price has come down so it was difficult to imagine how Samsung might fit a product […]

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Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook De-Tuned for Politeness?

Posted on 21 March 2012

I’ve just finished the main text for the full Samsung Series 5 13” Ultrabook review. It’s been a tough one. [Details, specs, gallery here, Review will be live tomorrow and linked on this page.] To all intents and purposes the Series 5 is a simple, unfussy and polite Ultrabook but there’s a lot going on under the hood. It’s a swan! Express Cache is doing it’s stuff to improve boot, […]

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Kupa X11 Unboxing Video and First Impressions – A True 10hr 1KG TabletPC

Posted on 20 March 2012

I’m looking back on UMPCPortal to see how long it’s been since we’ve had hands-on with a 1KG, ≤ 10”  PC…..In Sept 2011 we covered the MSI Windpad 120W which didn’t make it to market. There was also the Fujitsu TH40/D which also doesn’t seem to have made it to the market. I also had some hands-on with the new Gigabyte S1081 Windows tablet at CES (which I forgot to post […]

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