Dell Venue Range to Launch 1200 ET. Includes Dell Venue Pro 11

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The most popular video of the last month for us was that of the Dell Venue 8, soft-launched at IDF last month. OK, we got quite the exclusive on it but even so, of the four consumer-focused Baytrail-T tablets we’ve seen so far, it looks like it has the most professional edge to it.

At 1200 in New York today, Dell will be launching the full range of Dell Venue devices. It will include a new Dell Venue 11 Pro too. We haven’t reported on that yet, but take a look below. It’s a Core-based tablet that will go head-to-head with the Surface Pro 2 and the Sony Vaio Tap 11. Someone let the info slip before the event today. (Thx PcAdvisor. Story now offline until later.) We’re not party to any news under embargo or NDA’s so, here you have it… More info later.

Full Dell Venue 11 Pro specs
Full Dell Venue 8 Pro specs

Update: Another rumor suggests that the Dell Venue 11 will come with Atom options. We assume that’s Baytrail, and maybe not with the ‘Pro’ branding. [True. See specifications link above.]

Pro 8 Tablet with Thin Cover Keyboard and Stylus

Thx Peter, for the cached info.

Expect to see a few more Venue devices too! Here’s the Dell Venue 8 video.
See our database page for more information including [NEW!] full and official specifications.


Other Baytrail-T tablets we’re watching…

Toshiba Encore WT8 (Specs.)

ASUS T100 (Specs.)

Acer W4

13 Comments For This Post

  1. Osiris says:

    So as I understand it, their venue 11 range will be in baytrail or haswell varieties starting at $499. For that price though doesn’t sound like were getting a digitiser?

  2. Osiris says:

    I’m starting to think gen2 of win8 tablets is not looking inking friendly

  3. efjay says:

    Looks like they both have a digitizer pen as an option.

  4. Chippy says:

    We’ve added these to the database, with official specs…

  5. Luis says:

    I hear there’s a Pentium version. I assume the Bay Trail M N3510. I’d like to know if there are any upgradeable parts, if it’s fanless, the max RAM, weight with the keyboard/battery dock and it’s battery capacity (supposedly an “up to” 17 hours of battery life for probably the lowest power model).

    If I get this, I’ll get the keyboard/battery dock for sure since I plan on installing openSUSE on it. Maybe I’ll run Windows 8.1 in a VM.

  6. evozero says:

    finally, someone decided to put a digitizer into a small tablet. tried the acer w3 at a retail shop, and it was painful to use the full windows environment with just fingers

    hope dell doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for this. :)

  7. guy says:

    Honestly, I’d rather have an optical trackpad or a nub than an active digitizer. I especially don’t want it if there’s no slot or if it uses batteries. Of course, I don’t ink nor am I an artist.

  8. michae says:

    The Dell Pro 11 seems like a real contender; however, the Mobile Keyboard seems to have no ports – Big oversight in my opinion. Also, what are the implications of the chunky pen not being Wacom?

  9. Osiris says:

    The interesting thing is the move to small batteries by the oems. The Sony and now the dell both have greatly reduced batteries from their gen 1 brothers. Can probably get away with it for Baytrail but a haswell venue 11 isn’t going to be getting all day battery with jus the standard battery.

  10. evozero says:

    also spotted that the venue 8 pro doesn’t have a HDMI port. they add one thing, but take out another thing…

  11. Chippy says:

    I’ve updated the product database to match. WiDi is included so you can use a monitor, if you buy a $50 adaptor!

  12. Alex says:

    This is really great and a welcome contrast to the oversimplified, few SKU range that Apple and MS are pushing. Dell emphasizes choice here and that’s a goodthing: screen size 8 or 11, different keyboard setups, Atom-i5 processor range, RAM/HD choices, integrated 4G options – you name it. The build-to-order model they pioneered back in the 90s is showing its strenghts here.
    Still would love to see a nub on the side of the tablet but I doubt we’ll see that anywhere.
    I really like the click battery keyboard attachment that doesn’t require back support. A tablet that can’t be used on a lap with keyboard is completely useless to me (see Vaio Tap 11).

  13. Lafester says:

    They mention that these are available for the public look at in NYC… anyone know where exactly?

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