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Asus ASUSPRO Advanced BU201, 12.5", 1270gm
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit available as an option / second license. Opens out to 180 degrees. maximum 12GB RAM. 4200 mAh battery. TPM chip. Also available with Core i7.
Tainell T500, 5.0", 450gm
Expected to be ready for local markets (Asia) in Sept/Oct 2009
Inkia 500, 4.8", 350gm
Available in the China market and through importers.
Viliv X70 EX, 7.0", 660gm
Also available in 1.3Ghz version with 32GB SSD (EX Premium) and with 3G module (EX Premium Air)
E-King i1, 4.8", 500gm
Available now.
ASUS Eee PC T91, 9.0", 980gm
Presented at CES 2009 and available as of summer 2009. Has convertible touchscreen and multitouch mouse pad with non-removable battery. Latest version (T91MT) has multi-touch screen and ships with Windows 7 Home Premium for about a $70 premium.
Lluon Mobbit, 4.8", 375gm
Announced Dec 2008. Due for launch in Korea, Jan 2009. 16GB SSD option. Wibro built-in.
Clarion MiND, 4.8", 323gm
Designed mainly for in-car use, the Clarion Mind has a well-developed user interface and accessory set. Preloaded with maps of the entire United States and Canada. Includes the usual set of Intel MID apps such as Firefox, RealPlayer and other applications.
Wibrain i1 HSDPA, 4.8", 500gm
Expected in October with disk and SSD options (30 or 60Gb HDD and 16/32 SSD Wibrain are also looking into a 64GB SSD option)
USI MID-160, 5.0", 200gm
OEM details shown. Some details may change when the final retail product is ready.
Pricing and availability unknown at this stage.
Viliv S5, 4.8", 395gm
Expected in March 2009 for US market (Feb for Korea) 3G oversion to follow up shortly afterwards. (Targeted at EU market.) All models based on 1.3Ghz CPU. Some versions have 1024x600 screen. HDD options are 30 or 60GB HDD.
Wibrain i1, 4.8", 500gm
Expected in early 2009 (production was delayed from late 2008) With disk and SSD options. (30 or 60Gb HDD and 16/32 SSD Wibrain are also looking into a 64GB SSD option)
Digifriends MID, 4.8"
Specifications taken from Digifriends USA website where the device may be sold as a Wimax-enabled tablet.
Digifriends have a range of snap-in accessories including a keyboard, loudspeaker plate and additional battery.
Lenovo Ideapad U8 (U8), 4.8"
Limited availability in Asia.
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