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A grown-up Nokia N810 with 3G, slightly larger screen and a much more powerful processor for both internet and video playback should provide a much faster and more complete desktop internet experience. Browser based on Firefox 3.0 engine. Operating system based on Intel Moblin (Linux) with a tailored user interface. If the pricing is attractive, we expect these to be very popular.

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Gigabyte MID M528 Specifications

Manufacturer Gigabyte
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Model name MID M528
Model id M528
CPU Intel Atom products
CPU speed 800 Mhz
Graphics Intel GMA 500 info.
OS Linux (Moblin core)
Display Size
4.8" 800 X 480
RAM 512 MB
SSD 3.9 GB
Battery capacity 11 Wh
Weight (Minimum) 340gm / 0.75 pounds
Size 152/80/23.0 mm
Size 6/3.1/0.9 inches
Physical Interfaces
USB 2.0
SD slot (Micro)
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
GPS Antenna socket
Mini USB 2.0 (client)
Wireless Interfaces
Additional Specs and Accessories (can vary)
Front and rear cameras
Mono speaker
Product Notes
Both Aigo and Gigabyte have shown a version of this device at CES 2008. Expected to be available at the end of June 2008. Also available without the 3G module and with 8GB Flash memory.

Gigabyte MID M528 alternatives

UMID mbook SE, 4.8 inch, 366 grams (0.81 lbs)
Inkia 500, 4.8 inch, 350 grams (0.77 lbs)
Lluon Mobbit, 4.8 inch, 375 grams (0.83 lbs)
Clarion MiND, 4.8 inch, 323 grams (0.71 lbs)
With the relatively small battery, this is a MID that can't be used for long periods away from the charger but could enhance the in-car experience beyong simple navigation and mp3 playback.
Viliv S5, 4.8 inch, 395 grams (0.87 lbs)
Very nice pocketable PMP-style device with excellent battery life, near-desktop speed browsing and high-end media capabilities. GPS is also included which enables an all-in-one navigation package. The on-screen keyboard uses haptic feedback to improve the experience although it`s not as good as a real keyboard in our opinion. We would have liked to have seen a media slot and an external mic as this has potential as a mobile Skype client.
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