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Free 4th-Gen Core-Optimised Software Packs to Give Away


WP_20131112_21_17_34_ProTo promote our Facebook channel we’ve got some software packs to give away.

We’ve got three great software packs to give away on our Facebook page. Each pack includes full versions of (although we haven’t checked all of them)…
Grid 2, Music Creator 6, A Realm Reborn, movavi, iRacing, Photomizer, after-mouse, Soduku Touch, domino touch, paint touch, quiz touch, planet touch, Alchemy, ShowBiz, Total Media Theatre, Snap 6, Synth Master Pro, Comic Director, Cyberlink Director Suite, Photo Director 4, Color Director, Audio Director, Power Director 11, Clinispace Battlecare, Pudding Panic, MusicMaker, Music Maker Jam, Chess, Winter Game Fantasy, Crazy Talk 7, SnapTip, Beatbuddy, Voxcribe, Zemana.

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Competition : Intel PUSH for Ultrabook

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Intel have launched a new Ultrabook competition. It’s simple,  fun and is open to a number of countries around the world. Push, and you could win one of 27 Ultrabooks.


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Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 4 – Four Minutes of Minority Report

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7 teams are competing in the Ultimate Coder Challenge where showcase applications are being built for a Lenovo Yoga 13 to demonstrate the Intel Perceptual Computing hardware.

I’m involved with the judging of the Ultimate Coder event and every week you’ll find an update from me as I analyze the teams progress. This is week 4 and this week there are some great videos, interesting artwork, honesty and a ton of coding to enjoy. Some, however, are still to incorporate any use of gesture control in their apps. Do they have time?

You can find all our Ultimate Coder posts here

Our Ultrabook software developer resources are here

All our Perceptual Computing posts here

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Win an Ultrabook – 6 Chances

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It seems there are a lot of Ultrabook giveaways going on at the moment. Three passed my twitter timeline a few minutes ago so I thought I’d search for some more and link them up for you. Most of these will be US-only offers. If you’ve spotted anything in your country, or are running a promotion, drop the information in the comments.


All the current competitions we know about are listed below. Don’t shoot the messenger if they’re not in your location or have finished already!

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 4 – “Feature-Freeze” on the Horizon

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It’s week 4 of the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge competition where 6 teams are competing for $10K. We’re meeting all of the coders and other judges next week so if you have specific questions, leave them below and I’ll put them to the coding teams. Meanwhile, read about touch UI design, NFC breakthroughs and Windows 8 app monetization.

You can track latest posts from all competitors and all judges here.

Intel Touchscreen Ultrabook

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 2 – Moving through UI design

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The coding teams competing for $10000 have just completed week 2 of the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge and have all posted their updates. I’ve also received my developer preview Ultrabook with touch and sensors! Read my thoughts about the competition at this stage and view the video below.

Intel Touchscreen Ultrabook (4)   Static Web banner_300x250

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 1 – Developers Kick-Off with Hardware and Software Ideas

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Static Web banner_300x250All 6 teams have now revealed what software they will be working on over the next 6 weeks for the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge and the chance to win $10,000. We’ll be following their progress which we hope includes methodology, tips and demonstrations. During September we’ll be meeting the developers and later in September we’ll be judging all entries on a next generation touch and sensor enabled Ultrabook.

The Coders already have the Ultrabooks so we’ve also got our first chance to take a closer look at the hardware.

You can see a summary of what’s happening in the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge at any time by visiting this Intel portal.


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The Intel Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge is here!

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6 teams of developers have been recruited to do something special, with a very special Ultrabook. The Intel Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge has just kicked off and I’m extremely happy to say that I’m one of the judges who has to test all the software on a next-generation touch-enabled Ultrabook.

Static Web banner_300x250

Over the next 6 weeks myself and three other experts will be watching closely and reporting on the progress of the 6 coding participants/teams; Lee, John, George & Suresh, Sagar, Shailesh and Andreas. One of them is going to win a bunch of cash but whatever happens, we’re going to get some good insights into the process and the type of software that is possible on a touch-enabled Ultrabook.

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Develop a Web App, Win one of 5 Ultrabooks!

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We’ve given you a heads up (or two) about Intel’s AppUp application store wanting to expand into Ultrabooks. It’s a move that could even see some synergy in the Windows 8 Metro UI [Tenuous, Insider] and could be a serious earner for both Intel and developers but it needs seeding. That’s why Intel are offering prizes. In this case $250 for a Web app submission and and five chances to win an Ultrabook.

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