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Two New Lenovo Yoga 11S ‘Mini Ultrabook’ Promo Videos

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There are two Ultrabooks in the wings that get more search hits than any other Ultrabook on the Ultrabooknews website at the moment – the Lenovo Thinkpad Helix and the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11S. The 11S gets a few more promotional videos today so at least we know it’s still coming, but when, at what price, what battery life and what performance. There’s so much unknown at the moment so let’s take a closer look.

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Latest specifications, an image set, videos and comment on the Lenovo 11S is always available in our product database.

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Confirmed: Lenovo Yoga 11s uses New Low-Power Core i3 at 1.4Ghz (Plus Video Hands-On)

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Now we know why Lenovo didn’t release an 11” Yoga with Core inside…they were waiting for cooler CPUs which confirms our suspicions yesterday.

The new Lenovo Yoga 11S seen at CES yesterday has been confirmed to have a Core i3-3229Y CPU running at 1.4Ghz. That’s the same clock and CPU power as the early Core i3 Sandy Bridge Ultrabooks in 2011 and just about half of the max performance you can get out of a Core i5 which can Turbo for short periods to 2.7/2.8Ghz.

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