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Lenovo Ideatab Lynx Keyboard Dock First Impressions (Updated)

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My son would like to introduce you to the Lenovo Ideatab Lynx keyboard Dock which completes the Ideatab Lynx order I placed last week. I’ve already put an early review out for the tablet but the review won’t be complete until I’ve spent some time with the keyboard.

The unit cost 150 Euro and includes keyboard, mouse, 2xUSB 2.0 and a micro-USB charging port.

This article has been updated after an extended testing session. See [update] sections below.

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Dell Latitude 10 ‘Essentials’ has Flexible Accessory Range


It was spotted at CES last week but Dell’s PR company in Germany have just sent us official information on the new Dell Latitude 10 in ‘basic’ configuration form. It might be ‘basic’ but the accessory range make it appear very flexible.

Dell Latitude 10_1 prevDell Latitude 10_2 prevDell Latitude 10_3 prev

The latitude 10 in ‘standard’ configuration has been around on the Clovertrail platform since late 2012 and comes with a digitizer layer. The ‘basic’ Latitude 10 doesn’t have the digitizer layer (and a few more features, see below) but the price goes right down to $499 Euros (post tax. We believe you’ll see this for $499 pre-tax in the USA.)

While there’s no docking keyboard for the latitude 10, it does have a range of interesting accessories. The keyboard case/stand reminds us of those we saw with the Samsung Q1 back in 2007. The docking port, looks something like OQO would have produced back in the same timeframe!

Corning Gorilla Glass and a magnesium frame ensure that the Dell Latitude 10 is relatively rugged even in this basic version; There’s no change here compared to the high-end Latitude 10.

Other differences between the ‘essentials’ and standard Latitude 10: No removable battery (and no extended battery.) No LED flash. No micro-USB for charging. No micro-HDMI. No TPM.No UMTS option.

The docking station offers USB ports (1Xfront, 3Xrear), headphones, HDMI and Ethernet. We’re not sure if these services are offered through USB converters in the docking station. (E.g. via a DisplayLink adaptor for the HDMI.) The KeyFolio Expert case offers a Kensington Bluetooth keyboard but, as far as we can see, no mouse so you’ll have to rely on the touschscreen. Without the digitizer pen, that could be a little tricky for some operations.

Weight of the tablet is 649gm. Screen is 1366×768 10 inch and there are 32GB and 64GB storage options. (64GB is 50 euro extra and available now in Germany.)

Via Dell Germany. More information here.

ASUS VariDrive – Display and DVD Dock in Zenbook Style

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Until WiGig docks take off next year the only thing Ultrabook users can use are the USB3.0 docks that are available from Toshiba, Lenovo and others. The problem with those is that they were designed for bigger laptops and assume you’ve already got a DVD drive. The ASUS VariDrive solves that problem.


Gigabit Ethernet, Dual display outputs, USB3.0 hub and DVD drive in one. The only thing that is missing is an analogue audio in and out port for those Skype headphones.

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HP Envy X2 CloverTrail Tablet Shipping Late December

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According to a couple of online source the HP Envy X2 should start shipping soon. An offer starting in Japan today promises delivery starting from the 27th December (some reports say 21st) and in Germany a couple of retailers have listed the same timeframe.


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Acer Iconia W510 Win 8 Tablet gets 7/10 and 16hrs in Full Test

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At 499 Euro, including docking station and up to 18hrs battery life, the Acer Iconia W510 CloverTrail tablet (32GB) is somewhat of a bargain in Europe. Price and positioning is different in the USA but you can still get the tablet with 64GB storage for $599. It’s also the lightest Windows 8 PC in the world which makes it pretty interesting for mobile users. I took a closer look at the device in an article recently but today I was able to read through a full review from the good people at Tabtech.de. The original is in German but I’ve pulled out some of the important data for you.




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Samsung ATIV SmartPC 500T Keyboard Dock Review

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Hector, a UMPCPortal reader, has sent us a review of the Samsung Ativ PC 500T keyboard dock. Don’t forget to subscribe to Hectors YouTube channel here. Follow him on Twitter here and check out his blog here. Thanks Hector!


The Samsung ATIV XE500T has been somewhat a bit hard to find in-stock, that goes for other Clover Trail devices that we were supposed to see released in October. I was able to get a hold of the ATIV keyboard dock which again  has been in short supply at the moment. The keyboard dock works great, but not without some cons. Read-on for the review, images and a review video.

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How I Learned To Love the Atom. Samsung Smart PC XE500T Review

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Reviewed by Osiris
Many thanks to Osiris for the review which was sent to us a few days ago. Osiris is a Samsung ATIC SmartPC owner and has submitted this review as a guest post.

For the last decade I have had an on-going, on and off again, love-hate relationship with Windows based tablets. Some of these tablets have included and spanned hefty Windows XP tablets, tiny Vista based tablets right through to modern more effective Windows 7 tablets. Despite these varieties and many more shapes and sizes, typically over this time the same limits have persistently dogged these tablets; poor battery life, heavy weight, poor performance and high niche pricing. In many instances the latter two were forgivable; however trying to use a tablet for day to day, study or business purposes with the first two deficiencies makes it an uphill – and often – inconvenient battle. With the advent of Windows 8 another era of hope and optimism dawns over the Windows tablet landscape. Promises of light devices providing all day battery, choices of performance at all levels and a true windows experience in a mobile platform abound. I am familiar with these promises from almost every generation of Windows tablets since their inception, the question is could this year finally be the year it all comes true? The short answer is Yes…but we are still in an era of compromise, this goes for all tablets.Keep that in mind as I will speak more about that at the end although without further delay let’s get into looking at our first Atom clover trail based Windows 8 tablet, the Samsung Smart PC.

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Velocity Micro VMUltra Drive offers DVD/HDD/USB/SD all-in-one

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The Velocity Micro VMUltraDrive looks like the perfect desktop companion for your Ultrabook.


If you’re using an Ultrabook on the desk I advise taking a look at your setup. How many cables are you pugging in and out each day? Do you have two 1080p screens for the best productivity and have you got an external HDD linked-up for the new Windows 8 feature – File History? This combi HDD/DVD and USB3.0 hub could really help with that modular desktop setup.

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Tarox Ultrabooks Highlight Desktop Capability

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bilddetail (1)

Tarox, a German company catering to business IT needs, has launched a new Ultrabook with a spin. The Tarox Modula Ultrabook comes without a touchscreen! No, we jest. What they’ve actually done is paired up a USB 3.0 docking station in order to show the Ultrabooks desktop capabilities. We can certainly support that.

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Analyzing the Acer W510, The Worlds Lightest Windows 8 PC…For Now.

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Starting from 9th November in the US you’ll be able to buy a Windows 8 PC, a full Windows 8 PC, that weighs just 1.27lb / 658gm – lighter than the good old handheld ultra mobile PC favorite, the Viliv X70EM and lighter than any full-size iPad.  The Acer Iconia W510, part of the Acer Iconia W5 Series, runs a dual-core 1.5Ghz Clover Trail CPU with turbo boost to 1.8Ghz, a newer GPU, 32BG of solid-state storage, an optional keyboard dock, a claimed 9hrs of battery life and a 1366×768 IPS multitouch capacitive touchscreen. The Viliv X70EX started at about $600/ The Acer Iconia W510 starts at $499. In Europe you’ll get the dock thrown in for a total of 500 Euro.

Let’s take a closer look at the W510 and think about what it says about the state of ultra mobile PCs in 2012

Acer Iconia Tab W510

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CloverTrail Smartbooks Start Tomorrow

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Surface is out and the reviews are in. Most reviewers seem impressed; Many worry about the  lack of apps.

From tomorrow you’ll be able to fill that app-gap with a product sector that I’m more excited about than a Chromebook on ARM, a Nexus 7 3G or a convertible Ultrabook.

Atom-based PCs don’t exactly bring up images of advanced computing but since the netbooks died a few important things have happened. A very new and very advanced power engine, a new operating system and a break-out from the rather restrictive specifications, prices constraints and designs of the simple netbook category.

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Make Your Own Modular Docking Station

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Thunderbolt docks: expensive. WiGig docks: Not until 2013. Proprietary docks: Seldom seen on consumer laptops. USB3.0 solutions – cheap and available.

If you want to use your Ultrabook, or any recent laptop on the desk, there’s a lot of options talked about, but not much available. You’re left with plugging in that HDMI, the keyboard and mouse, DVD drive, network cable and speakers every morning. Every time you want to use the laptop away form the desk you have to go through the same procedure. It costs time, is annoying and kills those connectors. Following up from my review of the Toshiba Dynadock U3, a USB3.0 docking system, I thought I’d try to build the same myself for USB3.0 components. Here’s the modular USB3.0 docking station…

2012-09-23-0767  2012-09-23-0798

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