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Test: Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M 10” Touchscreen Netbook.

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Over the last 48hrs I’ve been focusing on the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M that has been sent over by Mobilx. 48hrs isn’t a long time but having done the unboxing, a full 3hr live test (recording) with viewer feedback (thanks to the 500+ people that dropped in during the live session) and Q&A along with a full 2-day use as my main PC, I feel that I’m a position to be able to give you the highs and lows.

The Touchnote is a device that falls between, or rather overlaps, the netbook, tabletPC and notebook categories and I have to say, I’m quite impressed with it. It’s a very unique and enjoyable device with some excellent features and very few issues.

T1028M 046 T1028M 044

T1028M 029 T1028M 016

The images above sum up some of the features that make it unique. Convertible screen, touch layer and 3G-ready. The Touchnote follows in the steps of the M912M, the 8.9 inch convertible and in my opinion, fixes all the problems that existed with that device.

Let me quickly run down the main points of note.

  • Intel Atom 1.6Ghz ‘netbook’ platform with 1GB RAM and Windows XP Home.
  • Large, relatively fast 2.5 inch SATA drive. (61 / 57 MB/s read/write) split into two (80/65GB) partitions with an additional recovery partition.
  • Quite and cool operation (an important improvement over the M912M)
  • Average 3.25hrs online, active battery life. (about 30 minutes improvement over the M912)
  • Minimum 2.5hrs online batter life with high screen brightness and 3G connectivity.
  • Maximum 4hrs battery life (50% screen brightness, radios off)
  • Solid screen hinge (better than the M912)
  • BT 2.1 and Draft-N wireless support
  • Good quality on-screen control panel
  • Device-off battery indicator
  • Expresscard/34 slot
  • Easy access to Wifi and spare PCI-Express-MINI slots, RAM and disk.
  • Pre-wired antenna (good quality) and SIM card slot.
  • Multi-touch mouse pad (Elantech)
  • 3xUSB, VGA, 4-in-one memory card slot, Ethernet, mic and headphone ports
  • Bright LED backlit screen with soft touch layer (great for finger operation, not great for handwriting input)
  • Touch driver has basic built-in swipe-gesture support for Pg-Up, Pg-Down forward and back.
  • Speakers loud. Reasonable (WRT netbooks) quality
  • Glossy screen will be an annoyance for outdoor use. (see image below)
  • Overall build quality good (no creaking plastic. finishing good.)
  • Uses lightweight power supply unit at 12VDC
  • A two-pocket neoprene ‘hand’bag’ is included.
  • Spare batteries are well-priced. 6-cell battery (150% capacity) is available.

T1028M 062
Medion Akoya (same as MSI Wind) next to Gigabyte Touchnote showing slightly larger form factor and glossy screen.

Full Gigabyte Touchnote Gallery available in the gallery.

The Touchnote has been loaned to UMPCPortal by Mobilx who are also taking advantage of the built-in SIM slot, easy PCI-Express Mini slot access and, unique for any device I know of, pre-wired antenna. I’ve done 3G upgrades in the past but antenna reception has always been an issue. With the Touchnote, Gigabyte take all the worry away. The reception on the antenna is excellent. For the first time ever on any device, including a smartphone, that I have owned, I was able to get UMTS connectivity in my cellar studio!

T1028M 053 T1028M 003 T1028M 020

T1028M 035 T1028M 022 T1028M 014

CrystalMark performance test.

In order to highlight the disk performance I’ve run through the CrystalMark 2003 performance test. The result of over 28000 is one of the best I’ve seen for a stock netbook and is attributable to the disk which really does make a noticeable difference in operation.



The Touchnote offers a lot more than the average netbook and offers significant improvements over the groundbreaking M912M that came before it. Convertible touchscreen, draft-n WiFi, BT2.1, fast 2.5 inch drive, easy upgrade possibilities, Expresscard/34 and the well-prepared SIM card and 3G Antenna are a a feature set you won’t find on any other device. The glossy screen and average battery life are really the only two points I could highlight as issues. Oh, and perhaps the fact that an advanced N280-based model is coming soon! Currently Gigabyte stands alone in offering a 10 inch touchscreen notebook at this price point but they may not have the playground to themselves for long. The ASUS T101H is an obvious competitor and many will be laboring over the choice between the two. Until we get hands-on with the T101H we won’t be able to make a decision but until then, we can certainly say that the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M is a unique, good value and well thought-out choice in both the prosumer end of the netbook market and the budget notebook market.

Price approx 480 Euro (export price. European price including tax, approx 580 Euros)
More information, specs, links and images in the Touchnote product page. Compare similar, popular devices here.

Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M Unboxing.

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IMG_8486 As planned, the Gigabyte T1028M Touchnote turned up from Mobilx today and the unboxing is already done and dusted. I had done quite a lot of homework before unboxing so I’ve not had any surprises or major let-downs yet although I really do like to see more than 3hrs on the working clock with battery life and so far, the T1028M is steady at about 2.5hrs working time. [Update: I’m seeing a regular 3.25hrs now in normal wifi usage and the Gigabyte ‘Normal’ battery mode] The SATA disk is fast (61/56 MB/s R/W max) and the touch is working nicely. The pre-installed 3G (a Mobilx option using the built-in SIM card and antenna) is working really nicely.  Noise and heat is definitely improved over the M912 although some fan noise remains. Keyboard is slightly wider than an MSI Wind U100 / Akoya Mini.

Don’t forget the live overview and Q&A session tonight on the LIVE page. JKK and Sascha will be joining for a podcast at 2030 and then we’ll get into a bit of Touchnote testing at about 2130 (CEST, Berlin time) I’ll have a full hands-on first impressions write up on the 9th April (tomorrow as I write this)

The YouTube version of the unboxing is shown below but if the HQ version isn’t available, the original (and MPEG-4, both downloadable) versions are at Blip.tv.

For more information and links for the Gigabyte Touchnote, see the product information page.

The Gigabyte Touchnote has been provided by Mobilx.eu

10” Netbook Double-Bill. Live Q&A, video walkthrough with Dell Mini 10 and Gigabyte T1028M

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Tonight, 07 April, 2130 CEST:

JKK just announced on twitter that he’ll be going live with the DELL Inspiron MINI 10 this evening (2130 Berlin time /CEST) I’ll be there too, as will our podcasting buddy and netbook king, Sascha. Go to http://www.jkkmobile.com/live and you’ll find video, live chat between JKK, Sascha and myself and a live text-chat session for everyone to ask questions in. Naturally JKK will be recording the session too. For a sneak preview, check out his unboxing video that’s just gone up.

Tomorrow, 08th April, 2100 CEST (approx):

We’re aiming for a live MeetMobility podcast recording which will be followed by an exclusive live look at the Gigabyte T1028M touchscreen convertible tablet that’s on it’s way over from Mobilx. That session will also appear on https://www.umpcportal.com/live.

Stay tuned to twitter for late announcements: Check or follow: JKKMobile and Chippy

Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M. Manual highlights.

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The Gigabyte T1028M Touchnote is likely to be here on Wednesday this week (thanks Mobilx) which means the live session, as stipulated in the bloggers lawbook, will have to be on Wednesday evening rather than Thursday or Friday as I mentioned before. Keep watching though as I’ll be updating on the delivery status. In preparation, I’ve been checking out detailed specifications, updating the product page and looking at some downloads which include the manual [PDF Link. Other links have been added to the link-list.]

Stand-out specs for me are the fast, 160GB SATA disk (power drain may be high on it though,) Draft-N Wifi support, Bluetooth 2.1 support, 4 or 6-cell battery options and pre-wired 3G antenna (according to Mobilx.) It’s almost a bonus that it’s got a swivel touchscreen! I also note that it’s got an ElanTech SmartPad which should have multi-touch support. I’ve been trying to find another netbook with draft-N, Bluetooth 2, multi-touch pad, battery options and a SATA drive but I can’t find one yet.

The unit comes with handwriting recognition software called ‘Pen Power’ although this appears to be focused towards Chinese input. There’s also a smart manager UI:


Note the inclusion of easy screen rotation and an on-screen keyboard. (Likely to be the XP built-in OSK)

…and there a nice battery check feature that you can use when the device is off.


Overall it looks like there are some very interesting features on the T1028M so I’m looking forward to checking it out and taking it to Amsterdam with me next week. I’ve updated the specifications and added a couple of videos to the product info page so check it out for the latest.

Gigabyte Touchnote CrystalMark score shows fast disk.

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Don’t get too excited yet as the T1028M needs a good testing session (planned for Wed or Thursday. Keep watching.) before we mark it up on the shortlist but these early CrystalMark results, just in from Mobilx, indicate a very fast hard drive. It’s a 160G SATA drive.

We saw an impressive 26500 on the Gigabyte M912M so to reach nearly 28000 with the same CPU/GPU platform means the disk is even faster under this test condition.


Full specifications in the product page.

Gigabyte Touchnote En-Route for Live session and Review.

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touchbookI had a nice update call from Mobilx this morning where we talked about a number of things. MBook, Aigo and Mifi were discussed (more about those later in the week) but top of the list was the Gigabyte Touchnote shipment which has almost reached Mobilx HQ.

Mobilx have already confirmed easy 3G upgrade possibilities and appear to be impressed with the improvement in quality over the M912. Price is set at around 560 Euros.

As soon as the Touchbook hits the ground at Mobilx HQ it’s being forwarded to us for testing so i’ve reserved Thursday and Friday (European) evenings for a live session. Stay tuned to twitter to keep up with the latest info about the live session. I’ll also post an article here with the final announcement.

Keep up to date with specs and links in the Touchnote product page.

P.S. If you’re at TheNextWeb conference in Amsterdam next week, i’ll have the Touchnote with me and will be happy to let you check it over.

Gigabyte T1028 ‘Touchbook’ First Report Looks Good.

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gigabyte_1 When I think back to the M912, Gigabyte’s first touchscreen netbook, I think about fast hard drive speed, a fun form factor and easy upgrade capability. Unfortuinately I also think about the noise and heat. [M912 Video]

Read the full story

Gigabyte T1028M TouchNote price, availability.


Mobilx have just informed us that they’ve got a sample Gigabyte T1028M TouchNote in and have already upgraded with 3G because the antenna is pre-wired. There’s also a pre-enabled SIM card slot.


They also have prices. The T1028M will come in at 573 Euro (inclusive tax) and is expected to ship out in about 5 weeks.

mobilx webshop – Gigabyte T1028M TouchNote.

Prices are also up for the S1024 Thinnote, the 890g lightweight 10″ netbook. 528 Euro inclusive European taxes.

For more info, check out Mobilx. We’ll get these devices in the database ASAP

All three 10″ Gigabyte Netbooks are now in the database. T1028M S1024 Thinnote M1022 Booknote Thanks Brett.

Weekly netbook roundup 3/23

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Welcome to this week’s netbook roundup. In this space every Monday I’ll highlight netbook news items that might not need their own individual posts but may still be interesting.

  • Rumor: Verizon and HP Readying Subsidized Netbooks – Cheap netbooks due to subsidizes from cell phone carriers are fairly common outside the US, but it seems like HP might be teaming up with Verizon to offer a discount on a netbook if the consumer wants to start a Verizon contract. If this comes to fruition, we’ll probably see a USB WWAN card offered with the netbook, but I think most of us are hoping for a more elegant internal solution.

Gigabyte M10xx series Netbook Images. M1024 Video

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We spent some time with Gigabyte this morning and although there were no UMPCs or MIDs (Gigabyte have removed the M528 from the European/US markets) we took time to check out the details of the new M10xx Netbooks. They look like a good improvement on the M912 series. The keyboard is a whole lot better and the screen fills the frame to make it look more attractive. The Thinnote (M1024) is especially interesting as it’s coming in under 1KG. JKK has a video of The 1024 online so pop over to see that. Here are some of the images that I’ve uploaded to the Gallery.

IMG_8061 IMG_8060 IMG_8062

IMG_8057 IMG_8056 IMG_8054
More in the Gallery

Weekly Netbook Roundup 3/2

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Welcome to this week’s netbook roundup. In this space every Monday I’ll highlight netbook news items that might not need their own individual posts but are still be interesting.

  • Dell Mini 10 dissected — Dell support released a guide for disassembling the Dell Mini 10 [Portal page]. Looks like there are some PCI-e slots which will be good for modding, but RAM is soldered to the mobo which will make it very hard for users to do RAM upgrades.

  • HP Promises a Fix for Mini 1000 Webcam Woes — HP acknowledges that there is an issue with the HP Mini 1000’s webcam and says that there will be a method to fix it. Apparently the film over the webcam has a lower reflectivity than it should.

  • Gigabyte M1022 netbook has a cool dock — Jkk shows us a pretty slick looking dock for the Gigabyte M1022 which has VGA out, USB slots, and some other ports. It’s nice to see a dock for a netbook, but I hope the base is heavy so the netbook isn’t easily knocked over!

  • Dell Mini 10 Netbook Officially Available: $399 — The Dell Mini 10 becomes officially available in the US for $399.

  • How to fix the dark webcam on the HP Mini 1000 — Liliputing links us to a new video (after the one taken down) that will show you how to remove the film over the HP Mini 1000’s camera, improving brightness.

  • First look at the new slim Acer Aspire One — It looks like Acer is planning yet another 10 inch Aspire One, despite the fact that their latest update has just recently been released.

Weekly Netbook Roundup 2/23

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It’s that time again. Lets have a look at some interesting netbook content from this week.

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