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Video Overview – Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook

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Sascha Pallenberg reacts exactly as we did when we first saw the Dell Inspiron 14z. Is it really an Ultrabook?

Dell Inspiron 14z (1)

In terms of specs, it does appear to fit inside the Ultrabook definition and taking a view from the mainstream laptop world, it’s also fits quite nicely. Maybe we’re getting too used to thin and light devices already.

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Dell Inspiron Duo – Close-Up Demo Video

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The Duo is looking very very close to production so official specs should be out soon. 1024×600 capacative screen, docking station, N550 Atom CPU and other specs should be confirmed soon. Here’s another video (see a demo of the swivel mechanism) I got of the Duo this afternoon at the Intel AppUp Elements event in San Francisco.

Dell Inspiron Duo – Conversion Demo

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I’m in a session at AppUp Elements with Dell and this is what they just showed us.  Nice trick!

Dell Inspiron Duo details now in the database.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 product page now up in the Portal

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We’ve added the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook to our comprehensive Product Portal as well as added a gallery of press shots. I’m looking forward to the Mini 10 and interested to see how it ranks on the Portal’s popularity charts.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Portal page

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 gallery

Dell Mini 10 finally goes official for the US; hits February 26th

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dell mini 10

While the Mini 9 [Portal page] was pretty standard fare as far as netbooks good, the upcoming Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (which Engadget had some hands-on time with at CES) throws us a few welcomed curve-balls. Dell has finally made it official for the US and the Mini 10 will be available for purchase on February 26th.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Mini 10 and here are a few reasons why:

  • True widescreen — 16:9 aspect ratio (10.1″)
  • Macbook-esque botton+trackpad… trackpad — The entire trackpad clicks down and functions like the mouse button
  • Custom multi-touch gesture support (via the trackpad)
  • GPS + WWAN
  • HDMI out port
  • WiFi B/G/N

The official page from Dell also tells us of some upcoming options

    • HD capabilities – Enjoy your favorite movies on the optional 720p Hi-def 10.1¨ seamless display.
    • More Storage – Do even more with optional 2GB memory and optional 250GB hard drive.
    • Navigation – Know your way like the back of your hand using the optional GPS with optional internal WWAN support.
    • Design Studio – Personalize your Mini 10 with cool designs from the artist, Tristen Eaton, in Dell’s Design Studio.
    • Long battery life – No need to sacrifice weight for battery life. The Inspiron Mini 10 provides extended battery life while keeping the weight of the system under 3 pounds. 3-cell: approx. 3 hours. 6-cell: approx. 6.5 hours.
    • The New TV – Watch your favorite TV shows with the internal digital TV tuner.

I’m most excited about the screen which will be able to support native 720p HD (1280×720) content with its 16:9 screen; I just hope the hardware is up to the task of playing that caliber of video!


Pick up a Dell Mini 9 for $299 after Thanksgiving

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Asus was the first to offer a quality notebook down in the sub-$300 range and it looks like Dell is following their example. Apparently a leaked advertisement shows that Dell will be offering the Inspiron Mini 9 [Portal page] netbook for just $299 on Black Friday. The most likely thing that you will find is the lowest end model which is configured with an 8GB SSD, 512MB of RAM, and Ubuntu as the OS (check the Portal page for additional specs). Buying a model that is configured with those specs today would run to $349. Happy shopping!


Inspiron Mini 9 3G and SSD info

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Jkk has uncovered some additional information regarding the type of SSDs used in the Mini 9, and the 3G situation.

When it comes to SSDs, it seems as though the performance will depend on the capacity. Jkk (who certainly knows something about these SSDs) notes that the 16GB Mini 9 will use STEC’s (fast) SSD module, while the 4/8GB models will use a (slower) Intel SSD. The STEC SSD apparently has a read/write of 85/25, while the Intel module sits at 38/10, which is the same SSD used in the Acer Aspire One.

As for 3G, we know that there is a SIM card slot behind the battery, and room for the WWAN unit, however it looks like some of the models are lacking the WWAN module (and the PCI-E connector) until they announce carrier locked 3G units. Jkk’s recommendation: wait before ordering! Head over to jkk’s blog for more info and some good pictures.

Inside the Inspiron Mini 9

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As most of you know by now, Dell launched the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook yesterday. Jkk has come across the service manual for the unit on Dell’s site.  The manual shows some good internal pictures and there is a lot of talking in the blogosphere right now about how easy it could be to upgrade the unit’s hardware (never a bad thing).

Vicente, a ultra mobile PC Portal reader, wants to know whether the SSD in the Mini 9 has 100% high speed flash storage, or if they will pull and Eee and have a small part of the storage be high speed, but the majority of it much slower. I asked netbook guru jkk if he had any insight, and he says it isn’t clear yet. Apparently some of the review units that made their way to some of the larger tech sites don’t all have the same SSD. No one is sure exactly which will ship with the unit so it seems as though we’ll have to wait and see.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is official

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Inspiron Mini 9 A lot of info about Dell’s entry into the netbook market has been uncovered in the last day or two. The Inspiron 910 Mini 9 has gone official a day before Gizmodo’s predicted date. Now we have all the details about the new netbook, and reviews are already up on the nets. Lets have a look, shall we?

Info directly from Dell’s site shows us three model tiers. All models share an 8.9" 1024×600 display and a 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU and the usual bevy of ports (full specs can be found in the Portal), but they differentiate in RAM, OS, webcam and SSD size. The least in terms of specs and price starts at $349 and comes equipped with 512MB of RAM, no camera, 4GB SSD, and Ubuntu, apparently with a custom Dell interface. The next model up will run you $399 and has 512MB of RAM, 0.3MP webcam, 8GB SSD, and Windows XP Home. The most costly of the three is $449 and has 1GB of RAM, 16GB SSD, 0.3MP webcam, and is also running Windows XP. Keep in mind, these are just pre-configured machines. You can mix and match the different specs (RAM/OS/webcam/SSD) and get exactly what you want. Oh and don’t forget that you can pay an extra $25 for a white model instead of a black one, if you feel so inclined. Buyer beware, none of the models come with Bluetooth, you need to add that yourself (+$20) when you customize the machine.

Strangely enough, Dell is offering ‘Instant Savings’ of $40 and $55 on the middle and top end models respectively; effectively negating any price break for taking the Ubuntu OS. Anyone care to theorize why they would want to get XP machines out the door rather than Ubuntu?

Dell Inspiron 910 gets another rumored release date

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You may recall the leaked spec sheets and rumored August 22nd release date that popped up a few weeks ago. Well August is now over and Gizmodo is reporting a new release date. September 5th, this Friday. With no info on the source and the note that this release date is not "concrete", this could be just as wrong as the previously rumored date. Luckily time is on our side and one way or another, we’ll get to September 5th and find out whether this is true or not. No word yet on pricing, but let’s all hope the Inspiron 910 hits the $300 target price. 

New! The Dell Ultra Mobile Inspiron

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Update. New Pics and a few lines of confirmation in a Dell blog

Spotted by Gizmodo at the ‘D’ conference, Mr Dell and his mini notebook.


Very little information was given by Michael Dell to Gizmodo when they, apparently, bumped into him at the All Things Digital conference. Apparently it’s for developing countries but it looks a bit too shiny for that.

The smart money is on an 8.9″ screen, Atom and the usual set of mininote specs. Modified image below shows the screen frame and web cam. Battery design looks like a 4-cell job. I guess we’ll hear more about this very soon. All images and story from Gizmodo

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