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Dreambook Epad F10 – Oaktrail Tablet Available Soon


dreampad F10 1

Recently launched and soon to beĀ  available is this Oaktrail-based tablet that will be one to watch out for at Computex. If you’re looking for a newer i86-based device, Pioneer Computers are offering it for under $US 550 with 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM and it could be an interesting device for Windows, Meego and Android. Oaktrail should offer much better battery life than Pinetrail-based devices (N450, N550 etc) although we expect the performance will be slightly lower. There’s also the chance to squeeze more out of it with future versions of Meego and Intel’s Android build. We’re expecting to hear more about the latter at Computex.

At 700gm it equals the weight of many of the Android tablets out there but we have noted that Ethernet, 3G and Bluetooth are supplied by PCI-E Mini ports which, although nice and modular, aren’t the way to integrate wireless for power efficiency.

Keep an eye out for more Oaktrail solutions at Computex over the next few days. Here’s a list of the Oaktrail devices we already have in the database.

Pioneer Computers Launches Tegra2-based Epad N7 for $AU499

It’s starting to happen. Those promised Tegra2 tablets of 2009 and 2010 are starting to appear. We’ve seen the Interpad and the AC100 as firm launches and now it’s Pioneer Computers turn. They’ve just emailed information about their Dreambook ePad N7 which appears to be based on the Compal tablet we’ve seen around trade-shows this year.


With a capacitive screen it’s not going to trip itself up like the Huawei S7 although it remains to be seen if this is blessed with Google licensed software. Without Market, Maps, Gmail and sync it’s a no-go for many. Sideloading of applications helps but isn’t the ideal scenario.

$499 $AU seems to be a good price but it must be noted that this isn’t with 3G (a $AU99 extra) which, if the lack of GPS is also true, combines with the lack of webcam and [correction: webcam is a free option] potential lack of Google Android apps to make a serious list of issues.

We’ve got an email out to Pioneer about the Google applications, Android 2.2, GPS and the docking station but I guess we’ll have to wait for those Aussie’s to wake up on Friday morning to get the information. In the meantime we’ve added what we can into the product database and will be updating it as we get new information. Let us know what you think in the comments here or on the product page.

Pioneer Computers Dreambook ePad N7 product page.

Dreambook N7 product page (Carrypad)

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