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Toshiba Z830 With Core i7 Now Available in US.

Along with three other models, the Core i7 variant of the Z830 has surfaced for order in the U.S,  with a fingerprint reader but no 256GB SSD option yet.


Following previous announcements in Europe that appear to have held back the Core i7 version of the Toshiba Z830 [seen in testing results] from the shelves, it’s good to know it’s actually available in the U.S.with a max 6GB RAM. It’s dissapointing not to see a 256GB SSD storage option as that could have been a way round the relatively slow 128GB drive. Toshiba doesn’t, as far as we know, have a 256GB in their ‘value’ SSD range so it could have come from a faster family of SSDs. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

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Acer Aspire S3 will start at $899 in USA


Keeping close to the pre-tax Euro figures, the Amazon.com pre-order page shows that the Acer Aspire S3-951 will be available on the 16th October for a very competitive $899.

The price includes the Core i5 processing platform and, unique among Ultrabooks so far, a 320GB hybrid hard drive which includes a 20GB SSD partition that we assume is used by the fast-start process. There’s no USB 3.0, no Ethernet port and no VGA port though so although you’re getting a fast laptop for a low price, you’re sacrificing ports. You’re also looking at a little bit more weight than some of the more expensive options.

See our previous articles on the Acer Aspire S3 for an overview and some more thoughts on the package.

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Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook to Roll in USA first. Europe, Asia in November


My personal favorite in the current Ultrabook line-up, the Toshiba Z830, is said to be launching in the USA in late October according to a report by Taiwan News

Interestingly, the report suggests that the entry level model will use a 64GB SSD to keep the price down to $1000. Sales targets were also given at 60 to 70K by the end of the year. Presumably that’s shipped units rather than end-customer sales.

I’m visiting Toshiba Europe next week so will be able to bring you the latest from this part of the world too. WI’ll be hustling for a review model too so wish me luck!

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