Top 3 Big Slate Contenders

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3. Notion Ink Adam
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The Notion Ink Adam is an Android powered device which has been promising to deliver some fabulous features such as 1080p video decoding with HDMI output and a modified Android interface that will presumably suit the device’s 10.1 inch display. Speaking of the display, the Adam takes the capacitive touchscreen one step further by using a Pixel Qi display which works wonders for viewing in bright sunlight, and can also save power which leads to improved battery life. Android was designed for mobile phones and it remains to be seen how well it will handle on a 10.1 inch screen like the Adam’s. While Notion Ink says that they will be modifying the interface, they risk fragmenting the Android interface. The Adam also seems to have the highest probability of becoming vaporware of any of these three devices as we have yet to be informed of any information regarding release date or pricing.

Price: TBA

Availability: TBA

Official Site:


  • Powerful (Nvidia Tegra 2 powered)
  • Ample built-in memory (16/32GB)
  • Pixel Qi display
  • 180 swiveling webcam for front/rear facing video
  • 1080p decoding and HDMI output


  • Hints of vaporware (bold claims, despite apparently unfinished hardware/software)
  • Android on a 10.1 inch screen (modifications have potential to fragment experience)
  • Will be the last of these three to market

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Mike Cane says:

    JooJoo and Adam are both dead in the water.

    I’m surprised, though, there was no mention — even as being on the horizon! — of the Archos 7 HT or the ICD Ultra. Archos has had a retail presence for years, has shipped products, and have really pushed with the A5IT. There’s a company that should be taken seriously. All of these others? Not. And since hearing the hp Slate will be hobbled with an Atom CPU, all the enthusiasm people had to that has vanished. People know what netbook “power” is like — they don’t want it again except without a keyboard, hp.

  2. Ben says:

    I didn’t mention the Archos 7 as it is quite a bit smaller than these other devices, and I wouldn’t put them in the same class. I also didn’t see it as one of the top three that will have the greatest impact. The IDC Vega is huge-gantic, and again I don’t see it as a top contender.

  3. olivier says:

    @mike: why bother with real products when there’s all that vaporware to blabber about ^^

  4. john doe says:

    The Ipad strictly cause its here for sure on April 3rd,and its got the apps and content straight out the box.
    Ive been wanting an big iphone for reading comics since the 2g iphone so this is a dream come true for me anything else ipad does besides this is just a bonus to me. Just praying that it gets jailbroken so i can fully use it my way.It will come down to content for the majority of non tech savvy users and apple will have everyone beat on this score so will emerge victorious and rest assured im no apple fan boy i hate itunes and their exorbitant pricing

  5. alese says:

    I don’t think there is any question about it. Apple will be the clear winner out of these three, the most that the other two can hope for is having some small loyal following and hopefully enough of a community to develop some interesting applications – but they can’t compete against Apple.

  6. Dennisvjames says:

    From what I understand, none of these slates does ink (I understand that there are workarounds, but nothing I’ve seen makes this an inking experience). No ink…no go. That means you have to type your notes. I don’t know about you, but I write faster than I type. From now on it would be great if reviewers of this kind of hardware would mention the lack of inking in the review.

  7. Scott says:

    Unless Google decides to make its Android Market accessible to non-smartphone devices, it will be very difficult for an Android tablet – or even a fleet of them – to mount a serious challenge to the iPad. They’ll be unable to deliver anything resembling a seamless user experience, and that will kill them in the non-geek marketplace.

  8. Alslayer says:

    I totally agree with Mike as always. I am looking forward to the Archos 7ht and the IDC Ultra. 7 inch screens are the perfect size for me.

    My TC1100 is awesome but a bit bulky.

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