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WiFi-only Dell Streak 7 to Receive Honeycomb Update, 3G/4G Variant Being Left Behind with Android 2.2

honeycomb streak 7According to our pal Jenn over at StreakSmart, the WiFi-only version of the Dell Streak 7 is set to receive an official update to Honeycomb next month.

Details haven’t emerged yet, such as which specific version of Honeycomb will be used and whether or not it will be customized or left stock. Jenn says the the update is expected to greatly increase the battery life of the device.

This is great news for Streak 7 owners, but it only applies to the WiFi-only version of the device. Apparently T-Mobile’s 3G/4G variant, which StreakSmart points out was recently discontinued, may never receive the update.

An alternative option to acquire Honeycomb is a custom ROM which is an unofficial software release that can be installed to your device if you’ve got the skills necessary. Jenn has a link to that ROM on her original post, go check it out.

Are you a WiFi-only Streak 7 user who’s excited for the Honeycomb Upgrade? Or perhaps a T-Mobiler who’s angry that your device wont be updated? Let us know in our Streak 7 forum.

Dell Roadmap Leak Shows a June Release for the Streak Pro 10 Inch Tablet

A leaked Dell Tablet roadmap has revealed three new touchscreen devices may be released this year starting with an Android 10 inch tablet in June.

The leak mentions the Android based 10 inch Dell Streak Pro, a third generation convertible XT tablet (Windows based, and not so portable given that it will probably weigh is excess of 2 KG’s), and the Latitude ST which will run an Intel Oak Trail processor and Windows 7.

According to the leak the new Streak Pro will run a Tegra T25 dual-core A9 (1.2GHz) chip which is a newer version than the Tegra we know from Tablets like the Xoom. I currently use a Viewsonic G-Tab and Motorola Atrix 4G (both with the current Tegra 2) and I’ve been very happy with the performance of both, although the roadmap indicates an overly on top of Android called Dell Stage 1.5 which hopefully won’t detract from the performance of the device. There’s also mention of USB host support (allowing it to access external drives via USB) which is a great feature as having support for this makes life with an Android device much easier.

In my opinion the original Streak [product page] occupied a difficult place in between devices as it was too big to be a phone but too small to be a tablet.  At 10 inches the Streak Pro is obviously positioned to compete with the iPad 2 [product page] and that’s a very hard market to compete in. If Dell can get the hardware, software, and features right it will make life a whole lot easier when it goes up against the current king of the 10 inch tablets.

What’s the Bargain of the Week? UK Dell Streak!


I was in the UK last week. If I had seen this offer I probably would have jumped at it. A 5″ tablet with Google apps, reasonable cam, Cortex cpu and a nice build that runs Android 2.2 now.

Tesco, the biggest retailer in the UK are offering the Dell Streak at £199. Now I realise that some of you may not be too happy buying from Tesco (Hello Bristol) but this is a great deal if you’re looking to go for the ‘pub phone’ + tablet combo or, if you’re brave, the full convergence route. Tescos link below.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock as I write this. Not surprising!

chippy What’s bargain of the week? The Dell Streak unlocked at £199 via Tesco in the UK. http://bit.ly/miqGN2 Thxs @czarnikjak

0:59 PM Apr 30th via twicca http://twitter.com/chippy/status/64282798973919232

Posted from WordPress for Android with the Galaxy Tab

Dell Streak 7. First Reviews Available. Is It Worth $450?

dell-streak-7 $450 for a 3G-enabled (HSPA+ no less) 7 inch tablet on one of the fastest ARM-based processing platforms there is with hardened capacitive multitouch screen a 5mp auto-focus camera and Android 2.2 isn’t a bad price at all. It beats the Galaxy Tab on price and performance, that’s for sure. The only problem is that, as always, you have to look for the showstoppers. With the Dell Streak there a number to consider.

Battery life – There are reports coming in from reviewers that the Dell Streak 7 isn’t making it though a day under normal (reviewer) usage.  Note that the battery is only 10Wh (The Galaxy Tab has a 15Wh battery)

Android 2.2 – Android 2.3 is out and the Tablet-focused 3.0 is coming up soon. In fact, Android 3.0 is the first to be optimised for a multi-core processor so there’s a mis-match here.

Screen quality – 800×480 is great for gaming, videos, navigation and many other functions but when it comes to reading, the lack of resolution is noticeable. Not only that but there are reports that the screen brightness isn’t as good.

On one hand, the Galaxy Tab can get a little sluggish so it would be nice to have something with more ooomph. On the other hand, it that means having to charge twice every 24 hrs, it’s not worth the bother in my opinion, even if it saves $50-$100

Maybe a Wifi-only version with a lower-price would be more interesting to people?

Check out all the reviews that are now listed in our tracking page which also includes a comparable products. We’re liking the look of that Eee Pad Memo right now!

Dell Streak 7 Review (Crunchgear) 01/02/11
Dell Streak 7 Review (ZDNet) 01/02/11
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Dell Streak 7 is at CES

Surprising me as I wander the Nvidia stand is the Dell Streak 7. Clearly on Tegra 2 and looking nice, it’s yet another high end 7″ Android tablet. I’ve got a video that ill prepare later.
This one is running 2.2 with a Dell user interface and what looks like 8gb of storage. The key with this one is that its well positioned for Honeycomb due to the platform.

Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet on the Way, WiFi Certification and Commercial Concept Leaks as Evidence

Way back in February at MWC Chippy spoke with a Dell representative who confirmed that the Dell Streak (aka Mini 5) was one of a family of upcoming devices. Since then we saw leaked renders in April of a 7 inch and 10 inch Streak device courtesy of Engadget.

strreak wifiJump to almost 9 months later and we find a Streak device passing through WiFi certification (this actually happened back in November, but didn’t get uncovered until recently.) The device could be one of several different sizes of Streak devices, but a commercial concept leak from Engadget lets us assume that the device is in fact the forthcoming Dell Streak 7. Let’s also not overlook the fact that Streak Smart called out case designer, Vaja, for listing a 7 inch Streak on their website.

From the Engadget leak and the WiFi certification, we know that the Dell Streak 7 will be a 7 inch Android device that functions as a phone as well. It’ll also have WiFi b/g/n and a Gorilla Glass screen. The commercial concept also mentions a “blazing graphics card for on the go gaming inch which could indicate some Nvidia Tegra integration, but could also just be marketing speak for “Look, it plays games! inch.

the original 5 inch Streak was already considered huge for a phone (and hasn’t quite taken off)… We’ll have to wait and see how people react to Dell expecting them to use a 7 inch device as a phone. Chances are, we’ll get a look at this device at CES 2011.

Dell Streak – Looking forward to Froyo

Dell Streak and Dock

At IFA this week we had a chance to talk to Dell Europe about the Streak. [Specifications and other information available here.] The main points of note were:

  • Streak is part of a portfolio of tablets. We should expect to hear about the next product before CES (Jan 2011)
  • The upgrade to Android 2.1 is planned for October
  • The upgrade to 2.2 (Froyo) is planned for November
  • The Wifi-only version is no longer planned

While 2.1 will be a nice jump it’s 2.2 that will bring the real changes. Not only are there good changes to apps, features and settings but there’s also 2 core differences to note. Firstly, Android 2.2 includes a new ‘just in time’ (JIT) compiler that speeds up Android applications considerably. Secondly, 2.2 is the first version of Android that includes optimisations for the ARM v7 architecture. That means that CPUs based on it (Cortex, Snapdragon etc.) operate more quickly and efficiently.

Froyo (Android V2.2) on the Dell Streak will be a second- for the device and if Dell sneak in a little price drop you’ve got to consider this as one of the best mini tablets going. We’ve requested a review sample for testing when 2.2 is available so stay tuned.

New site for Dell Streak Fans

Jenn of Pocketables.net is obviously working at full-steam now. A long time friend and co-op partner with UMPCPortal and Carrypad, she’s not only got a baby to look after, she’s got two new baby web sites too! Having run a couple of device-specific sites myself, I know how much fun it is. You get a great community, learn a lot about the devices and quickly become a must-visit for anyone wanting learn about the device pre or post-sale.

The latest site, and one I’ll be keeping a close eye on having had one in my hand for a few weeks, is ‘Streak Smart’ – all about the Dell Streak.


For Evo fans, you might want to check out Good and Evo too, Jenn’s other new baby.

Our Dell Streak coverage is here. The product page is here. Also check out our coverage of the Huawei S7, a similar device in an even bigger, 7 inch format.

Dell Streak First Impressions

Thanks to JKKMobile, I’ve had a Dell Streak for a few days and ahead of the live review session tonight, it’s time to give you some first impressions.


I don’t have a full retail version here so it’s only fair to point out that the firmware isn’t final on the device but having said that, it’s close, it’s useable and actually, it’s quite good!

Starting with the look and feel, it’s a great first five minutes. The glass screen blends nicely into the glossy, stylish casing. The shiny metal rear only helps to make you feel you’ve got a quality device in your hands. Compared to the Archos 5, it’s a step ahead. The 5 inch (true 5 inch – bigger than the Archos 5) screen looks stunning with blacks and clarity that you’ll never see on a resistive touchscreen device and rarely see on a smartphone. In portrait mode you get get a comfortable one-handed experience that serves very well for reading Tweets, Google Reader, Emails, maps and ebooks. This is a very very nice 30-50cm one-handed experience. Flip the device round into landscape mode and you move into a more productive stance with the on-screen thumboard providing good input capability. The keyboard is offset due to having a numeric pad on the right side but I’m getting used to it and finding the numeric pad to be as good as a 5th row. It’s a shame there’s no stand though. 5 inch is good for seat-back videos.

Sizing is going to be a major issue for most on the Streak. My wife loves it and wants to upgrade to it as her phone straight away but she, like many other women, keeps her phone in her bag. For those that keep their phone in their pocket, you’ll have to think about it carefully because it’s not that comfortable. Holding the device to the ear might be a problem for some too as it’s relatively huge but for me, someone that doesn’t use voice that much and would be proud to show off the device, that’s not an issue.

In terms of specifications, the Streak impresses with a 1Ghz Snapdragon processing platform, 5MP cam with dual-LED flash, 2GB storage, micro-SD slot (no hot-swap), GSM, UMTS, Wifi and BT connectivity, compass, GPS, ambient light sensor, accelerometer and capacative Android buttons on the frame. There isn’t a dedicated search button but you will find a two-stage shutter focus/release button and a volume rocker switch. All seem to be high quality.

As for software and usability, I’m loving it. Browsing is (relative to other smartphones) in the top league and the user interface is fast and fluid. Having the full Google Android experience makes so much difference and it highlights the major issue with what i’m calling ‘unfinished Android products’ like the Archos 5. The included photo and video application is welcome although it lacks codec support. I was impressed that it could play back a 6.5Mbps WMV 720p file that most netbooks would choke on. I was less impressed that it couldn’t handle some H.264 files, Divx and a few other files I have in my test suite. The Archos wins that round!

As for battery life, it’s looking better than expected. Despite the large screen, it runs for about the same amount of time as the Xperia X10 which, in turn is an hour or so behind the HTC Desire. You’ll need to take the (proprietary) USB charging cable though, a back-up battery or a back-up phone!

It isn’t all good though because the Streak highlights the big problem with Android. The browser is not up to scratch. Go to Google Docs to try and do some work and you’re met with a brick wall.


This isn’t the Streak’s fault, it’s just that Android doesn’t offer a full internet experience yet and with the Dell Streak being so big and Internet-centric, you’l hit these brick walls more often than on other devices. It’s not good enough and getting the full browser experience (including Flash) needs to be a top priority.

Other notes:

  • GPS doesnt appear to have A-GPS support in this firmware but Android uses Google Location to assist applications. Full GPS capabilites take a little longer to sync-up than with other phones i’ve used.
  • Mono speaker is clear
  • Screen brightness is very good. You can use this for short-term sessions in the sun.
  • Camera is typical Android – OK in daylight – Poor in low-light.
  • Video, in daylight, is reasonable quality. Here’s a sample although it appears to have lost some quality in conversion to YouTube. The original H.264 file is better.

Overall, the Streak is performing as expected. It’s an interesting take on convergence although one gets the feeling that voice is only there to satisfy Googles applications-suite requirements. If you compare it to Nokia’s take on convergence which centers around a smaller screen, you get the feeling that this form-factor is better. Of course I’d like a slider keyboard on the Streak but I’m prepared to take a hit in this case because I might go and buy a retail version of this to replace my Xperia X10. There’s still room for improvement in the camera department but despite that, I’d still call the Dell Streak the best mobile internet device yet. As for it’s use as a phone, that’s up to you. I’ll just be dropping a data card into this and continuing to carry my N82 for voice, SMS and the Xenon-powered night-time camera.


More information, links (including a few early reviews of full retail versions) available in the information page.

Live Today: MeetMobility Podcast and Dell Streak

I’ll be hosting 2 live sessions today that I hope you’ll be able to join in on. The first is the MeetMobility Computex Podcast with Sascha and JKK out in Taiwan, myself back in the studio and special guest, Joanna Stern from Engadget joining us from New York. That will start at 1500 CEST (9am New York, 9pm Taipei, other times here.) and you can join in by tuning to MeetMobility.com/live It will be recorded and available later today.

IMG_3708 The second event is a live open presentation and Q&A on the Dell Streak. That will start at 2100 CEST (Midday San Francisco, 2000 UK, other times here.)  I don’t have a full retail model but the device I have allows me to show you around the device, demonstrate some features, give you some thoughts and answer your questions. So far the device is living up to all my expectations with the extra bonus that the battery life appears to be better than I thought. Unfortunately JKK can’t join us because he’s still out in Taipei and by the time he gets back to his studio on Wednesday, I’ll be away on another commitment until the week after. We might have a few Streak owners from the UK joining the chat though so it will be the perfect chance to get together to talk about the device from multiple perspectives. Video and chat will be running at Carrypad.com/live. I’ll be bringing the Sony Ericsson X10, Viliv S5 and Archos 5 for comparison. See you there.

Dell Working on Asian Version of the Streak, Flash Coming to the Device in Q4

dell streak A little more Streak [Portal page] news out of the D: All Things Digital conference. Cnet has a video of Ron Garriques giving a brief demo of the Dell Streak in which Garriques says that Dell is working on a version of the Streak for the Asian market. Additionally, he says that Flash will be coming to the device in Q4 which means that it’ll be that long until owners see Android 2.2 on the device.

Dell Streak Available Next Month for $500 Unlocked

streak Though Dell doesn’t seem to have yet found a US carrier to launch with, it looks like they’ll be selling the Dell Streak [Portal page] toward the end of June for $500, unlocked, from Dell.com. $500 is reasonable for an unsubsidized device of this caliber.

Jkk has already had some extensive hands-on time with the device.

Ronald G. Garriques was on hand to demonstrate the Streak at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference where he stated the price and availability of the unlocked Streak.

The Dell Streak is also launching this month in Europe on the carrier O2.

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