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Asus Eee T91 goes through sensitivity training, comes out other end as the more sensitive T91MT

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t91 pressure Several days back we looked at the then just released Asus Eee T91MT which featured an resistive multitouch screen. We were also treated to a little T91MT promotional video showing off some of the things that you could do with the T91MT. One of those things appeared to be pressure sensitivity, but after some hands on time with the T91MT, kubel from myt91.info found it to lack pressure sensitivity of any sort which was somewhat of a disappointment.

Fast forward a bit and now kubel as found that the T91MT really does have pressure sensitivity with one caveat, it isn’t enabled by default. Not sure exactly how many levels of pressure the T91MT can detect, but it is nice to see this technology in a resistive touch screen.

He’s even got a video to prove it:


Asus Eee T91MT barely out the door… already reviewed

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t91 Kubel of MyT91.info seems to be one of the first guys to get his hands on the recently released T91MT, the first multitouch version of the T91 [Portal page]. In addition to an unboxing that was posted the other day, kubel now also has a full review of the unit.

The unit is pretty much exactly the same build as the T91, but it is rocking Windows 7 and a multitouch resistive touchscreen which kubel says only functions correctly with up to two points of input.

Though there was a T91MT intro video which appeared to show that the T91MT could understand varying levels of sensitivity, kubel says that this is not the case, and performance is what you would expect with a plain old resistive touchscreen. However, gesture support could possibly help with palm rejection when writing on the screen, but isn’t implemented in all applications.

I’m doubting that the T91MT would make for a good tablet if you want to take ink notes (you usually need an active digitizer for that) but the T91MT is most likely designed around the idea of touch rather than stylus input, hence the included finger oriented software.

Jump over to MyT91.info to read the full review.

Asus Eee T91 and multi-touch T91MT are finally shipping

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t91mt Not too long ago we wondered what happened to the T91 which seemed to launch only to quickly succumb to a total lack of supply in the face of big demand.

There still doesn’t appear to be one simple answer as to why the Asus Eee T91 [Portal page] went through some awfully turbulent supplies at its initial launch, but it would seem that to a certain extent things were waiting on Windows 7.

t91 Now suddenly it looks like Dynamism and Amazon have plenty of T91s to sell, and the aptly named and multi-touch capable T91MT, which Chippy mentioned was pre-ordering last week, is now shipping as well.

The T91MT is the first multi-touch version of the T91 and it ships with Windows 7 (the regular T91 ships with XP). It still isn’t even official on Asus.com, but I suppose that isn’t stopping vendors like Amazon from selling it.

Seems like ‘kubel’ from recently established MyT91.info is one of the first to get his/her hands on the T91MT and has already provided an unboxing with a full review soon to come.

We’ll have to wait on further reports, but a glance at a T91MT intro video on YouTube seems to imply that the unit is capable of pressure sensitivity and palm rejection despite lacking an active digitizer which is quite an interesting proposition.

Update: Kubel from myt91.info has left us some info in the coments, and among other things say that the T91MT does not appear to have a pressure sensitive screen (ie: can’t tell the difference between a hard touch and a soft touch). This is disappointing to hear, but then again we can’t really expect full tablet PC features on a little netbook sized (and priced) convertible.

ASUS EeePC T91MT (Multitouch) pre-order details

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t91-2 The Eee PC T91 is one of the few netbooks we really track closely now at UMPCPortal. Most others have drifted off into the forest of 10 inch. 1.5KG ‘high-end’ netbook land so it’s nice to see some news on it. This time it’s about the multitouch touchscreen version.

With Win 7, 32GB of SSD (no word on the speed of that yet) and XP Home Premium (I assume that the touchscreen drivers will be tablet-enabled) you’re getting quite the deal at a pre-order price of $549.

I’m a big fan of touchscreen laptops and have really got used to flying around the UI of the Gigabyte Touchnote with a two-handed multi-touch-mousepad and screen approach but I still wonder how much extra the multi-touch would bring me. I guess it depends on the type of gestures that are included.

There’s no word on availability yet.

Specifications, images, videos, links for the ASUS T91 available in the product database.

Source: Lilliputing.

Where in the world is the Asus Eee T91?

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t91where Remember that hot upcoming touchscreen swivel netbook that was totally going to bring forth the era of the tablet-netbook? Yeah, you know that one that was topping the Portal popularity charts for some time several months back? Yeah, that one! The Asus Eee T91. This device is nearing the anniversary of its announcement and has yet to hit the market in sufficient numbers (we reported on the T91 back at the beginning of January!). Not because of lack of demand, mind you, but because of lack of supply, it would seem. This once hot device has since fizzled and according to the portal, has lost much of the popularity that it had previously acquired.t91graphSo what happened? It’s hard to say exactly, but the links section on the T91’s Portal page can help us reconstruct the story.

As I mentioned, we first reported on the T91 back on January the 7th, where it was announced at CES during an Asus event. As early as February, we saw some pretty detailed hands-on information, but presumably, this was still a pre-production model. We watched as the T91 passed through the FCC in April. Three months later, the T91 got an official product page on Asus’ site. Also in July, Asus UK told us that there would be three versions of the T91!

At this point, anticipation is really ramping up for the device.

Production model reviews start showing up from major sites around mid-July. But after all of this media attention, hands-on’s, and reviews from many websites, the T91 seemed to be released in a very limited quantity, and never hit the market with enough force to satiate the demand, or the attention that the T91 was being given at the time. A shame too because it seemed as though a lot of people were looking forward to this device. We reported on the 1st of August that T91 shipments were delayed to distributors (in our comments alone you can see that people were upset by this news), and the new shipment date should be sometime in September, but it isn’t even clear if that date was ever met with additional supply — if it was, it was too little, too late.

While the T91 did pop up for sale on Amazon and a few other sites, it quickly sold out and hasn’t been in stock since. So what’s the deal Asus, why was there such a lack of supply at the release of the T91? It really seems like they missed a good opportunity to capitalize on the anticipation of a product that people were actually looking forward to. The T91 had the distinction of being different than just another model number in the Eee line-up. Search popularity was well in line with a model that Asus is still selling plenty of, as seen by the following Google Trends chart in which ‘Eee T91’ search term is represented by blue, and ‘Eee 1008HA’ in red:t91 1008ha trendsDemand was there, but we don’t really have any explanation for the lack of supply. Much of what I’m seeing could be mostly from a US perspective, but I believe that the missing T91 is a world-wide phenomenon (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve dispatched some questions to Asus to see if we can officially get to the bottom of this, and I’ll let everyone know as soon as I get any word back.

It’s raining Eee PCs at Woot, again: Eee 900 for $150 or Eee 900A for $170

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Asus_Eee_PC__900_Netbook_with_1.6GHz_Atom_ProcessorcacDetail Good to know that you are never to far away from a day that our favorite deal-a-day site, Woot.com, will be featuring a good deal on an Eee PC netbook.

Today you have your choice of two different Eee PCs, both are actually from the 900 series.

First of all, at Woot.com you can get the Asus Eee 900 for $150 (+$5 shipping):

  • 900MHz Intel Celeron CPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB SSD
  • 8.9 inch 1024×600 screen
  • Linux OS
  • Conditon: New

Or if you are willing to drop an additional $20, you can score the more powerful Asus Eee 900A for $170 (+$5 shipping) from sellout.woot.com:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB SSD
  • 8.9 inch 1024×600 screen
  • Linux OS
  • Condition: New

Remember that these deals are only good for today and have a limited quantity. If you want one of these early netbooks, you better be decisive.

Why no Mobile Love from the Eee Team?

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If you’re following the netbook scene closely you might have seen that an EeePC roadmap has been leaked (full info at the eeeuser forum) showing a range of 1005HA devices and an 1101HA. Minimum screen size – 10 inch

No 8.9 inch love. No lightweight love.


Now I know that Eee’s are aimed at the mass market but you’d think that there would at least be a thin-and-light device based on a basic T91 motherboard without the touchscreen and swivel features.

Quite disappointing.

Via Netbooknews.de

Another day, another netbook deal from Woot – Asus Eee 900 for $189

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asus eee 900 You’ve seen the famous, deal-a-day website, Woot.com’s affinity for netbooks in the past, and it doesn’t seem like it will be changing any time soon. Today only, get your hands on an Asus Eee 900 [Portal page] from Woot.com’s Yahoo partner site, sellout.woot.com. Here is a spec rundown:

  • 8.9 inch screen
  • 1024×600 resolution
  • Linux OS
  • Intel Celeron 900MHz CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 20GB SSD

For full specs, head over to sellout.woot. If you are interested in this deal, remember to  buy soon, it will be gone tomorrow, or even sooner if it sells out!

What does JKK think of the ASUS EeePC T91?

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t91-2If JKK”s story is anything to go by, the ASUS EeePC T91 is now starting to reach customers. He’s got a retail version in his hands (U.S. version) and has already posted an unboxing video and done a good evenings live testing with the device.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the video through as I’m somewhat off the grid on a campsite in Germany (2.5G if i’m lucky!) but I tuned into the live chat session and have spoken to JKK on the phone today. Here’s what he said:

The good points:
Out of box experience better than expected
Looks more expensive than it is
Solid build
Very light
Good balance mainly due to battery position.
Respectable battery life. Over 4hrs standard use.
Keyboard good
SSD could be faster but still feels faster than an HDD
Good hinge quality
Two SD card slots

The bad points
Mouse Pad is not a true multi-touch (drivers not as good)
Glossy screen
Fingerprint problems
Lower performance than 1.6Ghz Atom-based netbook. (Flash video problems) JKK states that web browsing quality is good.

I also asked JKK about value for money. He said it’s ‘really really cool’ and it has the best battery life compared to other 9″ devices. For ultra mobile users it’s one of the best netbook-style purchases out there but it’s not the best for expandable battery life.

The video

JKKMobile – T91 unboxing

Keep tuned to JKKMobile for more T91 action. He’s working on mods already. It’s in pieces already! 3G, SSD and more to come.

Asus Eee T91 shipments to distributors delayed

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I’ve just gotten word that all Asus Eee T91 [Portal page] shipments have been delayed due to a production delay. Details are short but it may be that manufacturers couldn’t meet the demand that they promised resellers. As a production delay, this should affect all distributors. The earliest distributors expect shipments to arrive on the 4th of September, slightly more than a month delay. Sad news for anyone who was hoping to order (or already has ordered) a T91.

Weekly Netbook Update – 7/27

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Welcome to this week’s netbook roundup. In this space every Monday I’ll highlight netbook news items from around the web.

Weekly Netbook Roundup – 7/20

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Welcome to this week’s netbook roundup. In this space every Monday I’ll highlight netbook news items from around the web.

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