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SmartQ T7 Android Tablet plays 1080p H.264, MKV, WMV HD, DivX (Video Demo)


The video below speaks for itself. This test based on new SmartQ T7 [info] firmware I received from today. (SmartQT7-3G_AD_V1.0)

The application used was Act 1 Video Player and clearly it’s using hardware acceleration. I’m impressed. You?

SmartQ T7 information page.

SmartQ T7 Live Review.

SmartQ T7 3G Open Review. Thoughts. Videos Available. Firmware Update News.

IMG_4404 The recorded videos from our live, open review with the SmartQ T last night are available and shown below. Ustream have put a pre-roll and ads on them but I guess they have to pay for 2 hours of 500kbps streaming somehow.

More info, videos, links for the SmartQ T7 in our tracking page.

Remember that this is a preview device and isn’t fitted with final firmware although it’s close and SmartDevices are constantly working on firmware upgrades. We have some issues we’ll take back to the reseller, HOTMID, so that they can talk to SmartDevices in China. Those issues include: (See UPDATE below)

  • Adobe Reader very slow. Almost unusable.
  • Unable to reset the device to remove private data and Google account
  • Will the Market and Google apps be distributed?
  • Stream audio fails on and XiiaLive.
  • USB OTG not working.
  • Market only able to download one app. Further downloads fail to start.
  • Video playback only works with H.264, will there be accelerated WMV, MPEG2 and Xvid support?
  • 3G software unable to work with PIN-locked SIM cards.
  • In high brightness settings with lots of colour on the screen, a slight flicker is seen in the backlight or LCD refresh
  • Will there be a model with GPS?
  • Cell Standby uses a lot of power when 3G is supposed to be of.

Update: From we’ve just recieved this quick reply to feedback from our live testing: New firmware will be released before August 31st and will ‘solve’  Market and Google apps, USB OTG, Video playback, Cell Standby

On the positive side, we see good build quality for the price, a usable 600-wide portrait mode, excellent value 3G version, loud and clear speaker, good quality controls and a battery life in the 5hrs+ region. Actually we suspect there’s some improvement that could be made to the battery life as we’re seeing the 3G using battery while its supposed to be off.

Highlights on the applications we tested:

  • Kindle (works very well – used in 30 minute bedtime test!)
  • Opera Mini (not shown in video – produces significant browsing speed improvements)
  • 720p H.264 playback worked
  • NewsRob as offline Google Reader
  • Acast as podcatcher.
  • Google Maps and search for local information.
  • 4-way auto ratate working.

Target audience:

Those looking for a very low-cost handheld 3G 7 inch internet tablet (the SmartQ T7 is unique in the sub $300 bracket) a flexible and cheap ereader with internet and multitasking, holiday device (location-based services work through Google’s location services – if available on final firmware) a low-cost SD card reader for photographers. (TX files, edit and share very quickly.) Standard browsing is very slow but Opera Mini works well to improve basic browsing speeds. Works well as a social networking tablet. Works well as a bedside companion. Taxi drivers and truckers should check this out too!

The resistive touchscreen is going to put some people off for sure but for the price and target audience, we think you’ll get used to the resistive screen without any major issues.

SmartQ T7 3G Unboxing and Overview, Video.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Live VIDEO Q&A session on tonight at 2200 Berlin time

(1600 New York, see other locations)


Just in! The SmartQ T7 3G from Smartdevices (and sent for testing by, formerly – changeover happening this week.) is a 7 inch touchscreen tablet running Android 2.1 and offering an 800×600 resolution, Wifi, 3G/BT option, SDHC Card slot, USB OTG in a sub 500gm package. It’s not the highest spec device out there but when you consider the price – $249 (exclusive shipping and possible import taxes) or with CDMA/EVDO (no BT) just $289, you’ve got yourself quite the bargain. We’re testing a WCDMA (UMTS/HSDPA) version here which could be a big seller considering pay-as-you-go 3G in Europe is easy and cheap to get hold of.

Full specifications, links to gallery, news and related products available on the SmartQ T7 tracking page

IMG_4404 IMG_4407

We’ve unboxed, turned it on and taken a look around and we’re quite impressed. GPS is something we would pay another $20 for if available (turning this into a great Google Navigation device) but overall, the 3G version is turning out to be quite the bargain. Well built, light, matt (resistive) screen and a suite of applications that, on this buid, include the Google suite. Yes, Market is there. The device also appears to be rooted so beware, this could be a late development version of the firmware. If the final version doesn’t include the Google suite you’ll be looking at alternative app stores and sideloading as your route to apps like Kindle (600-wide screen is going to work well for that) Acast,Listen, Last.FM (excellent quality mono speaker) and your favorite twitter application. We’re testing out some video apps to see how it copes too. We expect to see a few issues (browser speed is certainly one to flag straight away) as we continue testing so stay tuned for more review and testing articles over the next weeks. (Note, due to IFA and IDF commitments and a Toshiba AC100 that was despatched to us today, time is very very tight right now. We’re going to do our best to get the important info out to you ASAP)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Live VIDEO Q&A session on tonight at 220 Berlin time (1600 New York, see other locations)

SmartQ T73G Android Reader with 3G for $280. Test soon.

T7-3 I’m not going to call the SmartDevices SmartQ T7 an Android tablet because I think it comes in just under the bar in terms of being a flexible, fully-specified tablet but despite that, it has some legs.

I missed it in my round-up at UMPCPortal the other day and nearly ignored it again when Eletroworld emailed me about it; I assumed it was the SmartQ R7, the Ubuntu version running on a 600Mhz ARM11 CPU. The only thing that saved it from being just another Chinese tablet was the 3G option. It’s very rare to see that on a tablet and at $280, it’s a rare price too.

Unfortunately the T7 is still only running the Telechips ARM11-based CPU but this one is the 720Mhz version also found on the Smartbook Surfer which should be enough to drive mobile versions of websites. It’s got Android 2.1 and an 800×600 touchscreen with auto rotate. We don’t expect any Google Android apps or Market but with some side-loading of apps (see this article) it should be possible to fit this out with enough software to handle any ebook format. With a 600-wide screen we expect Google Reader (in the browser) and NewsRob to look great too.

On top of the basic Android build it looks like Smartdevices have used some of their video playback skills to enable 1080p and support of a wide range of formats. It’s got the correct Android buttons on the frame and a 17Wh battery in a weight of 430gm, it could make a good value holidaying or e-reading product.

Eletroworld have offered us a loaner and we’re expecting to get this on the operating table, live, as soon as it turns up. Expected around 20th August.

Latest specifications and links for the T7 are in our database. The price for the non-3G version is $230 and also note that the 3G version doesn’t include the BT module found on the base model.

iSuppli iPad Parts Breakdown is Only Half the Story.

It always makes me laugh when I hear about $99 smartbooks competing with netbooks because the only real difference in cost is a few dollars in silicon, plastic and battery.

The other thing that makes me laugh is how people get hung up on parts cost and potential profit while forgetting the market reasearch, r&d, marketing, distribution, training, support, legal, insurance, shipping, tax and, shock!, profits associated with a device.

Have a look at this isuppli breakdown and you’ll see just how much a high-end smart device costs to make . A high end netbook selling 1m+ is coming in at about$150 due to the cheaper screens and lack of gps, accelerometer, hard drive and other components. The r&d and market research figures are also close to zero in the netbook market so you can see that large format smart devices have a long way to go before they become sub $200 desirable items.

Another good checkpoint is the Archos 5 Android Tablet which, with a similar integrated cpu and gpu, smaller battery, 8GB storage, 256MB RAM, less plastic, open source OS and a 5″ resistive touchscreen is being sold for $240.

Source : iSuppli.

iSuppli breaks down iPad cost, guess how much 3G costs |

7-inch MIDs, Reading, and SmartV7 Review Soon

There are many new MID devices being released these days, and it seems that the 7-inch screen size is gaining popularity among the fans of reading on mobile devices.  Users looking to read books, comics or work documents have shown great interest in SmartDevices (SmartQ7, SmartV7), WitsTech (A81/W1060), and other 7-inch multi-function MIDs.  Operating systems available on these devices vary, from Linux to WinCE, with Android being the most sought after.  Its a safe bet that the first manufacturer that can release a dependable MID running Android with full Market functionality and a decent price will get a great deal of interest from potential MID users, especially avid readers.

So what did SmartDevices do?  They decided to release a device that has all three operating systems available.   Users can choose which OS to start at boot-time.  This 7-inch device also boasts HD video and a new HDMI port.  Those of you familiar with the SmartQ7 MID will recognize this device, as the SmartV7 build is almost identical to its older sibling.  I have received a review unit from Eletroworld and am working on a new detailed review of the device.  Expect a lot of Android coverage in this review, as I put the unit through tests to determine the depth functionality the Android build that comes with the SmartV7 ships with.  From initial looks, it seems the Android implementation does not have Market working yet, but expect more details when I finish the review.  Has SmartDevices beaten the other manufacturers to the punch?


Smart Devices Q5/7 Update. Android, Mer, WinCE, Ubuntu all moving forward.

smartdevicesq7 _6_ Since the X70 arrived and I upgraded my U820 with a Runcore Pro IV SSD, I haven’t really used the Smart Q7 much but every time I check up on JT’s forum and blog I find myself downloading a new image and testing it out because the community there is really producing some good stuff. Here’s an update on the operating systems available for the SmartDevices Q5 and Q7

Read the full story

Smart Q7 Just Arrived

Update: Unboxed, stripped down and tested in over 2hrs of video….HERE.


Update: Unboxed, stripped down and tested in over 2hrs of video….HERE.

I’ve just got back from a spot of moblogging to find the Smart Q7 waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow so it’s a nice surprise. I have a few appointments this afternoon but I’ll get an unboxing video done and try and be around for a LIVE SESSION with video, audio and Q&A at around 2030 CEST.

Smart Devices Q7 Linux Tablet. Fresh pics. (Yes, more!)

Considering the SmartDevices Q7 isn’t a true ultra mobile PC and it’s going to be a relatively slow browsing device, it’s getting a lot of coverage on UMPCPortal this week.


Read the full story

Smart Devices Q7 7” Pad for $189?

smartq7_3 Remember that ‘coffee table’ pad I was talking about yesterday? The one I said could be under $250? Well it looks like it might be even cheaper than I expected. have it up for $189.

We have no idea if this is real but we’re trying to order one pronto because it deserves to be investigated on the coffee table ASAP!

Specs from the web site:

  • Processor: Sansumg ARM S3C6410 Processor 667MHz
  • Screen size: 7-inch Touch-lens screen,800 X480 pixels
  • Memory: 128MB DDR RAM
  • Storage: 1GB Flash Memory
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Linux
  • Language: Chinese/English/German/French/Portuguese
  • Memory card slot supporting up to 32GB microSD memory cards
  • Wireless: supports WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth
  • Connectivity: 2.0 USB HOST supported to connect the high-speed EDGE, HSDPA network adapter or mobile phone
  • Weight: 250g
  • Battery: 4500mAH
  • Warranty: One year

We’ve added the details to the product portal and will continue updating with new news as we find it.

Smart Q5. Product Information now in the Database.

I spent a few hours researching and pulling together  information on the SmartQ5 this morning and feel more positive about it now than I did a few weeks ago.

The SmartQ5 looks good and has an amazing price (local price in China – approx $132.) It has a good screen size/resolution and with Ubuntu (ARM), an good supply of software. As a media/internet/e-book reader/photo browser/travel device, there’s definitely a lot of pocketable value there. The 667Mhz ARM11 CPU should make it faster than the Nokia tablet devices and the large 7.5wh battery should keep it running for a long long time between charges.

If it was ever available in Europe or US though, you’d be looking at something like $199 which puts it close to the offers that occasionally float around for the N810. ( have it for $226 as I write) With GPS, keyboard, camera, a healthy user-base and local-country support, the N810 is the better MID option in my eyes but that’s only if you can find an offer.


It’s difficult to comment with any authority when you’ve never even had hands-on so if you’ve been thinking about the Smart Q, keep an eye on the new SmartQ5 product page where we’ll be adding info, images and links as they come along. One of the first to be added was an unboxing photo-set from Kam Leung. There’s also an unboxing from ‘Sky’ over at UMPCFever. [translation link]

If you see any more interesting content about the SmartQ5, please take the time to submit it ifor inclusion in the database.

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