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Toshiba Z835 Ultrabook for $699 at Amazon.com

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The Toshiba Z830 and Z835 is the Ultrabook of Ultrabooks. Fantastically light, quick to start and with its SSD-only storage, fast to use. It’s got the keyboard backlight and a full set of ports, quality Wi-Fi (and Wi-Di) and a good keyboard and mouse pad. At $699, in the US today, it’s down at a very good price.

It’s the 1.4Ghz Core i3 version on offer here so it’s hasn’t got the full power of the 1.6Ghz version with Turbo but it’s still a great performer. A full-size SDXC cardslot and USB 3.0 are included.

I’ve been using the Z830 for 8 weeks now and  have no regrets about choosing it (*1) so I feel confident about recommending it here. Click through to the offer on the right or do some research, read our review and see more pics in the Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook information page.

(*1) – I have a long-term loan Ultrabook from Intel that was selected from a choice of three different models.

Toshiba Z830-10J Now Shipping in Europe, Shortly here in the Ultrabooknews Studio

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We’ve just had a note from Toshiba Europe to say that the Toshiba Satellite Z830-10J is now shipping in Germany, Austria and, I believe, the Benelux area. Specs are as we have then in the database (note it’s the Satellite and not the Portege in Europe…so far) and the official spec list confirms a matt screen. (Entspiegelt) Recommended retail price is €1099 but I see a number of retailers offering it for €999. Amazon for example. (Toshiba Satellite Z830-10J – aff.)

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Toshiba Portégé Z830 – First Impressions (Retail version) by GottaBeMobile Shows Slow SSD

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I’ve been watching GBM like a hawk today because I knew they were getting in a Toshiba Z830 for testing. At last we’ve got a final, retail version in the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing. Josh Smith is the man and his First Impressions are here.

The model being reviewed is the Toshiba Portege z830-P330 with  1.4GHz Intel Core i3 (2nd gen), 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD.


The SSD is confirmed as the Toshiba THNSNB128GMCJ and it’s bad news.

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Toshiba Z830–Full Satellite and Portege Model Line-Up (Official Specs and UK Prices)

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Following the discovery of two models of the Z830 in Europe yesterday we got a tip pointing us to the complete line-up at the Toshiba UK website. As we reported last week, the Z830 appears under both the Satellite and Portégé brands.

Lets get straight to the details.

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Toshiba Satellite Z830 Up for Pre-Order – €999

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Excellent news! I was worried that the entry level Toshiba Z830 would be above €1000 but it’s not. The Toshiba Satellite Z830 Ultrabook is available for pre-order in Europe (or at least in Germany and UK) for €999. Even Amazon Germany are listing it.  [Z830 At Amazon – Aff.]

Update: Toshiba UK are now listing a range of models.


The model we’ve found at at least four retailers is the  Toshiba Satellite Z830-10J  (4GB, Core i5 2467 @1.6Ghz, 128GB SSD and delivery estimates range through November.

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