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Toshiba Super-Widescreen U840W / U845W Ultrabook Gets Review, First Pricing

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We took a close look at the Toshiba U840W a few weeks ago. It’s the very wide screen Ultrabook aimed at media scenarios that could have some nice productive applications too. We think it’s an Ultrabook that everyone needs to have a serious look at and that’s exactly what Notebookcheck have done. We’ve got some pricing for you too so read on…


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Toshiba’s 2012 Ultrabook Line-Up – Z930, U840, U840W – Info + Video

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We spent a few hours with Toshiba in Germany yesterday and came away impressed by the commitment that this Japanese company has with the Ultrabook segment. In 2011 we saw the very thin, very light Toshiba Z830 but in mid 2012 there’s now three models to choose from. Entry level with the U840, business with the Z930 and the interesting wide-screen U840W which we think is going to find some friends.

In the USA the models numbers are slightly different but the U845, U845W and Z935 correspond closely to what Europe will see.

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Toshiba U840W in Hands-On

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Techfokus.de have picked up a hands-on, specs and press images of the new Toshiba U840W


That’s one w-i-d-e Ultrabook! The resolution is 1792×768 on a 14.4” diagonal screen.

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