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Budget Windows 8 Tablets work well in ‘RT Mode’

Posted on 14 November 2014

I’m testing a Point of View Mobii Wintab 800W budget Windows 8 tablet and it’s been a tough, slow process. The Wintab 800W is built on Intel’s low-cost reference platform that you’re going to see in a lot of $99 Windows tablet offers this quarter so what you see here applies to many other models. The issue is that with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage you simply can’t approach […]

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Acer CB3 at $179 – The New Entry-Level for Laptops

Posted on 13 November 2014

The Acer Chromebook CB3 is now $179 at There have been cheaper laptops in the past but the CB3-111 is not a piece of crap. This is a stable, productive, 7-hour laptop with a reasonable keyboard. It is a laptop that can be integrated into the business world and education markets just as easily as it can be used on a lap at home. It’s using what can be […]

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Windows Surface Laptops. (Or, How to Kill Consumer Chromebooks.)

Posted on 11 November 2014

After a weekend of testing the new $200 Acer E11 Windows laptop (first impressions and video here) I’ve completed my first-take on the subject of Chromebooks vs modern netbooks. Windows netbooks, or at least the new-wave of netbooks, remain the more flexible option but they don’t ‘kill’ Chromebooks. The Chromebook’s efficient, secure and manageable nature has massive appeal to the education and small-business market and Windows remains too heavyweight and too […]

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Chromebook vs Netbook. Round-one with the $200 Acer E11

Posted on 10 November 2014

I bought an Acer E11 Windows laptop. It’s pretty much an Acer C3 Chromebook running Windows. Same N2840 CPU. Same 2GB of RAM. Same 32GB eMMC SSD. Same weight and sizing. Over the last two days I’ve tested it hard and now have my first set of thoughts about the Windows vs Chromebook experience. I’ll go deeper into this topic over time and add videos and long-term thoughts as my experience […]

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Acer Aspire E11 / ES1 $200 Netbook first impressions + Video

Posted on 10 November 2014

The Acer Aspire E11 (ES1 in some areas) is one of a new-wave of 200-euro / dollar Windows netbooks entering the market as both a response to low-cost Chromebooks and  part of a continuing drive to cut the cost of entry-level laptops. It’s made possible by a low-cost Intel System on Chip and tight motherboard integration, low-cost storage and the removal of the fan. Just 32GB of SSD storage is offered so […]

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$175 Chromebook for emerging markets?

Posted on 07 November 2014

Digitimes reports that Lenovo will put their name on a $175 Chromebook with a Rockchip CPU in the early part of 2015. Digitimes don’t have a great track record on rumors so this may never happen but it’s interesting to think about the larger question of cheaper Chromebooks.

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Core-M ASUS Transformer Book T300FA gets a detailed review

Posted on 07 November 2014

An early sample of the 12.5-inch Asus Transformer Book T300FA 2-in-1 has been reviewed by Ultrabookreview. The 812 gram fanless tablet  (1.79 pounds) is not as light as the ASUS Chi but at around 600 Euro (based on one online pre-order price)  it looks like a good value and yet powerful 2-in-1. A 1366×768 screen might put off those thinking about replacing a laptop for productive use but there’s a […]

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Intel Chromebook push focuses on ARM. 15 reports now available.

Posted on 06 November 2014

A few weeks ago Intel posted 2 videos featuring Chromebooks and they appear to be part of a bigger campaign to push ARM out of the market. Clearly Intel thinks that there’s something big worth fighting for here. The videos lead to a set of 15 Intel-commissioned reports from Principled Technologies that are all available to the public and listed below.

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2GB vs 4GB RAM on a Chromebook – The difference is minimal, in 2014.

Posted on 03 November 2014

I’ve been testing Windows tabletPCs with 1GB RAM recently. It’s a truly poor experience if you plan to use all the features on a Windows PC. Even with 2GB RAM you can hit limits and start seeing swap usage rise and performance hit the floor. The performance degradation isn’t ‘graceful’ at all. Chromebooks face similar issues of RAM availability but in my tests with 2GB RAM I see it matching […]

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New Core M variants signal maturing 14nm process

Posted on 02 November 2014

Intel are introducing new Core M SoC variants. All have higher base clockrates on the CPU and GPU which indicates that the quality emerging from the Core M production process is increasing. That means yields for the low-end Core M models are increasing and that ultimately, prices can start to trend down. The new SKUs are: Core M-5Y10c, Core M-5Y31, Core M-5Y51 and the Core M-5Y71. See a list of Core M PC’s […]

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