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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10” (Windows) Review

Yoga 2 tablet just laid back

Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet – laid back!

Going into this review I had a very clear idea of what it was that I wanted out of the Yoga. I wanted something with great battery life, lightweight, moderate computing power and good “lapability”. I hate that word but it does cover that attribute quite well. Those of you who have read my first impressions will know that I was pretty chuffed with the device from the get go. Now a week later have things changed or am I am still in the honeymoon period? Read on to find out more.

Specifications and other information can always be found in the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 specifications page.

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Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi review round-up: 78.5% average.

The review scentists at Notebookcheck finished their ASUS T100 Chi review last month and I’ve just read through it and compared it, virtually, with the Surface 3 and the Dell Venue 10 Pro I reviewed last week. Other reviews are out too and in summary it looks very good indeed for the T100 Chi despite it not having an Atom X7 CPU. There are a few issues to think about though.

A T100 Chi review is available at Notebookcheck

A T100 Chi review is available at Notebookcheck

I have a feeling we’ll see an updated T90 Chi at Computex next week so if you’re looking for the ultimate in portable productivity you might want to wait but consider this: With a 1.1KG total weight and a great Full HD screen, a digitizer layer, USB 3.0, high-end Z3775 CPU and a lot of style – for just $399 – the T100 Chi is a leading option in the ultra-mobile PC space.

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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Unbox, first impressions

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10 is a product I’ve been close to buying more than once. I love the stand, the battery capacity, the screen and the design but because it’s ‘just’ a Baytrail-T Atom tablet and I’ve still got the Lenovo Miix 2 10 this just isn’t enough of an upgrade for me. Some of you might be thinking about this as a cheaper alternative to the Surface 3 though so I’m happy to have had Garry Clark, gadget fan and blogger, send me his thoughts. He’s unboxed it, photographed it and written his first impressions for us. Over to you Garry.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10 with Windows.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10 with Windows.

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Toshiba Satellite Click Mini. Details and Size Comparison.

Things are hotting-up in the 8.9-inch Windows detachable sector with Toshiba announcing something that’s going to go head-to-head with the ASUS Transformer Book T90 Chi. The Toshiba Satellite Click Mini beats the T90 Chi on some specifications, but not on others.

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini

At 1KG (2.2 pounds) exactly the Toshiba Satellite Click 2 with its docking keyboard isn’t as light as the T90 Chi but there’s a reason for that. The keyboard isn’t just a Bluetooth keyboard but a true docking keyboard with USB port, charging port and battery. Video playback battery life is quoted at 8hrs for the tablet and 16 hours with the dock. This looks like the perfect seat-back companion for international flights. Expect a little less on web browsing but 12+ hours should be possible if the Click Mini falls in line with what we’ve seen on this platform from other products.

A Toshiba Click Mini video playlist is embedded below. Full specifications, images, videos and more in our database.

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Acer’s 15-inch Chromebook in live video presentation.


CES previews have already started and Notebookitalia have just published one of the first live presentations of the new Acer Chromebook 15 along with images of the black version, a Euro price and more details on the specifications.

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Double Firsts for Acer’s 15-inch Broadwell Chromebook.


It’s Saturday night and US-based PR and marketing teams are working hard which can only mean one thing – CES is about to kick off. Acer is in the ring and have already delivered a one-two punch by announcing the Chromebook 15 (CB5-571) with, you guessed it, a 15.6-inch screen. It’s also the first Chromebook to run on 5th-generation Intel Core architecture. With a Full HD screen option and upward-facing speakers this could at least be one for the Netflix fans.

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Acer’s Chromebook 2 CB5 is the cheapest laptop with full HD screen – $249


The Acer Chromebook 2 CB5 with 1920×1080 screen qualifies, today, as the cheapest full HD screen laptop ever. For a crazy $249 in the USA (and this is very much a USA exclusive) you’ll get this lightweight Chromebook with 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. The Acer CB5 Chromebook is now number 4 in our Chromebook charts, and rising fast. [Acer Chromebook 13 CB5 Specifications and info here.]

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First user review of the Toshiba CB35-B3340

Toshiba CB35-B3340

Here’s something for you to read with your coffee this Sunday morning. John Heckendon has bought and reviewed the Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook with Full HD display.

The review is very positive but is also correct to highlight that the Baytrail platform isn’t the best performing. John puts the CB35 up against the Dell 11 which runs a Haswell-architehture CPU.

The CB35 is currently the number 5 best selling laptop on Amazon.com right now and there are 7 user reviews up there too. It really looks like this is going to be a big seller in Q4 2014.

User Review – Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook

Specifications and more information on the Toshiba CB35-B3340

HP Chromebook 14 Tegra K1, Full HD, Touch, Hands-On

cb14_anywhere_1900x840 (2)

The HP Chromebook 14 was popular and well-received. Maybe it was because of the 14-inch screen but I think in general it was the build quality, the keyboard and the Haswell-architecture performance that did it. It was an all-round quality Chromebook.  The new HP Chromebook 14 has an updated design, screen options and has switched from X86 to ARM in the processor department. Battery life is improved as a result.

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Toshiba Chromebook 2 with Full HD Screen. Hands-On at IFA.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB30-B (8)

Toshiba were showing off the new Chromebook 2 (CB30-B) at IFA in Berlin so I took some time to get acquainted. At an estimated 400 Euros it’s not a cheap Chromebook but it’s an interesting offering because you’ve got a Full HD 13.3-inch screen in just 1300 grams (2.9 pounds.) Like the Lenovo N20p it’s offering something a little bit different and after spending time with it I’m quite impressed. There’s a hands-on video below.

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16 Ultrabooks with 1080p Displays

acer aspire s7 ultrabookI’ll be the first to admit that I cringe a little inside when I see brand new laptops released in 2013 with 1366×768 displays. It seems like a real shame — many of these devices are beautiful machines but have a resolution that would have felt at home at least 5 years ago. For those looking for a crisp high resolution display there’s good news! The Ultrabook segment is home to at least 16 Ultrabooks with full HD 1920 x 1080p displays — in all shapes and sizes!

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Samsung Series 7 Ultra Hands-On Video from CES

Samsung Series 7 Ultra grabThis video comes from GadjetJM and it’s a good overview of the new Samsung Series 7 Ultra that got launched a few days ago. This Series 7 is looking like a real powerhouse of an Ultrabook with touch and discreet graphics. Backlit keyboard, SSD and a Full HD screen of 1920×1080.

See our previous article for more on the details.

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