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X70 Slate. 6.5 Hours of Windows in 420gm! Video


I have been surprised at the claims of battery life on Oaktrail devices this week at CES. Taking into account the marketing BS (and subtracting 30% and questioning people about how they tested) I’m getting the feeling that Oaktrail devices might be slightly better that I expected. Certainly in terms of sizing we’re seeing some really important improvements. The Samsung PC 7 / Gloria will probably blow the Dell Duo away in that respect and if you compare the Viliv X70 EX on Menlow to the X70 Slate on Oaktrail, you can clearly see the differences. Viliv have shaved the weight down from 660gm to 420gm and slightly improved the battery life at the same time. That’s a massive improvement.

Full specifications are in the product database.

I hear that the X70 Slate is getting good feedback from potential customers which is pushing it up in priority for Viliv. Although the X7 Android tablet with the same casing will come first, the X70 Slate is likely to follow soon after. March/April is the earliest we can expect it though and given the usual date slips, May would seem more reasonable if you’re planning ahead.

What I do like is that Viliv have put an optical mouse pointer and mouse buttons on the frame which is going to be a real advantage for many. I hope it works smoothly as I was unable to test it on the production sample at CES. Don’t forget that the Oaktrail platform includes 2X (theoretical) 3D performance over Menlow and HD 720p encoding. Memory speeds should be much faster too. A 2GB option is likely (1GB would be a show-stopper for many i’m sure) and 3G options are also going to be available.

Here’s a video of the X70 Slate. Apologies for the terrible lighting but at least I can report that we’re promised an early sample. That’s one I’m looking forward to.

Viliv X70 on Oaktrail makes Big Step Forward

I have been predicting a 20-30% all-round improvement in battery life with Oaktrail. I might be wrong. Viliv are showing their new Oaktrail-based X70 ultra mobile PC and it’s coming in at 420gm, with 6.5hr battery life. The previous X70 was about 650gm so that’s a great improvement. I’m hearing the same message all over.

It appears that all Oaktrail devices are going to be available earliest in March 2011 and the X70 is no different. I’ve got a video for you later so stick around for that.

Specs are shown in the image below.

Viliv Teases X7, X70 and X10 Android and Windows Tablets for CES

viliv invite viliv7

What would CES be without a good tease? We don’t have any more information than in the pictures but we’re definitely meeting with Viliv at an early stage at CES to find out more about the X7 ‘Anywhere Connectivity’ Android tablet and the X10 and X70. We suspect the latter is a re-design of the original X70 EX using Oaktrail and Windows 7 but as we said, there’s no information available at the moment. The X70 EX was ultra mobile PC of the year for us over at UMPCPortal in 2009 so we’re expecting good things. The X10, a 10.2 inch Android tablet is touted as having ‘longest’ battery life and is likely to be a development of what we saw at Computex.

All will be revealed in the first few days of CES so keep it tuned to Carrypad.

1K Challenge – One More Device Needed.

1k-challenge In Mondays post I outlined the 1K challenge:

1000 Words written on a mobile PC setup weighing less than 1KG, costing less than €1000

I’ll be taking four rigs on the road over the weekend (Starting Saturday) and testing them to see what works best. We’ve got four sets of kit lined up for the test:

  • Exclusive! – Tega V2 Tablet PC arrives in Europe on Friday
  • Toshiba AC100 ‘Smart Book’
  • Viliv X70 – 7 inch Windows Tablet – Winner of our 2009 awards.
  • TBA

Call for help

As you can see, I’ve got one position open at the moment. I’m aiming for a lightweight 7 inch Android Tablet although the options aren’t too good at the moment. The Viewpad 7 and Camangi FM600 and Archos 70 aren’t available. The SmartQ T7 3G is here but the OTG option for attaching a keyboard isn’t working. I’m also looking at the ultra low cost Archos 7 HT, the Smartbook Surfer, WITS A81 and a few others includiong the Galaxy Tab which is available in Germany now. If anyone in Germany has got a 7 inch Android tablet they can loan me for the weekend (one that works with a USB keyboard) I’d be interested to hear from you.

Or should I just order a Galaxy Tab from Amazon? Anyone care to sponsor that ;-)

If I don’t manage to get a 7 inch Android tablet I have the Viliv S7 ready for action – it’s still one of the best mini laptops around.

Off-Both-Grids With the Viliv S10

I’ve been messing around with Solar energy again today…

It turns out that the Viliv S10 has a 9.5v input. Having an input voltage below 12V is always an advantage for solar work and it’s even better when the X70 car adaptor works on the S10. I’ve connected the S10 up to a 24W solar panel and it’s charging the device even when it’s in-use. Given pure sun (2hrs either side of peak sun) it should charge the S10 in about 5 hours. That’s 10 hours usage in 5 hours charging. Unfortunately the S10, like all other PCs, doesn’t fast-charge so this solution would probably work exactly the same with a 12W panel as only about 7W-10W is needed in charging.

The S10 has 3G built-in, a fast SSD and a great keyboard. It’s turning out to be a great solution for working completely off the power and wired networking grids.

I’ve written up some more details over at my little solar computing blog.


Warning: Direct solar charging without a regulator and a buffer power store is always a risk to your devices.

Video: Amazon Kindle for PC In Action on a Handheld PC.

Related article: Kindle for (UM)PC now available.
Related article: What’s the best PC for the Amazon Kindle PC software?

I doubt many of you will be spending $599 on a ultra mobile PC just for the Kindle PC application but if you’re thinking of a mobile tablet PC anyway, here’s my top tip for a good PC-based ebook reading experience. The Viliv X70 UMPC. (Video after the jump.)

img_1166 img_1167 img_1169 img_1171

I won’t claim that this is a perfect e-reader device (see this article for an idea of the ideal PC for ebook reading) and as the Kindle software is locked-down to the Amazon store, it’s hardly flexible but considering I can run Mobipocket, PDFs and practically every other format of ebook known, it works out to be quite the flexible solution. Oh, and it’s a PC!

For those that aren’t familiar with the X70, it runs an Intel Atom at 1.3Ghz with a fast SSD drive and has a battery life of up to around 7 or 8 hours. It weighs 660gm and you can buy it with an optional built-in 3G module. More information here.

Make sure you watch the video in ‘HQ’ mode (button bottom-right) for the best quality.

What’s the Smallest Device for Webcam Chat?

This question just cam up on Twitter and I think I know where Daniel Blake, the CEO of TinyChat, a web-based Webcam-enabled chat system is going with this!

It’s a subject very close to my heart and so I’ve decided to answer it in more than 140 characters.

The requirements are:

  • Small device
  • Webcam
  • Mic
  • Wifi
  • Flash 10

First of all, let me highlight my recent article about the Mobile reporting solution version 6. It’s a 3G-enabled solution with an external cam but the core, the Viliv X70 UMPC, can actually run with its own webcam. The X70 is probably the best long-battery-life mobile (and 3G capable) solution out there. But that’s no what Daniel was asking. He just wanted something small with Wifi.

In my experience, the quality of the webcam depends on the software drivers behind it. For example, the very small, very light Kohjinsha SK3 has an awesome 3mp, auto-focus webcam on a swivel screen but the video drivers are so damn heavyweight that the results are just not up to scratch. On the other hand, the lower quality Clevo TN70M with the 800×480 screen is a much better solution. I’ve done WiFi-based Skype on this for long periods and the quality is excellent. The best thing is that it’s available without an OS so you can drop Ubuntu on it and have a sub-1KG portable web chat system for under 400 Euros.

Looking at the product database (and sorting by weight) I see some other solutions too. The smallest and lightest solution there is the UMID M1 at 315gm / 11oz.  We’ve done a full review of this one and here’s what I said about the cam.

The quality of the webcam is good for such a small device. Recording using Movie maker at a relatively high 1mbps bit-rate resulted in better-than-expected results. It also works with Skype although you will be hitting CPU limits that will keep the frame rate down. Streaming with Ustream again returned better than expected results.  Not totally smooth but certainly acceptable for a quick broadcast.


Remember it’s running the same CPU as the Clevo and X70 I just mentioned and it’s also available in a very nice black finish too. Ben is testing that one right now.

In summary then. Here are the top three choices.

Devices based on the Intel Atom 1.3 or 1.6Ghz version e.g. the T91, the U820 (available with a 2.0Ghz Atom!) and some of the lighter netbooks, are all worth looking at. Also keep an eye on the Archos 9.  If its small and light that you want though, the UMID is unbeatable for the occasional web-cam chat session.

Let us know if you do any tests Daniel.

Viliv X70 EX Patch enables Voice/BT and Wifi/3G

x70whitbg Highlighted by the Mobile Barbarian yesterday and recieved by email from Viliv today is news that Viliv have released a software patch to allow the simultaneous use of BT, 3G and Wifi on the X70 EX 3G. Previously this had been disabled in software but now you can 3G route and BT call (tested OK via a BT headset in and outboud) to you hearts content!


vilivManager Download
CubeUI Download
Install Guide Download

Video: Voice call test on X70 UMPC

X70 EX 3G UMPC Supports Voice (Unofficially)

mobilepartner There have been rumors flying about for a while now that the X70 UMPC [#2 in our charts today] includes the voice-capable version of the Huawei 3G modem so when Viliv sent me a replacement for my pre-production X70 sample the first thing I did was to check the 3G hardware and software.

Sure enough the installed software includes a phone dialer and the hardware is wired up to the mic and speakers. It’s a phone! Video demo below…

Read the full story

3G Performance Test: Mifi vs Touchnote vs X70 vs S5

I spent some time last night testing four 3G-capable devices for both speed and reception on three different provider networks from my desk in my office here in Bonn, Germany just a few kilometres from the global head-office of T-Mobile. The results are very interesting with the Mifi being a great all-rounder and the X70 surprising with some very high-end speeds. The Viliv S5 was disappointing. I was even surprised with the results from the different providers.

Update: Some reports are coming in (see comments) that the 3G on the S5 brings in good results. It’s possible I have a faulty unit here. Maybe a poorly soldered antenna. If anyone else has an S5 and can do comparisons with other 3G devices, please let us know your results. Thanks.

Devices tested

Mifi 2352 3G hotspot from Novatel. HSPA capable.  [More information]

Viliv S5 with built-in Huawei EM770. HSPA capable [More information]

Viliv X70 EX with built-in Huawei EM770. HSPA capable [More information]

Gigabyte Touchnote with reseller-fitted Novatell Expedite EU870D. HSDPA only. [More information]

Reception Test

With an average of over 3 bars (from 5) reception, the MiFi reported the best reception of all devices. This result should be taken with a pinch of salt because of course the ‘meters’ aren’t calibrated between devices but the MiFi certainly felt strong. I’ve used the Gigabyte Touchnote many times in extreme 3G situations now and it too is strong and returned a consistent 3-bar reception level at my test desk. Its difficult to pick a winner between the two because as you move towards the edge of a cell, the Touchnote is likely to be the better performer with it’s bigger antenna. The X70 was reliable too showing strong 2-3 bar reception figures on the fastest technologies. The one disappointing result was the Viliv S5 which consistently failed to attach to 3G networks. Reception quality is clearly much lower on the S5 than all other devices.

Speed Test

The speed tests were done using Speedtest.net over a period of about 3 hours. Remember that results very over time, weather conditions, cell load and position but by remaining at my desk for all tests I was able to get a feel for the speeds of the devices and, important for me, the quality of Internet service from the three providers I tested. The Mifi was used in hotspot mode.

Download Test results:

mifi_download_speeds x70_download_speeds touchnote_download_speeds

Upload Speed results:

mifi_upload_speedsx70_upload_speeds touchnote_upload_speeds


Speedtest.net over Fonic 3g network.The Mifi appears to be limited in it’s ability to download when used in hotspot mode (not tested in USB modem mode) although the 1mbps figures are quite acceptable and the reception appears to be excellent. There could be an issue with the early firmware too so we’re getting this checked out through Mobilx.eu, the reseller. Overall though, the MiFi looks like the best all-round 3G device out of the test with stable figures across the board. The X70, with it’s HSPA modem showed the highest download scores and in one case, Speedtest recorded 4mbps download over the Fonic / 02 network. It couldn’t quite reach the high speeds on the Vodafone network. This could have been due to the load on the Vodafone network or the slightly less sensitive antenna. The Touchnote download speeds were also very good but highlight the limits of its  HSDPA modem which can only support 384kbps upload speeds. For general use though, the Touchnote is very good and I’d rather have high quality reception than extreme upload speeds. Unfortunately, the Viliv S5 I have here just wasn’t capable of getting consistent 3G results. Standing near a window helped but that’s not the point of the test. In the given scenario the Viliv S5 wasn’t able to complete any of the Speedtest results within a reasonable time and the built-in antenna made no difference to reception quality.

As for providers, clearly Fonic, who use the 02 network, are the best in my office area but in general, I don’t use 3G in my office area! I have been testing these networks for a long time though and have been impressed with the 02 data network in Bonn and Cologne. As a result, I’m thinking of cancelling my low-end T-Mobile data contract (my Vodafone data contract has already been cancelled) and getting an Alice 19.95 Euro unlimited 7.2/1.4mbps pre-paid broadband card. Alice use the same network and as I’ve tested Skype with it, I’m pretty happy that it’s a nice open network. (although it does use a different APN to Fonic so there’s a risk there!) 20 Euro per month for 5GB (and then unlimited over GPRS) looks like the best deal in Germany for me at the moment. Given that I can use 5 devices with the Mifi and that the Mifi is proving to have great reception and acceptable throughput, I have to ask myself whether I really need 3G built-in to any of my devices now.

Clearly the MiFi reduces the need for built-in 3G so like me, you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to look at 3G-capable UMPCs any more. The MiFi doesnt cost much more than a built-in option, is flexible, is easy to use, saves ultra mobile PC battery life (close-range Wifi takes less power than 3G in most cases) and it mobilises up to 5 WiFi devices on one 3G 502060211contract.

Update: Finally, after seeing that JKKMobile got over 2mbps download on his MiFi, I tested and tested further. I did, once, mange to get a 2.38mbps average download speed, again, on the Fonic/02 network. Note the fantastic ping times of 65ms. Clearly the MiFi is geared towards reliability, stability and reception quality rather than speed. In my opinion, it’s the right balance.

Viliv X70 EX Air is in the bag!

Hopefully you’ve taken a look at JKontherun’s X70 EX coverage over the last few days and seen how sleek the new Viliv X70 EX is. I’ve just picked up an X70 EX Air from Viliv (Thanks Viliv!) The X70 EX Air takes the 1.3Ghz Intel Atom platform and puts it inside a 7 inch casing with a few additional and important elements. Where the S5 has no cam, the X70 has one. Where the S5 has no built in mic, the X70 has one. There’s also a media slot, built-in stylus and a mini USB port that contains a transfer adaptor. Just plug the X70 into your PC and up pops the file transfer software. (Not tested yet) On the AIR model you’ll also find the 32GB SSD and Huwei Mobile Connect 3G Modem. This is the top-end model. Build quality is, as expected from Viliv, top-notch.

Here are a few notes as I wait for my taxi transfer to Taipei airport…

  • This model is ‘98%’ ready.
  • Screen is soft touch.
  • ‘The mouse-pointer stick is not! Again we have a cursor joystick where a mouse pointer would have been better.
  • On screen keyboard has haptic feedback.
  • The device feels slightly heavy. This is possibly because I’ve been using the Smart Devices Q7 which is super light-weight.
  • There’s a small amount of heat build up on the bottom right.
  • Stereo speakers are surprisingly loud and excellent quality for a UMPC
  • I’m expecting similar battery life to the S5 (The battery is bigger, but so is the screen.)

And a few pics…

IMG_9479 IMG_9482

IMG_9486 IMG_9484

Computex. More UMPCs from Viliv. Microsoft to use S5 in Keynote

We had a very detailed email and press release from Viliv today which is now available on their English-language website. In summary, it looks like they will be highlighting global 3G and 4G versions of the S5, X70 EX and S7 UMPCs and demonstrating Windows 7. They will also be revealing two new models. A 10 inch model and a 4.8 inch device with keyboard.

The press release also mentions that Microsoft will be using an S5 with Windows 7 in their keynote. We can’t wait to hear what the VP’s of Microsoft call it. UMPC, MID or Mini Tablet?

Finally they have told us that a retail version of the S5 Premium 3G with 32GB SSD is on it’s way to our office so when we get back from Computex there will be a nice present waiting.

Expect more detailed information on the Viliv devices next week as I’ll be there covering the events here and on MIDMoves.com

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