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Windows 10 10130 ISO available, good for tablet testing. (How-to.)

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I’ve been writing a Windows 10 upgrade guide for the Acer Iconia Tab W4, a decent early Baytrail-era 8-inch tablet with HDMI and, in my case, 3G. It’s relatively stable with Windows 10 10130 as most hardware seems to be functioning and the important tablet UI elements are there. It was difficult to get to this point though because the ISO I downloaded was an older version. Microsoft have now pushed build 10130 ISO up to the Windows 10 Insider Preview download page so you can now install from a tablet-friendly version of Windows 10 and won’t have to wait hours for all the updates.

Installing Windows 10...

Installing Windows 10…

Update: Version 10134 is (unofficially) available now too but you might want to stick to official versions for the best experience.

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