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10 hours Battery Life on an Ultrabook. Test and How-To

P1130862While Ultrabooks generally perform to similar efficiencies under load there’s quite a difference when it comes to near-idle operations and that can seriously impact the length of time you can use an Ultrabook as an offline word processor. As a blogger that’s a very important scenario for me and I suspect that if you’re offline and answering a bunch of emails or writing a presentation or report, this scenario is important to you too. If you choose the right Ultrabook you can get 10 hours of typing on one battery charge.

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Sony Vaio T13 Testing Impressions

We’ve got our hands on the Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook which has so far been quite impressive. In addition to having one of the the most unique designs in the Ultrabook market, the T13 is also one of the cheapest 13″ Ultrabooks you can get your hands on. The build quality is quite impressive  and it resumes nearly instantly from sleep. The T13 will soon be launching with a touchscreen and Windows 8 making this a better time than ever to see if it’s worth waiting for.

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Acer Aspire S5 Reviewed, Reveals Blazing Fast SSD Speeds

Our pal Avram Piltch of LaptopMag got his hands on Acer’s new Aspire S5 Ultrabook and has an in-depth review available for your perusal. Does the S5 stand up to the competition? LaptopMag rated it 3 stars out of 5, but certainly not because of its record breaking SSD array.

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More Asus Transformer Prime Videos and Details

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is shaping up to be a hot seller with its quad-core Tegra 3 CPU/GPU combo and its attachable keyboard. Just a few days ago, our pal Ritchie got his hands on the Transformer Prime and produced a great overview video of the device. Now he’s drilling down the specifics.

Ritchie has fielded a number of questions from folks interested in the Transformer Prime, and prepared a whopping 5 new videos for your viewing pleasure. We’ll drop one here, but if you’d like more, certainly go visit the post over at Ritchie’s Room.


Panasonic Lumix FZ150 Handheld, Low-Light Test (Vs Nokia N8, Canon S2IS)

This low-light handheld test is important for me as it’s one of my most-used scenarios. I’m also interested in telephoto shots at on-stage press events and various types of video but for my first Panasonic Lumix Z150 test I wanted to see how much better it was than my old (5 year old) Canon S2IS 5MP bridge camera. Of course it’s a massive improvement. I’m estimating a total 8x quality improvement of sensitivity, stabiliser and definition through sensor pixel count and lens. That’s a massive 3 f-stops of usefulness.

All my Lumix FZ150 posts are shown together here.

In this test I took a large number of shots of a multimeter (showing a LUX reading of around 95 from a big 30W daylight-temperature CFL energy-saving bulb 2M away) and chose the best pictures to analyse.

The other two devices used were the Canon S2IS and my Nokia N8 which has a larger sensor than both of the bridge cameras. To help make the images easy to compare I set the ISO at 400 and took the images at about 15 cm, the distance at which the multimeter was full-frame in the non-zoom Nokia N8.

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ASUS UX31 Ultrabook First Reviews. Teardown Included!



Taking a bit longer than I originally expected after the ASUS UX31 availability last week are the first 2 reviews of the ASUS UX31 ‘Zenbook’ Ultrabook.  Both reviews originate from Chinese sources.

[UX31 Specifications, Gallery and more information here]

Overall, the initial response seems to be very good. Much better than the first review of the Acer S3 that we saw last week although I am personally disappointed at the use of convertor adaptors to provide VGA and Ethernet. They add weight, take more power than built-in components and are likely to get lost or forgotten. With the case and adaptors added-in, the UX31 weighs a very non-ultrabook 1.8KG.

In both reviews we even get a teardown of the device showing the huge battery area compared to the motherboard. The battery is 50Wh which is a lot more than the 34Wh you get in the Acer S3. As expected, the battery life figures are higher.  Battery life ranges from 129 minutes (full-power test) to nearly 7 hours.

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Samsung 900X3A Live Review

series9liveThanks to everyone that turned up to watch me mess about with the Samsung 900X3A yesterday evening. We spent a good 2 hours going over almost everything except Bluetooth 3+HS and USB 3.0 which we couldn’t test.

Were there any surprises? Not really. We had no issues and found no major showstoppers. The battery was hit hard during the tests though and it does highlight how easy it is to be focusing on working while forgetting that the battery might be suffering. In the 2 hours we tested, we saw 32% battery loss which is about 4hrs total battery time. Considering that we were testing gaming, 1080p YouTube videos and doing CPU and GPU tests, it’s not surprising but it goes to show that there’s quite a range of capabilities.

The other point I noted was that 1080p videos from YouTube played full-screen to a 1080p monitor worked smoothly along with 1080 samples (H.264) at 10 and 12mbps average. In fact, h.264 is handled perfectly by the hardware video decoder. The CPU barely moved!

I’m still writing up the full review of the 900X3A but while you’re waiting, here are three recorded sessions (recorded from the live stream so not the best quality) from last night. The first impressions post (with higher-quality overview video) is here.

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LG Revolution Unboxing and Flash Test (it handles 720p!) [video]

We’ve got the LG Revolution on hand and have prepared an unboxing video for you which also features a flash test. I’m happy to report (and somewhat impressed) that the LG Revolution has so far handled YouTube 720p flash video quite well. This surprised me because the Revolution is using a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU as opposed to Nvidia’s Tegra. Have a look below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Enspert Identity Tab Head-to-head Testing [video]

galaxy tab vs identity tabIf you’re in the market for a 7 inch slate, Samsung’s 7 inch Galaxy Tab is the undeniable leader in this area… but it’s definitely not the only device you should consider. Take, for instance, Enspet’s Identity Tab e201. This 7 inch device is nearly spec-for-spec identical to Samsung’s Tab, less a lower screen resolution, but it actually performs just as well and even beats the Galaxy Tab on some benchmarks. Have a look at the two in a head-to-head video below:

Winter Hits Vegas in CES Test Post




Testing testing. Galaxy Tab and Nokia n8 calling the Internet. Do not believe anything you read in this post.

Winter hit the suburbs of Vegas today as a hotel show went badly wrong. The Jagermaster hotel had to abort a simulation of ‘Winter Olympics’ as residents started complaining of reality distortion. As you can see in the images below, the normally colorful plastic houses were turned instantly into an almost real scene of German suburb life. One resident had this to say. ‘I can’t believe it. This stuff is really cold and dangerous. I will be contacting my lawyer.’

Free alcohol, entertainment and buffets for affected residents were being discussed by the local county council.

This is the 4th and last post in the CES moblogging equipment test. 4 posts in about one hour with the Nokia n8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Simulated new product at CES!




Lets assume I’ve just stumbled across a new product at CES.  Here’s the microblog. . .

Yup! here it is! The new super UMPC  from the ABBC company. We’ve just tripped up Joanna Stern of Engaget to get here first and should be able to hold her down with one foot while we blog this. Ill have to be quick though because here comes that JKK guy with his camera.

4.8″ screen which we think is uber-capacative. Price in the $100 range they say and availability is yesterday for any order over 1000 pieces.

It feels light in the hand and could be the break-through device everyone is looking for. No word on operating system but the Windows 8 sticker under the battery kind of gives it away.

Joanna starting to cry loudly now so we’ll let her get on with her 1080p video. JKK and Gizmodo now having a fight too. Video of that coming later.

This has been the 3rd of my simulated CES posts from a low-light room somewhere underground in Germany. Time for one more quickie. . .

CES Moblogging Kit – Pics.





These pics were not taken with the moblogging kit,  itself but I am using them on the Galaxy Tab to write this post.

The image of the scales shows what I’m aiming for. That’s 1.3kg with four bits of kit and a bag!

Nokia n8 – To be used for photography and, possibly, video. Offline maps and of course, phone functionality is important here too. I won’t be letting the n8 use the wifi or 3g in order to preserve important phone functionality for later in the day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – To be the mobile internet and text input device, location via Google latitude (for finding out where my friends are) and of course, Tweeting. II’ll be using the WordPress application for blogging, automatic comment notifications and comment spam control. Battery life should be good enough for all day (18hrs)

Battery pack and Mifi – Unfortunately I won’t have a local SIM to drop into the Tab so ill be strapping a Sprint Mifi to the battery pack to give me a roaming hotspot. My wife has the Mifi today so I’ve simulated it with a battery charger.

I won’t be relying 100% on this kit during CES as ill have my Netbook and camera in the hotel room but I do plan to at least go for one full day on this setup.

This has been the second of my CES test posts today with the n8 and Galaxy Tab. I’m standing and moving about my house. More coming up. . .

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