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AMD reveals Kaveri mobile APU for ultrathins and high-performance laptops (Updating)


In a press conference at Computex AMD have announced the Kaveri Mobile APU which is targeted at thin and high-performance laptops. It looks like this is a processor that could appear in Ultrabook devices.

We’re pulling in information from sources at Computex right now…

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Bluestacks Will Offer Full Android-on-Windows with AMD Products

PrintDual-OS computing has been a hot topic recently but Bluestacks have been in the game for a few years with their ‘runtime’ that executes in the Windows app space. Bluestacks are now announcing that they will take that further forward to offer a complete Android OS wrapper for Windows. Like previous versions it’s going be best when it’s optimised and offered as part of the original product and there could be some gotchas but we should pay attention because, if it works, it will be better than quick-switch or dual-boot.

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AMD Reveals some Mullins and Beema Performance Figures


In the AMD press conference at CES today we saw some performance figures for Mullins and Beema APUs that are due soon from AMD. Mullins targets fanless Baytrail-T products. Beema targets the Baytrail-M sector of entry-level desktops, 2-in-1s and larger ‘value’ tablets. No details were given about timescales but the performance figures look interesting.

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AMD Temash is Official. Our Test Results and Summary Too.

Acer-Aspire-V5-122P-AMD-Temash-A6-1450-5It’s strange to see a platform get an official launch after products based on the platform have already shipped but that’s what’s just happened. AMD have launched the Temash APU for 13 inch or less touch tablets and hybrids, performance tablets. We’ve already published a huge set of performance tests so for Temash test results, jump here, or read on for a summary.

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AMD Temash A6-1450 Performance (Acer Aspire V5) Update: Naked Pics


I’ve been testing the Acer Aspire V5 122P, a subnotebook based on the new AMD Temash platform. As part of my testing I’ve been doing some CPU and GPU-specific tests that will give people and idea of the processing power and efficiency of the A6-1450 platform. You are invited to request a test if you feel it will add something to the assessment.

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Good Enough for Productive, Mobile Windows 8? First Tests with AMD Temash and Acer Aspire V5 122P


I previously highlighted AMD Temash as a potentially good platform for a mobile Windows 8 experience and after my first tests today I’m more convinced that we’ll see some interesting high-value Windows 8 designs including low-cost touch-enabled tablets. I’ve just received an Acer Aspire V5-122P running on the Temash platform (A6-1450) and have some first test results and thoughts for you in a video.

Live Today: Acer Aspire V5 122P, Dell 6430U live testing and Q&A. 21:00 Berlin time on our LIVE channel at Ultrabooknews. (ASUS Fonepad, Samsung ATIV 500T also available.)

Update: Detailed A6-1450 performance tests are being performed here.

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AMD Temash Turbo Dock Prototype Hands-on at MWC

amd temash tablet prototype

Temash is AMD’s new computing platform aimed at Windows 8 tablets. Recently they teased some interesting docking functionality in which you could dock a Temash tablet onto a keyboard for a 40% processing power boost which is an idea that we’d love to see explored in the computing industry. Chippy has been on the show-floor of Mobile World Congress 2013 this week and got to check out Temash prototypes at the AMD booth.

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AMD Temash seems Well-Positioned for Mobile Win 8

I wrote  about AMD Temash yesterday at Ultrabooknews but it’s a solution that reaches into ultra mobile PC space too and it means I have to write two articles!

Although it’s an Ultrabook-class processor, it’s down-clocked, has a Turbo feature and sits in the 4-6W TDP range. It’s an SoC too so this solution now becomes a very interesting competitor to both Clovertrail  and Ivy Bridge. It’s possible to get Ivy Bridge into a tablet – see the Surface Pro – but AMD Temash, like the Fusion solutions that were introduced for Netbooks, seems better positioned.

AMD Turbo DOck

Take a look at the article over at Ultrabooknews which highlights the new performance figures for the platform and shows the new ‘dock’ feature. The dock allows the Temash platform (actually only the AMD A6 1450 at the moment) to overclock when it is docked. We don’t have a feel for battery life advantages yet although there’s mention of a new lower-power state and advanced ‘gating.’

Unfortunately AMD haven’t gone the whole way to provide an external PCI bus and higher-power discreet graphics in the dock but maybe the GPU in Temash is already powerful enough. It certainly competes with the HD 4000 in Ultrabooks.

I’ll be at MWC next week so I’ll have a change to get more details on Temash and Temash-based products.

It’s good to see competition in the Windows 8 mobile CPU space.

Source: Ultrabooknews

CES 2013 Ultrabook News Round-Up

ubnces2013CES 2013 is all over for another year.  We weren’t there but thanks to live streams, press releases and news from other sites we were able to relay all the important news for you and had the time to add a little more analysis that we would have done had we been there.

In the Ultrabook space 7 new products were shown and 7 products got an update and there was a lot of related technology news.  Read on for the 23 most important Ultrabook-related news items of CES 2013.

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HP and AMD bring Touchscreen Sleekbook to Ultrathin Market

pvilion sleekbook

AMD based ultrathins haven’t exactly been raining down on us over the last twelve months but HP have definitely been a strong supporter. HP is continuing with it’s Sleekbooks and will add an AMD-based Pavilion Touchsmart Sleekbook 15 to the range.

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Samsung Series 5 NP535. Looks like an Ultrabook, is an Ultrathin

Perfect. One of the first (if not the first) AMD-base ultrathin is on the starting blocks, and it’s built inside the same casing as the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook that is also getting the Ivy Bridge upgrade. This is the perfect opportunity to get side-by-side testing done. How does the Samsung Series 5 NP530 perform against the $100 cheaper Samsung NP535?  We can’t answer that question now but it won’t take long to get some figures an feedback.


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AMD – Life More Brilliant Event Shows Large Partner Support for APUs. Full Slide Set. Update: Video

We’ve just finished watching the AMD press event from Computex which was 100% about AMD APUs. Trinity extends down to Ultrathins and we even saw a dockable hybrid demonstrated.

Update: Video of Compal Hybrid below.

AMD Life More Brilliant (8)

In a well executed press event by AMD in Tapei today, AMD pushed ultrathins and hybrids as two of the form factors made possible by AMD APUs, Trinity and Brazos 2.

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