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Dynamism Black Friday Deals

Dynamism has two ultra mobile PC deals (good today only) that might be of interest:

  • For $30 off the regular price, you can order the pink or black base model UMID M1 [Portal page]. Both have 512MB of RAM, Windows XP, an 8GB SSD and come with a case and 4GB MicroSD card. The pink version will run you $419 and has a 1.2GHz Atom CPU, and the black version is $469 with a 1.3GHz CPU.
  • They also have a deal on the Viliv S7 [Portal page] which I reviewed over at Pocketables.net. I would personally take this S7 deal over the UMID M1 as you get $100 off the top end model, and Dynamism is already throwing in a spare battery — combined with the regularly included one you could run your Viliv S7 for nearly 20 hours straight (going for max battery life)! You can pick up this 3G equipped Viliv S7 for $699 today only, which has a 1.33GHz Atom CPU, 32GB SSD, 1GB of RAM, and runs Windows XP.

Limited edition pink UMID M1

pink umid 2 The Viliv boys pointed out that Dynamism will be selling a limited edition* pink UMID M1 [Portal page]. Though the UIMD M2 is due out sometime soon — I guess the more colors, the better!pink umidThe pink UMID M1 is $50 less ($449) than the black low-end UMID M1 that Dynamism sells. Unfortunately no, they aren’t giving you $50 off just because its pink… the pink one has a slightly slower CPU – the Atom Z515 at 1.2GHz (vs. 1.3GHz for the low-end black model, or 1.33GHz on the high-end black model). Everything else, however, is the same as on the low-end black model: 8GB SSD, 512MB of RAM, and Windows XP. From the images it is a bit tough to tell exactly how glossy or matte the pink version is, but it appears to be more on the matte side of the spectrum, similar to the black one that I looked at.

*Dynamism has the pink M1 down as “limited edition inch, but it isn’t exactly clear whether it is the pink M1 itself which is limited, or the deal currently running that includes a free pink pouch and 4GB MicroSD card.

UMID M1: Well Built, Poorly Designed


You’ll probably recall that I got my hands on a matte black retail version of the oft mentioned UMID M1 a few weeks ago. In the initial unboxing, I noted that the build quality felt really good on the retail version. There were a few unsettling reports of some poor build quality on pre-retail models, but all of those seem to have been put to rest with the retail version finally sifting through to folks.

Read the full story

UMID M1 matte black, production model and case, unboxing

It seems like Steve has had his hands all over the early white UMID M1 [Portal page], but I happen to have just received the official matte black UMID M1, courtesy of Dynamism, with twice the storage space (and a production model at that), oh and a nice case that Dynamism is offering with orders that even Steve didn’t get to check out! Let’s quickly review the important specs of the device:

  • 1.33GHz Atom CPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 32GB SSD
  • Windows XP
  • 1024×600 4.8 inch screen

So you’ve probably seen Steve’s white UMID unboxing, so I’ll try to keep the unboxing pictures brief, but let you scope out the sexy matte black finish and the quality leather case.

IMG_0643 IMG_0646IMG_0648



IMG_0662 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0659




IMG_0685 IMG_0689

There were reports of poor build quality on the early UMID M1s. I’ve only been playing with it for a few hours, but everything feels fine as far as build quality goes. There are only a few issues I have. The first of which is the included stylus and the silo that it is housed in. The telescoping stylus doesn’t slide in and out of the silo very easily, and for some reason it feels awful when used to stroke the screen. Tapping is fine, but if you are trying to run it across the screen it feels like you are drawing with a pencil on sandpaper. I’ve been using my similar UX stylus on the screen instead which makes alleviates this feeling to some extent. The keyboard is a bit squishy to a certain point, but it is within a reasonable tolerance. UMID said that they increased the angle that the hinge would open to as there were early complaints. After consulting an expert who had her hands on the earlier UMID (hat tip to Jenn from Pocketables), it doesn’t appear as though the screen can actually go back any further, though I’ve noted that the viewing angels are excellent, so this diminishes the issue to some degree.

I’ll be checking out this sleek version of the UMID for the next few weeks. Steve has covered much of the device already; drop a comment here if there is anything in particular that you’d like me to look at.

Black UMID in Stock at Dynamism

“…one of the most interesting and attention-grabbing devices we had at SXSW inch [first impressions article.]

After a long wait and more than a little worry that UMID had gone out of business, the black Mbook M1, one of the most impressive of all the UMPCs based on it’s size, performance, speed and capability, is here!


Dynamism are also offering a free leather case (while stocks last)

Over at UMPCPortal, Ben has one on the way and so we’ll be giving it a full test to see how it stacks up against the original white model [full review]. Apparently there are a few updates to the casing design.

UMID product page with external links to reviews and articles.

Black UMID comes to Dynamism

After a long wait and more than a little worry that UMID had gone out of business, the black Mbook M1, one of the most impressive of all the UMPCs based on it’s size, performance, speed and capability, is coming to Dynamism next week for $599.


Dynamism are also offering a free leather case (while stocks last)

The UMID runs XP on the same  1.3Ghz Intel Atom CPU asyou’ll find in the Viliv X5, X70 and Asus T91. It’s a proven CPU now and ideal for high-end mobile work with long battery life. Expect 4hours real-world usage out of the UMID.

The keyboard is good, the touchscreen is good and there’s even a 3G option available. This is the ultimate tool for the pro-twitter user. Tweetdeck and Firefox are a deadly combo!

Things to watch out for are:

USB ports require a dongle to adapt them to a normal sized port. The audio in/out is also on a dongle which is very annoying. There’s also a question about build quality and screen angle. We’ve heard that the casing design and plastics have been updated to eliminate the creakyness found in the earlier versions but we still haven’t had 100% confirmation that the screen angle has been improved. You can see the problem demonstrated in my demo video which gives a good overview of the good and bad points of the UMID

You can read the full review of the UMID M1 here. There’s a huge amount of UMID content here.

The long anticipated compact and cool — world’s smallest PC with refined matte black casing– will be shipping from Dynamism next week. While supplies last, we will also include a free leather case ($50 value) with each order. This UMID M1 is long-awaited and fairly limited, so we expect our shipment to sell out quickly. [ Dynamism]

UMID product page with external links to reviews and articles.

Black UMID M1 finds a matching keyboard

black umid m1 Some of the earliest pictures of the UMID M1 [Portal page] were of a glossy black version that had a highly contrasting white keyboard. Well, after the release of the initial white M1, it looks like a matte black version is on the way. Lazion.com has some images showing a UMID M1 which has a glossy black lid with a matte black inside and matching black keyboard. Jenn from Pocketables also points out that we’ve seen a pink and red version which have yet to be made official as well, so keep an eye out. I think the black version looks a bit better than the white version; your thoughts?


UMID Mbook M1 Full Review

The UMID Mbook is a groundbreaker. The first pocketable clamshell device to be able to run Windows or Linux-based software on an Intel platform is a great achievement and a huge step forward in technology. It’s also an attention-grabber. People are immediately drawn to the form factor and immediately understand that this could be a fun, productive and flexible device. It first appeared in Nov 2008 and went on sale in Korea in late Feb 2009. After a recall due to build quality issues, it’s now appearing in Ebay channels. Resellers are also getting export retail samples and this is what we’re testing here. The UMID Mbook M1 in export retail finishing sent over by Mobilx.eu

Read the full story

UMID M1 plays games and movies on video

umid gaming While we still don’t have confirmation of a US release, the UMID M1 [Portal page] is already out in Korea, and has been demonstrated doing some multimedia tasks on video. Take a look at the videos below:

In this video you can see the UMID play a nice selection of games. Starting off with an FPS which appears to be Quake, then an RTS which seems to be Warcraft III. Then a more modern FPS, a racing game, and a 2D side-scroller. There is a good representative sample of game genres shown in the video, but most of them are fairly old and don’t have large hardware requirements, so I can’t say I’m exactly impressed with what the video is showing. The UMID M1 obviously isn’t built as a game machine, but it looks like if you are a lite gamer, you’ll be able to get your mobile game on, provided you use an external mouse at least.

In this video, the UMID M1 is used to play back an h.264 encoded video. Again, I’m not particularly impressed with the performance, as you can notice some dropped frames here and there. The rest of the video plays fairly smoothly, but may be a bit less smooth than a YouTube video can show us. Again, the UMID M1 isn’t supposed to be a serious multimedia device, but instead, a mobile web content consumer.


UMID M1 gets refined before international release

umid m1 Jenn from Pocketables.net has some interesting new info about the UMID M1 [Portal page]. Chippy has had some good hands on time with the UMID M1 and always seems to note that he wishes the build quality was a bit better. Luckily it looks like his wish might come true. From what Jenn tells us, it looks like the casing will be refined before the US release. But wait, there’s more!

  1. Improved shell has smoother lines and a smaller battery that doesn’t protrude as much.
  2. Release date in Australia and Hong Kong, the first to get the device outside of Korea, has been pushed back to May (conservative estimate).
  3. US release is still unknown.
  4. Model without HSDPA will be released before model with HSDPA.

There are a few additional bits of info that Jenn has uncovered, head over to her article on Pocketables.net for the full list.

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