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Schenker Elements 10-inch Tablet video overview.


Schenker is a EU-wide brand selling mostly OED PCs. The Schenker Elements 10-inch tablet is their entry into the new Windows tablet market and we had some time to take a look at it in Hannover this week.

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Fujitsu T904 Overview and Digitizer Test. (Video)


Fujitsu was the biggest promoters of Ultrabooks at CeBIT this year and although there were no new products announced they proved that there’s still development and marketing going on. The Fujitsu Lifebook T904 is one of the most desirable business-focused Ultrabooks out there and with its Wacom digitizer, removable battery, docking port and fantastic screen it has features that many of us would love to have on lower cost devices. I took a closer look at the T904 and focus on the digitizer that many of you have asked me about. In short I can tell you that it’s very responsive and would make an impressive tool for digital artists.

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Aava Mobile. C2iX Mobile 8.3-inch Rugged Windows 8 Tablet for Vertical Markets

Aava Mobile Baytrail-T (9)

This robust tablet, obviously for vertical markets, was spotted on the stage at an Intel event here at CeBIT. It’s unique, but you just know it’s going to be expensive right? 1920×1200 screen, removable battery, waterproof and running on a new Z3745 Baytrail-T 64-Bit CPU. There’s a great selection of ports too.

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Baytrail-CR Upgrades. Speed, 64-bit, DualOS?

If you speak to enough people about Windows tablets at tradeshows certain keywords keep cropping up and if you link those ‘tips’ with a bit of research you come up with some potentially interesting background. In this case we’ve got some information about a Baytrail CR and Baytrail DB variant. The keywords that accompany this news on this Baytrail variant are ‘Dual-OS’ and ‘Upgrade.’

Back in December there was a event held in China that highlighted Intel’s work in Android and Windows tablets and an interesting slide was shown…


Image via dgtle.com

Baytrail-CR is shown for Mid 2014 in the image above but the DB variant is shown as the first Baytrail variant so it could actually be the current range. Is this just a new range of 64-bit SKUs (E.g Z3795 on the new 64-bit Elitepad 1000), some performance boosts through improved production processes or is this the DualOS drive? What’s certain is that Intel are indeed working on Dual-OS for Android and Windows tablets and that a Baytrail upgrade is coming.

We’ll try and track down exactly what’s going on here and bring you more detail soon. In the meantime, here are some other Baytrail-T devices spotted at CeBIT

WP_20140309_16_33_38_Pro     WP_20140309_16_29_38_Pro

WP_20140309_16_54_57_Pro    WP_20140309_16_42_51_Pro

A video of the Ramos i8 prototype is already available here…

Here’s the nice ‘Blog Hut’ that Intel has set up at CeBIT…


Acer’s New W5 and W7 dockable tablets coming Q2

Just heard from a good source here at CeBIT is the news that Acer has a new W5 and W7 in the works. We had already heard a whisper from MWC but we now know that the devices are coming in Q2 and specifications are starting to trickle through.

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Ramos i8 Pro Preview – Video, CeBIT 2014


In a walk-through of the building sites that will tomorrow be part of the opening day of CeBIT 2014 we spotted Ramos and some i8 Pro signage. 15 minute later the helpful employees had unpacked their transport cases and revealed the i8 Pro. It wasn’t a working sample but we got a good look, picked up the specifications and put together a video for you.

It’s difficult to see where anyone can be unique in the8-inch Windows tablet segment and the i8 Pro wasn’t any different to, say, the Lenovo Miix 2 8. The only was Ramos might compete is through lower pricing and that seems to be where they are heading with the i8 Pro.

The design isn’t bad and the specifications look OK. There’s even one specification that could give it an edge. The Baytrail-T Z3770D option would be a faster processor than the Z3740 we see in all the other ‘basic’ 8-inch tablets. A GPS and 3G option is listed.

A production date has not been set yet as Ramos are currently finalizing their i10 Pro (10-inch tablet) that is due mid-April. We’ll stay in touch with Ramos and bring you updates when we have them.


WP_20140309_16_43_29_Pro                WP_20140309_16_43_04_Pro


Leather-Look Samsung ATIV Book 9 Style at CeBIT 2014 [Udate: Video]


We hit the German trains in about an hour and head in the direction of Hannover and CeBIT 2014 where we’re expecting to have more business-focused PC experience compared to last weeks consumer-focused MWC. First out of the gate is this Samsung ATIV Book 9 Style that Mobilegeeks has the scoop on.

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 comes with a full-HD screen, 128GB SSD and is available in black or white.  Unfortunately there’s only a 4GB version available and no pricing has been given.  Full specs. below.

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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Hands-On, Look at Docks


I’ve just got back from CeBIT but there are a number of experiences I still have to tell you about. Most are already in my YouTube channel so check that out. Here’s one that I think many of you will be looking at if you’re considering mobility and flexibility. The hybrid laptop, dockable Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro is effectively an Ultrabook crammed into a tablet and a docking station with keyboard and USB ports.

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Haswell Ultrabook Hands-On with North Cape. Connected Standby Info.


North Cape is the Haswell hybrid Ultrabook reference design that was brought out as the demo at CES in Jan. This evening in Hannover, Intel have allowed us to have a few minutes hands-on with it at CeBIT. Naturally this is a reference design and not a final product but from the few minutes we had we can draw at least a few conclusions. I also had a chance to speak to a senior marketing representative from Intel about Connected Standby.

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Fujitsu E733 Mobile VPro Laptop


Fujitsu launched the E733 laptop today and I took a closer look at CeBIT today. The video below shows you round the high-end features like modular accessory slot, smart card reader, particle filter, fingerprint reader and and a huge battery.

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MSI thinking carefully about Pro Tablets and Windows 8 (+Video)

MSI WindpadAs I tool a look at the MSI booth at CeBIT yesterday I couldn’t stop myself from getting a little hands-on with the WindPad 110W. AMD Fusion-based and equiped with a nice optical mouse pointer and full SD card slot it’s a tablet design that could rally benefit from the next-gen OS and platforms.

The MSI rep nods and smiles and I talk about 1366×768 and Windows 8, as we discuss the reason for having a mouse pointer in a 1KG tablet and how Windows 8 + Clover Trail W with a fast SSD could really bring usable low-cost productive tablets to end-users.

MSI won’t say anything about new products but they’re clearly thinking about this. In tact, I got the impression that they’re more interested in Windows tablets than in Ultrabooks which they tell me are not going to be broguth to the market until they have taken a longer term look at the Ultrabook market.

It’s a blast from 2011 to play with the WindPad again but I think that we’re going to see more of this later this year. Tablets, convertibles and, my favorite, the detachable Atom-powered Win8/Android screen and Intel Core-driven keyboard base station, all in under 1.5KG!

Acer S5 Ultrabook European Launch Hands On

At the Acer press event at CeBIT today we heard about the S5, the levitating Ultrabook!

It’s still the ‘thinnest in the world’ and still 15mm thick but we did manage to confirm some specs and get a little look at the device manager.

At the moment it’s being marketed as a 2nd-gen Core Ultrabook but it’s clear that unless Intel have some more, major delays on Ivy Bridge production that it will launch as a 2nd-generation Ultrabook with 3rd-generation Core CPU.


More images, along with the hands-on video, below. DOn’t forget to check the related posts below for information from CES.

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