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Ultrabooknews Live with 4 Ultrabooks and a Special Guest. See you on Friday.

It’s time for another live session here at Ultrabooknews.  Friday 11th at 2000hrs 2100hrs (9pm Berlin, Your timezone here.)

ultrabook cam live

We’ve already received the Lenovo U300s here and tomorrow we’re expecting a Dell XPS 13 so it makes sense to put them together with the other two Ultrabooks we already have here and to give you the chance to interact with, oh, lets just call it the biggest live Ultrabook review ever!

I’m also pleased to announce that we have a special guest. Patrick Moorehead of Moor Insights and Strategy will join me for an Ultrabook discussion at the start of the session. Patrick has been tracking the mobile computing sector and steering companies for many years. He’s a former VP of Strategy for AMD and I know it will be fun and enlightening to talk to him. Your questions are welcome, of course.

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XPS 13 Ultrabook Exceeding Sales Expectations, Dell May Release Alienware Gaming Ultrabook

Dell seems to have found out that when you make a slim, powerful, and well-built computer, it sells! As is the case with the company’s XPS 13 Ultrabook which is currently has a month long shipping delay due to overwhelming demand, according to Dell.com. This demand will almost definitely lead to more Ultrabooks in the future from Dell, and possibly to a gaming Ultrabook from Dell’s Alienware gaming brand.

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Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Getting Good Reviews But Beware of Style-Focus


I’ve just updated the Dell XPS 13 information page with links to a set of reviews that came out in the last week and I get the impression that most reviewers are impressed with the new Dell Ultrabook. It took a while to reach the shelves but at $999 it looks like a reasonable buy in the USA. In the UK, however, you’ll pay £1149 which is way more than one would expect. In the EU, €1149 is still a bit expensive. The Acer S3 can be had for €699, the Samsung Series 5 (which I’m testing right now) for 400 euro less and the excellent Toshiba Z820 and HP Folio for under 1000 euros.

I’ve added reviews from Cnet, MobileTechReview, Slashgear, Engadget, Anandtech and Expert Reviews which were all based on a US sample.

One the plus side you’ve got a good backlit keyboard and nice design in a relatively small chassis and features such as Smart Connect Technology which we haven’t seen used in an Ultrabook yet. Wifi should be reasonable and will support Wi-Di and My Wifi as it’s based around the Centrino Advanced-N 6230 which I talked about yesterday.

If you’re considering the Dell XPS 13 though, take note that there’s no SD card slot, a Mini Display port instead of HDMI or VGA, average battery life, slightly heavy weight, and a potential noise and heat heat issue which could affect the usefulness of ‘Turbo.’

The bottom line here is that the Dell XPS 13 looks great and performs just as an Ultrabook should and in the USA the pricing looks about right if the specs pass your tick-list. Outside the USA the sensible buyer may choose the HP Folio to save some money for similar functionality and performance and if large storage is an issue, the Samsung Series 5 is the obvious better choice leaving, in Europe at least, 400 Euro in the back pocket – enough for a 256GB SSD upgrade and bonus 500GB portable hard drive!

Dell XPS 13 Review from WSJ, Isn’t

The Wall Street Journal have had some time with what appears to be the retail version of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. While it’s nice to get some feedback on the product, we don’t suggest you use this ‘review’ as part of your buying research because it’s pathetic.

Dell XPS 13

The reviewer, highlights good build quality and a smaller footprint than the MacBook Air. There’s a “good, backlit keyboard” and he gives a tip that Dell will increase the resolution of the XPS 13 later in the year. That’s at least an indication that Dell are working on an Ivy Bridge version of the XPS 13.

The rest of the article is pretty much trash.

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The Ultrabooks Of CES 2012

Samsung Series 9 2012

We were told that 30-50 ultrabooks would appear at CES last week and while there was indeed a lot of buzz and news, there really are only two truly new models to consider today. Everything else was either already reported, a future, demonstrator or prototype Ultrabook. Some will make it to the shelves, most won’t. In total we added 9 devices to the database (along with a ton of links, images and videos) and there are a few more that may appear later in the year but let’s go over the important devices to be considered over the next month and mention a few brands that still aren’t in the game. After you’ve read the article, let us know what your Ultrabook shortlist looks like.

You can view all the current Ultrabooks and many Ultrabook  alternatives in our comprehensive Ultrabook product database.

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Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook–Video Overview


The Dell XPS 13 is a beautiful Ultrabook with what appears to be a class-leading keyboard. A few of us here at CES said the same thing – it’s well designed.

With Gorilla Glass scree facia and a stylish design it looks great but there’s a possible issue with the port – there aren’t many!

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