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Intel Revamps Ultrabook Site, Highlights Hybrid and Convertible Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Intel has made live a significant refresh of the Ultrabook section of their website. If it wasn’t already clear from their $300 million Ultrabook fund, Intel is serious about Ultrabooks; the redesign of their site’s Ultrabook section is quite significant next to the old version and reinforces their commitment to the segment. The launch of Windows 8 and a wave of new devices provides an great opportunity that Intel is using highlight some of the most interesting new devices to hit the PC market in several years, most of which are Ultrabooks.

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Intel’s New “Ultrabook Convertible” Advertising


Good morning everyone. Hope you enjoyed yesterdays live blog (still updating) on the day that Windows 8 was officially launched. First possible availability is today for all Windows 8 devices so watch out for the first discounts! You’ll see some disappointing ‘out of stock’ messages at Amazon.com though.

Update: Ultrabook convertible overview here.

Let’s kick off today’s Ultrabook coverage by looking at a new Ultrabook video campaign from Intel. 7 videos have just gone live and some focus purely on the convertible side (!) of Ultrabooks. Ultrabook first though in the “Ultrabook convertible” ads.

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Where’s the Ultrabook Buzz?

iHS, owner of iSuppli seems to find it funny that they’ve had to slash their estimations for Ultrabook sales by 50%. “Dude, You’re Not Getting an Ultrabook” does a great job at getting the media to echo the story but did iHS cock-up or did the market change dramatically in the last few months? We’re a month away from Windows 8, prices have dropped considerably and the Ultrabook looks well-positioned to take a large percentage of the laptop sales market in Q4. Was the back-to-school period disappointing or is the laptop market overall going to suffer in Q4 and take Ultrabooks with it? This is no laughing matter.

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Computex Warm-Up: Intel Ultrabook Promo Video

Ultrabook Promo

A new Intel Ultrabook promo video has just gone up – a pre-cursor to the launch of the 2nd-generation of Ultrabooks at Computex in under a week.

Update: Intel has also posted a Sneak Peak article. 

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Live 3D Multimedia Experience Kicks-Of On German Tour (Thanks to Ultrabook Marketing!)

A 3D Multimedia Experience has kicked off in Germany with the help of the Ultrabook marketing campaign.

ultrabook 3d tour

Starting at the Maritime Museum in Hamburg, Germany it will be taking a live 3D projection and music show to many thousands of people. We’ve just watched the YouTube video of the experience and wow! You might have seen these 3D projections before but this is one of the best I’ve seen so far.  Check out the two videos below.

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Free Taxis and New Reviews

UltrabookNewsAs I work through the days Ultrabook news there are a few articles here that I want to highlight. Feel free to contact us if you spot anything else you think we need to take a closer look at or add to the product databases.

Free HP Ultrabook Taxis in London

It looks like HP are doing exactly what I’d love to be doing; driving around in a 3G/WiFi equipped mini van with an Ultrabook. Londoners can take advantage of the free taxi service put on by HP as part of their HP Envy 14 Spectre marketing campaign. The Drum reports that the Mercedes shuttles are available for the next two weeks from “Golden Square outside 37-38; at Hills Place outside 41 Berkeley square; at Eccleston Place opposite the taxi rank; and at Cavendish square, opposite John Lewis.” If you’re in London, climb aboard and send us details of your experience! Update: The London Evening Standard has a longer report now.

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Intel’s Interactive Ultrabook Adventure Launches

Launched just a few hours ago on the Intel ‘Inside Scoop’ site is the new interactive promotional video / game / adventure for Intel’s Ultrabooks. I’ve just spent a good 10 minutes playing around with it. It’s good!

Ultrabook interactive 2

Due to be promoted in 50 countries and 26 languages, the new video is part of a much bigger Ultrabook marketing campaign that covers online, TV, in-shop and other areas. It’s said to be a ‘multi-hundred’ million dollar campaign and the biggest since Intel promoted the Centrino technology 10 years ago.

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Ultrabook–Suddenly Everything Else Seems Old Fashioned (Ad. Video)

The big Intel Ultrabook campaign is about to start. Check out a preview of one of the first advertisements below.

Intel ultrabook video

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Tempting People to the Ultrabook via Social Experiment

ultrabook smash

Daring, Powerful, Persuasive, Excited, Determined and Persistent. All these qualities can pay dividends. In some situations, they can earn you an Ultrabook!

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Intel Reveals More about the Ultrabook Marketing Campaign of 2012


Back at IDF in Sept we were told that most of Intel’s marketing spend next year will be on Ultrabooks. It seems hard to believe but what is for sure is that there will be a large sum of money involved. Companies producing Ultrabooks (that qualify) can look forward to marketing and advertising help along with a raft of generic Ultrabook advertising. Expect to see the first of this at CES where Intel is bound to be supporting all the Ivy Bridge partners and a big bunch of journalists.

In an interview to be published in the German Handelsblatt newspaper tomorrow, Tom Kilroy, VP of sales and marketing at Intel gives more information. Although the full article is not yet available, a press release (in German) gives selected details.

“Im kommenden Jahr werden die Ultrabooks im Zentrum unserer größten Marketingkampagne seit Jahren stehen”

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HP Advertising ‘Ultrabook Computers’ – Next in Line to Launch?

This could be seen as an anti-Ultrabook stance (trying to sell standard PCs against the Ultrabook keyword) or preparation for an Ultrabook launch. HP are advertising against searches for ‘Ultrabook’

hp ultrabook

It looks pro-Ultrabook to me!

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How difficult is it to buy a MID?

mid As Sumocat has already pointed out, the results are hardly surprising. If you want to buy a MID in the US, you have to search very hard indeed.

ARS Technica took a list (supplied by Intel Marketing) of MIDs available in the U.S.  and went on a search. The list of device list was hardly complete…

  • Archos: 9″ Tablet
  • Clarion: MiND
  • Fujitsu: U820
  • Panasonic: U1 Toughbook, H1 Toughbook
  • UMID: m1
  • Yukyung Viliv: S5, X70EX

There’s only one place on the internet you’ll find a complete list of all UMPCs and MIDs so it’s easy to find the ones that were missing [Full list below] but that’s not the point of the story. The point of the ARS Technica article is that you can’t find many devices in normal channels. It’s true and it won’t change until distributors get some confidence that they can actually sell stock. This is an incredibly niche market we’re working in here and until better products reach the market with better operating systems and some marketing support from Intel, I don’t think anyone is going to be throwing thousands of dollars at marketing themselves and buying large amounts of stock.

I was speaking to Mobilx today and they have the same worry. There’s no point buying 500 MIDs until you see a no-risk demand that means you can shift stock in a reasonable amount of time. With companies like OQO, Raon Digital and Wibrain going out of business, that risk of being left with a shelf full of products that aren’t going to get marketing or after-sales support is way too high. We agreed that despite Windows XP being useful and productive, XP is boring is becoming a hurdle in the consumer market. That needs to change and that the time is running out. Intel needs to get Moblin/Moorestown products out ASAP because Android, Maemo and ARM have already reached the MID market.

On the bright side, don’t forget that US is not the primary market for MIDs and we’re very close to the main IDF event of the year which means all the news and marketing has already tailed off in preparation for the next wave. In just 6 weeks we should be getting updates on products, platforms and software and with voice-enabled Moorestown and Moblin, it’s a very different proposition this time round.

List of MIDs on next page…

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