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An exclusive 2-minutes with the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi (Core M)

Seconds after I made this video at an IFA press event this ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi was taken away. it shouldn’t have been there but my video camera had already been rolling.



The ASUS Transformer Book Chi has a really lightweight screen but it’s quite wide. The keyboard is great and the hinge and dock seem high quality. The casing too. I’ll jut leave you to enjoy the video…

ASUS Transformer Book T200TA Shows at Computex–Video

I was a little surprised that ASUS didn’t mention the Transformer Book T200TA in the press event at Computex yesterday but at least it showed-up on the Asus booth today. This 399 Euro 2-in-1 should raise some eyebrows.

Mobilegeeks got hands-on and here’s a round-up of the specifications for you. Video below.

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ASUS Transformer Book V (5) notebook includes phone and dock.

How do you solve the problem of Google not allowing Dual-OS on a laptop? You do what Asus has just done with the Asus Transformer Book V (five) 5-in-1 laptop/smartphone which was demonstrated at the Asus press conference in Taiwan today.

ASUS Transformer Book V_PR02

Looking a bit like the Asus Padfone products which allow you to dock a phone into a screen and keyboard module the Transformer Book V5 does a similar thing but allows you to dock an Android phone into the back of a WIndows Notebook thus allowing the user to either view the phone as a small window or to go full-screen for a full Android laptop experience.

The feature only works between the two specially developed devices and it looks like there’s not much in terms of sharing. For example it’s not clear if you can use the LTE on the phone from the Windows OS. Does the laptop charge the phone? Can you drag and drop files between the two devices or even share storage?

Transformer Book V

Video demo below.

The laptop comprises a ‘HD IPS’ 12.5-inch touchscreen and runs Windows on an unspecified ‘next generation’ Core processor. There’s a very simple set of ports available.

  • USB3.0
  • USB2.0
  • Up to 1TB drive

The phone has a 5-inch screen and runs Android 4.4 on an Intel Atom quad-core CPU, has ‘up to’ 128GB of storage (possibly with MicroSD?) and a 2500mah battery.

Watch out for a bit of smoke and a few mirrors here because while the demo looks great the integration between the two devices might not be as deep as you think. This simple integration could be exactly what some people are looking for, at the right price. Engadget have some more info on the specs and they look relatively high-end.

Update: MicroHDMI on tablet.


Press release:

Transformer Book V

Transformer Book V is the world’s first five-mode, three-in-one converged laptop that features a Windows and Android laptop and tablet as well as an Android smartphone, making it an incredibly flexible device able to excel in any usage scenario. Its revolutionary and elegant design comprises a laptop with a detachable 12.5-inch screen that becomes a separate tablet and a 5-inch smartphone that docks into the tablet.

As a laptop, Transformer Book V includes a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad, and runs both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 KitKat. A dedicated hardware button provides instant and seamless switching between the two operating systems. The laptop features a next-generation Intel® Core™ processor providing high performance for an efficient and productive user experience. The 12.5-inch HD IPS display has sharp graphics and rich, vibrant color, and touch support adds additional convenience and functionality when using Windows 8.1. Transformer Book V comes with ample storage of up to 1TB for apps, documents, media and more.

As a tablet, Transformer Book V also works as a standalone Windows 8.1 tablet and an Android 4.4 KitKat tablet when the phone is docked. Switching between the two systems only takes a tap on the screen. Access to the Google Play Store and Windows Store provides a massive amount of apps and games to choose from, making Transformer Book V a highly-mobile entertainment and productivity powerhouse. Its built-in storage of up to 128GB offers plenty of room to store those apps along with movies, photos, music and more.

As a phone, Transformer Book V runs Android 4.4 KitKat, and is the world’s first 5-inch LTE smartphone powered by an Intel® AtomTM quad-core processor, giving it unparalleled performance when running apps, playing games or browsing the internet. Its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) support delivers a superior internet experience with network speeds that are up to four times faster than 3G. Transformer Book V comes with a 2500mah battery that provides up to 10 hours of web browsing time.

Transformer Book V combines the power of a laptop with the mobility of both a tablet and smartphone, and provides the flexibility to run a wide range of apps. Together with the easy ability to switch between modes and share data between devices, Transformer Book V delivers an unparalleled user experience.

ASUS Transformer Book T200A Images, Specs Leaked

Three hours after this article is posted ASUS will hold a press conference at Computex Taiwan. You’ll see a number of products launched and one of them is probably going to be this new ASUS Transformer Book T200TA – an 11.6-inch tablet weighing 750 grams running quad-core Baytrail that’s been leaked.

asus transformer book T200A

Mobilegeeks have published the news that came via research at online retailers. As usual one of them had jumped the gun to get the lead on SEO which is a shame because the ASUS press event was shaping up to be pretty exciting ‘blend.’

The 11.6-inch ASUS Transfomer Book T200A tablet runs on an Intel Z3775 (Baytrail-T 1.46-2.39Ghz.) 2GB of RAM won’t impress those looking for a productivity-focused 11.6-inch 2-in-1 and the 1366×768 display resolution will look poor even to many consumers.

There’s a hard disk in the keyboard base (optional, probably connected via USB3.0) and a total weight of about 1.65 KG so this isn’t a lightweight 11.6-inch 2-in-1. Charging is via a separate DC-in port and there’s an HDMI and USB 3.0 port. 32 or 64GB SSD (eMMC) options that indicate that this is going to be a consumer focused 2-in-1.

The price is the deciding factor here. A German site talks of a 399 Euro (inc. taxes) price so if that’s true and if there’s a comfortable keyboard, good battery life and a year of Office 365 we could be looking at another big Widows 8.1 2-in-1 seller.

Further specifications revealed include a 38Wh battery, microSD and microUSB 2.0 port.

We’ll get full details at 6am GMT. (0800 Berlin. 1400hrs Taiwan)

Update: Hands-on and more specifications and information here.

5 Windows 8.1 Tablets Compared (Video)

I ran a last-minute Google Hangout this evening which worked out well because not only was I able to present 5 Windows 8.1 tablets, I was also able to answer questions from the viewers. During the session I recorded a higher quality video for YouTube and both videos are embedded in this article.

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ASUS Transformer T100 Unboxing, Comparison with Lenovo Miix 2 10. (Video and Gallery)

ASUS Transformer Book T100 Vs Lenovo Miix 2 10 (18)

A lot of you have asked about the differences between the Lenovo Miix 2 10 and the ASUS Transformer Book T100 so I’ve been onto Intel Germany and they’ve helped us out with a T100 for us to test with. All your questions will be answered soon!

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A Day with the ASUS Transfomer Book T100 + WiDi Demo

At the Intel Software Summit this week I had the chance to use the ASUS Transformer Book T100 for a day. I was very impressed at the performance level, quality and battery life but handed it back thinking it would work better as a productive device in an 11.6-inch version – as long as the tablet was the same weight.


You’ll find a lot of praise for the T100 out there both from professional reporters and owners. It’s the biggest selling laptop on Amazon.com (currently $379 for the 64GB version) and we’re seeing a lot of activity for it here on the site. It’s kicking off the 2-in-1 category nicely and will account for a lot of consumer Windows 8.1 sales. Developers take note. (My estimate is that it will sell 0.5 million units before the end of the year if ASUS can keep up with stock demand.)

To add to my previous hands-on then, I was impressed by the USB charging. A lightweight charger is a bonus although charging speeds are fairly slow. It will rarely need charging in the day though because after 8hrs of a ‘on’ at a conference (with about 4.5hrs screen-on) I had 40% battery free.

I also got the chance to test WiDi. It works!

I will say a word about the keyboard and touchpad. I felt that I was really back in that awkward netbook zone again as I used it. it was cramped and the touchpad was very basic. it’s a shame because this platform supports productive working. A boost to an 11-inch screen and a larger keyboard could be the answer for those wanting the best in dynamic-range. Obviously the Dell Venue Pro 11 is a hot contender here, and available very soon.

The ASUS T100 is the rare thing that is a bargain AND a ground-breaking product. ASUS’ price is so aggressive that it will, without a doubt, catalyse a big 2-in-1 device category just like it did with the netbook category. This time round though I feel it’s going to be a bigger, longer-lasting category. There’s no device size or specification restrictions this time round. Where netbooks peaked at about 50 million sales a year, I expect the 2-in-1 category to be much bigger and to last much longer. Developers, pay attention because there are already app opportunities related to the T100.

ASUS Transformer Book T100. #2 Best Selling Notebook on Offer at $379. In Stock Now.

91MZRji2XsL._SL1500_ [US-focused post] The ASUS Transformer Book T100 has been hugely successful. The 64GB version is now the #2 best selling laptop on Amazon. On our product database we’ve seen it sell faster than any other product. Today, readers from the USA can pick it up for just $379.00. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen so far. Buy now, get it tomorrow!   Incredibly, the T100 is the 16th best selling computing product at Amazon and that includes tablets! If you want a quick overview, take a look at the video below and the article here. Read through the Amazon reviews too. 4 out of 5 stars is pretty impressive.We’ve got a bunch of links to reviews on our ASUS Transformer T100 information page. Buy the T100 here.


Tap 11, Surface Pro 2, Venue 11 Pro Head-To-Head

three2-in-1 (1)

Three of the hottest convertibles around at the moment are all available with full Core i5 processors. They’re netbook size and weight but offer laptop-class processing with 5+hrs of battery life. I’ve analysed the Sony Vaio Tap 11, Microsoft Surface Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro and written an article over at Ultrabooknews that highlights the prices and specification differences. Of course if you’re interested in lower-cost and good-enough processing power you can get the Dell Venue 11 Pro in a Baytrail version which is thinner and lighter that its bigger brother. It goes head-to-head with the ASUS Transformer T100 which is doing well in the sales charts. All are available to order at Amazon.com right now. Latest prices shown below.

Transformer Book T100. Popularity, Reviews and 500GB

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 looks, before it’s available in most countries, to be a hit. Reviews have been good and the interest and buying levels appear to be high. Here on UMPCPortal it’s the #1 most viewed product in the database. On the huge Europe-wide price comparison engine Geizhals, it’s the #1 (we assume most-viewed product) in the tablet and notebook category. The really significant statistic is that it’s the number 5 bestseller in the laptop category at Amazon.com where customers have given it 4 out of 5 stars.

Over in Europe we’re seeing a couple of new models in the line-up which will interest those looking to store all their music and videos because they have a 500GB drive in addition to the 32 or 64GB main storage. The model DK007H adds the drive to the 64GB storage and the DK005H does the same to the 32GB model. 32GB + 500GB will cost the same as the 64GB model. The same price hike, 50 Euro, applies to the 64GB+500GB model. The hard drive is in the docking keyboard. (No, there’s no hint of a keyboard with additional battery!)

Back to the reviews we see that people are getting in to a few more detailed tests now. Gaming videos are appearing too. Kyle Muel has at least 12, [update 26! now] videos up. Crysis, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Counterstrike are amongst them. FIFA 14 runs surprisingly well. MobileGeeks also have an ASUS T100 gaming video up.

asus-t100-desktop-600x450One of my favorite articles about the ASUS T100 in the last few weeks has to be this one from Liliputing where Brad uses the ASUS T100 as a desktop for a day. “…you get a surprisingly capable workstation.” I’m using the Acer W510 with an external keyboard screen and mouse right now and although it’s fine for blogging, it’s got limits.  The ASUS Transformer Book shows just how much of an improvement Baytrail is over Clovertrail. It’s a truly dynamic hardware and software combination which shows us the future of PCs.

Our database page has been updated with reviews and other links.

Dell Venue 8 Pro and Asus T100 now available to order

With the official launch of Windows 8.1 as previously announced, the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Asus Transformer Book T100 are now available to order online from various online retailers and are the first Bay Trail devices to be available to consumers.



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What's your favorite Baytrail product so far?

7 baytrail pic


There are nine Baytrail products about to launch and I’ve detailed them all in this post. If money wasn’t an issue and if all of these mobile Windows 8 options were available tomorrow, which one would you choose?

The first of these new tablets and 2-in-1 devices will be available next week. Pre-order has already started!

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