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Smart Devices Q5/7 Update. Android, Mer, WinCE, Ubuntu all moving forward.

smartdevicesq7 _6_ Since the X70 arrived and I upgraded my U820 with a Runcore Pro IV SSD, I haven’t really used the Smart Q7 much but every time I check up on JT’s forum and blog I find myself downloading a new image and testing it out because the community there is really producing some good stuff. Here’s an update on the operating systems available for the SmartDevices Q5 and Q7

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Sharp’s 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives. Ticking the Carrypad Boxes!

Engadget have just posted an article on this rather interesting MID / Carrypad-like device that should challenge the UMID that Ben is currently testing. The Sharp Netwalker PCZ1

Sharp PCZ1 ARM-based smartbook running Ubuntu

Sharp PCZ1 ARM-based smartbook running Ubuntu

This isn’t an Intel-based MID device but with the Cortex-based CPU and desktop OS it should be of interest to the same target audience. I’m analysing the details right now but so far it’s looking good. Check out the gallery and the information at Engadget while I get the details together for the database. Update: It’s in the database now.

800MHz Freescale i.MX515 CPU built around the ARM Cortex-A8 architecture, 512MB of memory, 4GB of on-board flash storage (with microSDHC expansion for another 16GB), 802.11b/g WiFi, 2x USB, and QWERTY keyboard going 68 percent of full-size. Sorry, no 3G data. The PC-Z1 features a 3-second quick launch, non-removable 10-hour battery

Sharp’s 5-inch PC-Z1 NetWalker honors Zaurus legacy with touchscreen Ubuntu.

Update: More images over at Nebooked

Smart Q5. Product Information now in the Database.

I spent a few hours researching and pulling together  information on the SmartQ5 this morning and feel more positive about it now than I did a few weeks ago.

The SmartQ5 looks good and has an amazing price (local price in China – approx $132.) It has a good screen size/resolution and with Ubuntu (ARM), an good supply of software. As a media/internet/e-book reader/photo browser/travel device, there’s definitely a lot of pocketable value there. The 667Mhz ARM11 CPU should make it faster than the Nokia tablet devices and the large 7.5wh battery should keep it running for a long long time between charges.

If it was ever available in Europe or US though, you’d be looking at something like $199 which puts it close to the offers that occasionally float around for the N810. (cdw.com have it for $226 as I write) With GPS, keyboard, camera, a healthy user-base and local-country support, the N810 is the better MID option in my eyes but that’s only if you can find an offer.


It’s difficult to comment with any authority when you’ve never even had hands-on so if you’ve been thinking about the Smart Q, keep an eye on the new SmartQ5 product page where we’ll be adding info, images and links as they come along. One of the first to be added was an unboxing photo-set from Kam Leung. There’s also an unboxing from ‘Sky’ over at UMPCFever. [translation link]

If you see any more interesting content about the SmartQ5, please take the time to submit it ifor inclusion in the database.

ARM and Ubuntu to Join Forces in the Netbook World

armubuntu The crossover is finally happening. The smartphone CPU designer is moving into the PC market while the PC CPU designer is moving into the smartphone market. 

ARM are announcing a partnership with one of the best-known names in desktop Linux and are making a very significant move into the world of low-cost, low-power, connected computing with Canonical who will port the full desktop version of their Ubuntu OS to the ARMv7 architecture ready for release in April 2009. 

Press-release and more, below.

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Ubuntu-UMPC, Ubuntu-MID 8.10 launch. Time to join the party?

You might not have seen the announcement that Ubuntu-mobile had a last minute name change to Ubuntu-ultra mobile PC based on the fact it was targeting mobile computers rather than the lower-spec Intel-based MIDs. Oliver Grawert, one of the lead guys on the Ubuntu-ultra mobile PC project, explains on his blog. It was just in time for the release of version 8.10 (AKA Intrepid Ibex) which was went live today.


Before I give you the links to the 8.10 versions (that I’ll be trying out ASAP) though, let me quickly give you an overview of the two distributions…

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Ubuntu Mobile edition. News and First-boot Video.

Update: I’m currently live on UMPCPortal.com/live testing this out if you fancy seeing it in action.

Update: Live session summary below.

Today, One of the Canonical mobile team members released details of a new distribution based on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) aimed at ‘MIDs’ with screen sizes from 7-9″


After a simple download and copy to a flash drive the Q1 Ultra booted straight into a live linux session running in RAM and everything seems to work out of the box. Touch, brightness, wifi, BT and more. This is exciting. There’s a full software suite withthe Moblin browser (Firefox + grab and drag), on screen keyboard, Open Office, Pidgin, Thunderbird and of course, through the package manager, a whole lot more. [Video after the break]

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Canonical rolls out a second Moblin-based OS.

Its a good day for Moblin. Not only will the core be used by Xandros in the Eee PC at some point in the future but a competing, Canonical-led distro called the Netbook Remix has been launched. As with their Ubuntu Mobile distribution for small-screen MIDs, it will be made available to others that wish to use it in their systems and won’t really be an end-user software package but i’m sure we’ll see it picked up and modded onto all sorts of netbooks before long. Some OEMs have already picked it up for devices to be released later in the year.


Full story, some more images and the full press release over at Engadget.

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